Song of the Week 16: Toki Wo Kizamu Uta

So, both links are for the same song, but this time with a twist. First off, the song itself…I’ve always like this song and it has the distinctive honor of being the first opening that I’ve listened to for every single episode that I watched. Anyway, because the song is fairly old and most of you probably know all about it, I’ve switched things up a bit.

For starters, we have a saxophone cover that I randomly found because my brother plays the saxophone. Am I the only one that loves listening to other instruments covering my favorite songs? It adds a whole new dynamic to the song…it’s always refreshing.

And secondly, this video is the entire song recreated with ASCII text. Call me a nerd all you want…this looks awesome.

Song of the Week 15: Burst Link

So I recently got the Accel World soundtrack and have been listening to the songs on it. Preliminarily, I’m gonna say this is my current favorite of them…it invokes a lot of scenes of sorta dramatic deductions and explanations from the show. I’ll keep listening and figure out what I say is my final favorite of the soundtrack later. The soundtrack itself has a few decent songs…they’re all pretty short though, which surprised me. Also, track 5 will forever haunt my nightmares. You have been warned.


Song of the Week 14: Akatsuki no Kuruma

I’m kinda re-discovering just how great the Gundam SEED soundtrack is with stuff like this. I’m not sure why, but the songs just didn’t all register in my first pass over them. I think the main thing isn’t the song itself, but all of the memories I’m getting from when it played. Such an effective use of music…no matter what problems I have with the show, this is done right.

Song of the Week 13: The Beginning

This week, we’re going with the new single from ONE OK ROCK that just got released a week or so ago. What can I say? I really like this band. It’s a song for the live action Rurouni Kenshin movie that’s coming out soon…cool stuff. I’ve been thinking that it’s about time ONE OK ROCK got their songs into video media…rather than some of the other stuff I see for like anime openings and stuff.

Song of the Week 12: Ready to Go

I like the Guilty Crown soundtrack way too much…to be fair, it’s one of the few soundtracks I know that is really rock-ish in their style. One of these days, I’ll find a system for picking these songs…it’s almost like “well, what was I listening to today that I actually remember?” Might go with ONE OK ROCK again next week…

Song of the Week 11: Furnace of War

More video game music. Since I’m attempting (valiantly) to play through the Japanese version of Tales of Vesperia (isn’t it awesome that the PS3 isn’t region locked?), I’m gonna go with a song from their soundtrack. Motoi Sakuraba does most of the composing for the Tales series and I really like his stuff…especially battle themes. If you’re looking for more good ones, “The End of a Thought” from Tales of Symphonia and “The Edge of a Decision” from Tales of the Abyss are particularly good ones.

You’ll probably notice the similarities in style…especially between “Furnace of War” and “The Edge of a Decision.” But hey…they all sound awesome to me. I wish there was a way to set battle music for all fights rather than having it change after particular points in the story.

Song of the Week 10: Senbonzakura

Sure hope this is the right song. Theoretically, this is Kakichoco’s version of Senbonzakura (the original is a vocaloid song by Hatsune Miku). Sorry to say, but I like this song a whole lot more than the original because…well, I just don’t like how vocaloids sound. That being said, there are plenty of covers of this song out there and I have to say Kakichoco does the best job. As for the music itself, I actually thought it was a Touhou song at first because of the style.

But yeah…randomly found this version from a Katanagatari MAD and I think it’s pretty cool, so now it’s the song of the week. Woohoo?

Song of the Week 7: Justice and Freedom

Say what you will about the series…this is a great song. It definitely suits scenes in space really well (it’s Gundam, after all). The beginning seems a bit slow, but I like how the rest of the songs goes. Might slip back into the JRock side of things in the next ones.