Campione Final Episode

So…the great thing about multiple kisses is that they can’t focus on a single one, which makes each one much less disturbing. Probably the tamest episode despite the fact that everyone kisses Godou. Unfortunately, the last battle wasn’t much…Erica’s fight with Metis was a little better. The last battle was just Godou throwing a bunch of swords at Metis, using every power, and a whole lot of a screaming (maybe a little too much screaming from Metis).

Athena brings up an interesting point about gods. It’s one of those things I’ve always wondered about Greek mythology. What makes a god different than a human? For the Greeks, it just always seemed that gods were just a more resilient or long-lived form of humans. Could still be killed and had human emotions and whatnot.

Well, this show is finally over. Still not completely sure why I watch these things. I stick to my assertion that Godou really needs more sword fights…his powers aren’t really interesting to watch. Much prefer the intense combat of blades. Crazy harems, crazy gods, crazy reconstruction of ancient mythology…I think we’re done here. It felt like Ena got short changed a little bit, but who knows? I think everyone will agree that we as viewers now completely understand Italian culture…am I right?

Campione Episode 12

And now we’re ready for the final battle against Dark Athena…err Metis. Can we pretend the whole thing with the Avatar of the Adolescent just didn’t happen? Seriously, who comes up with this stuff? Anyway, the intermediate world turned out to be just a bunch of emptiness and instant transmission. I’m curious about when they broke out, though…were they just transported to that particular location or are the two worlds intertwined? Probably doesn’t matter too much either way…just my own idle curiosity.

Ena manages to pull off the tamest kiss we’ve seen so far…but I guess now that I think about it, it’s not quite over yet. She’s probably going to give knowledge to Godou next week…sigh. I wonder about Metis, though…I could do the research about who she is in mythology, but speculation is more fun, right? If I remember correctly, she’s supposed to be Athena’s mother or something. But this show likes to blur those sorts of things, so I wonder if she was created when Athena was defeated or if she’s just always been around.

Campione Episode 11

The final character has arrived…while initially suspicious, I currently sense no evil from her. She was busy fighting Erica when Athena crashed into Godou’s house, so I doubt she’s whatever shadow Athena was fighting (more than likely that’s our final boss). But first, Ena, Erica, and Godou will have to roam around in some alternate dimension. Based on “astral plane”, I suppose there are a bunch of malicious gods around or maybe some spirits to swarm them.

Well, Ena already had a brief “blush” moment when Godou tried to stop her…she’s pretty much halfway to joining the harem, right? I suppose with two episodes remaining, the next episode will be devoted to getting out of the astral plane and the last episode is facing whatever Athena’s problem is. I wonder how Godou’s sister is going to be involved. I can’t imagine an episode where they “play” together…maybe Athena just tells Shizuka everything that’s really been going on around her.

Campione Episode 10

Another god bites the dust. You know…I’m finding myself often having trouble keeping up with Campione’s style of “you’re this god, but you’re actually this god too” after Godou uses the sword. It strikes me as a sense of gravitating the different gods of mythology towards each other, almost as if suggesting something about the singularity of gods (monotheism anyone?). Something to the effect of “all gods are essentially the same guy.” Not quite that extreme, but it seems to be suggesting something of that nature.

Right…keep telling yourself that…
That final bit with Perseus has me suspicious. Why is “Athena’s” face obscured? Also, Perseus reacts differently than I would expect…almost like he didn’t expect her to be there. Since he’d seen Athena earlier, I doubt he would react that way to seeing her. Is there some sister of Athena we need to know about? Because she could very well be our final boss for the show. The other option is a doppleganger, which is less fun because it means that it could be basically anyone (anyone serpent-related I guess). Anyways, a new character next week? Another shrine maiden, it seems.

Campione Episode 9

Oh Liliana…you’re such a treasure trove of screenshots…had the hardest time picking them. I might actually pool them all and link them in this post later (if I feel motivated enough). I have to say…it’s funny watching her antics…crazy fantasies and general naivete. After this week’s episode, she’s basically part of the harem now, right?

All that speculation last week about how Godou was gonna heal himself…and it turns out the Ram just auto-resurrects him if he uses it. That’s an absurd power…why not just start every battle by using it? Such a broken power. Also, a second Arianna has appeared! Double pro maid trolling activate!

As expected, everything is just a test from Salvatore. I figured that guy was too obsessed with Godou to actually try to kill him or anything…just trying to train him. It’s pretty funny that he tied everyone else up, though…guess Liliana’s got no choice but to kiss Godou in the battle against Perseus now.

Next week, the final battle against Perseus. With his abilities negated, I wonder how this battle will go for Godou. The preview said something about a twist in this battle…what could that mean? Some new enemy or maybe Perseus isn’t what he seems? Or maybe Salvatore helps him? That one’s kinda unlikely…

Campione Episode 8

The next battle has begun and our opponent is another god. Now it’s Liliana’s turn to kiss Godou, I guess. She was so eager to help until he told her what it was…silly girl. It seems that Perseus was able to cancel out Godou’s abilities…well, Godou got his powers from a Persian god, so that can’t be a coincidence. More importantly, though, why did Salvatore cause all of this in the first place and where did he go? I assumed that he was doing it to fight Perseus, but he just disappeared. Is he trying to train Godou or something? I really don’t get it.

Wonder how long this fight is going to last…I assume it’s suppose to be a fight that focuses on Liliana before they introduce the last girl. Godou’s been shot, so I assume that he and Liliana escape this to regroup with everyone else for a second fight. Will Athena or Salvatore be joining them in the fight? Or will they just sit back and watch? What’s up with these guys just randomly being there?

Campione Episode 7

And you thought the sword was overpowered…now Godou has unlocked the Spirit Bomb skill (everyone lend me your strength!). And yet it still wasn’t enough to beat Voban…this guy’s nuts. I guess Godou is gonna have to level up some more to unlock all of his avatars or something…I was under the impression that he had them all already. With so many of Voban’s skills beaten by Godou, I wonder if he’ll come back as an enemy or if he’s just disappearing for the rest of the show.

Wasn’t quite expecting Liliana to defect so easily…Erica’s so evil with her crazy blackmailing. But even though she’s on their side, she hasn’t gone mushy for Godou quite yet…just a “loyal” subject for now. Wonder what’s supposed to make her change her mind.

Another thing is that apparently the kiss thing isn’t restricted to Erica. I thought it was a spell she could cast or something, but apparently all of them can transfer knowledge like that, demonstrated by Yuri. Well, I guess that gives every girl in the harem their chance to shine? That aside, next week is back to light stuff with the obligatory beach episode.

Campione Episode 6

Well, that was rather underwhelming…they just ran away. So the battle has started against Voban…they really make him sound like he’s the strongest Campione or something (or at least the most mysterious or oldest). I worry about how they’re going to have a stronger foe after him, since he clearly can’t last that long.

Liliana hasn’t really shown any signs of a potential betrayal of Voban…we saw how she met Mariya, I guess. It looks like she was a survivor of the rogue god summoning like Mariya, but she looks a lot less injured in the flashback, which is slightly suspicious. I wonder how Mariya gets away and Liliana becomes a servant of Voban.

Is anyone else bothered by the powers and abilities in this series? All of Godou’s powers seem like very flashy one-shot attacks, giving him problems fighting a simple mob of minions. And Voban strikes me as almost a copy of that one guy from Tsukihime (with the beasts and whatnot). Erica’s flying around with what (in my opinion) are the coolest abilities, but none of them seem distinct because she’s always yelling out the name of her sword.

I wonder if maybe too much effort went into getting the gods right…I mean, even Egyptian gods (cards) are being brought in. Either way, next week will hopefully be the continuation (and conclusion) of the battle against Voban. I’d be pretty upset if they decide to go with “we escaped and now we need to lay low for a few days and train.”

Campione Episode 5

Well, fairly light-hearted stuff for the beginning of the episode this week…mostly Mariya-focused. Erica’s such a troll as well. But more importantly, the old guy from the earlier episodes has revealed himself to be Sasha Dejanstahl Voban, another Campione. He seems like…well, a vampire. Controls the dead, has a wolf army, magic eyes…all that’s missing is some blood-sucking. No doubt Liliana is some girl he took under his wing or something…I highly doubt she’s an undead servant…right?

I’m kinda curious about what Voban said to Mariya, though…something about her being the one watching him. He was able to tell that she had that weird dream about him? Possibly a limitation of her clairvoyance? Well, stuff seems to be moving kinda fast. Sounds like next week, Godou is already going to head over to Voban’s castle to rescue Mariya. If so, then that old dude’s gonna go down pretty early. Suppose there are five other Campione Godou could be fighting. Godou’s powers seem fairly specific to fighting gods, so I wonder what changes when he fights another Campione.

Campione Episode 4

Arianna’s definitely got her priorities straight.
Well…that sword isn’t quite as overpowered as I expected. Apparently, it has an energy supply. It was kinda interesting the way they sorta re-wrote mythology in that battle…saying that while Greek mythology states that Athena was the daughter of Zeus, in actuality, she was an ancient queen that was overthrown by Zeus. I mean…it’s not like we could say which is correct. I doubt we even have enough information to deny that the Greeks actually originally believed this. It’s something fun to think about while you’re watching them fight.

Bows are so awesome…
Anyway character-wise, stuff is pretty straightforward. Athena was spared, so she can come back and aid them later. Mariya called for Godou in a desperate moment and he came to her side, so she’s basically in. As for Liliana, she seems to be the most infatuated with Godou in the opening, so I wonder what he does to make this happen. Finally, Erica continues to make me uneasy with her crazy manipulations…what’s she up to? First enemy as a Campione is defeated…wonder what’s next. The title of next week’s episode almost makes it look like normal life girl problems for Godou.