Oni Ai Final(ly) Episode

[Doki] Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne - 12 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [36D473AF].mkv_snapshot_09.18_[2012.12.26_02.12.14]

Nothing happened. Akiko didn’t accidentally find out about what Akito writes. Anastasia was given most emphasis, suggested to be a possible romantic path, but no pursuance. Akiko is not related by blood, but no one finds out.

Just…nothing happens. Wheee…fanservice shows…so much fun? Done. On with the next one. Someone stop me if I ever try to do this again.

Oni Ai Episode 11

[Doki] Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne - 11 (1280x720 Hi10P AAC) [8A214619].mkv_snapshot_04.37_[2012.12.19_04.42.29]

What the heck am I watching? Oh boy, I can’t find any underwear…better throw on an absurdly short skirt. Be more obvious. More ghosts this week? Didn’t we already do this? We had a whole thing with calling dogs and cats…ghost hands flying around.

Well…at least it’s over next week. I shudder to think what the finale of a show like this might be. I knew this would be a waste of my time…really hate this show so much. Am I done yet?

Oni Ai Episode 10

[Doki] Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne - 10 (1280x720 h264 AAC) [398E709C].mkv_snapshot_05.07_[2012.12.12_11.27.10]

So yeah…totally called Akito thinking Ginbei was a guy. I almost thought they wouldn’t do it and was gonna comment on how they missed out on that joke. Kinda fail, though, because Ginbei’s school uniform is a skirt, right? What a moron this guy is…He even got trolled so hard by the president.

I will admit, though…watching everyone restraining Akiko because they were “bound” by their agreed challenge was pretty funny. I’m surprised they didn’t just break the agreement and check on him. Show’s coming to a close, I guess. I can only imagine the horrors that await. Are they actually gonna do something with the sick editor they’ve been flashing over to or is it just random comedy at work?

Oni Ai Episode 9

I suppose this sort of thing was bound to happen eventually…it’s not like they could have chosen a specific girl to get sick…they’d  have to do Akiko and that would confirm the sister complex (which totally isn’t real, right? right??). Sickness was kinda random, though…wasn’t sure how it related to the Ginbei stuff at the beginning.

Looks like the first scenes were only there to get Ginbei to start thinking…flashing back as it seems will happen next week. I guess that beginning stuff seemed better than everyone taking turns trying to nurse Akito…Arisa was just disturbing.

Oni Ai Episode 8

This show is too hit-or-miss…I’d call this episode a miss. Unless you just really enjoying staring at girls in swimsuits, it’s absurdly boring. I guess that’s comedy for you. They can’t all be winners. Probably the only part I found okay was Akiko trying to do all of the things everyone else had done after being called normal by Akito.

Even the editor showing up was predictable. And what’s a joke if you know the punch line? Anyway, mini rant is done…go ahead and go off about my strange sense of humor if you want. I give up.

Oni Ai Episode 7

You know…I’d say take Arisa because she isn’t a real sister, but there’s just no saving this guy. She’s much more manipulative that Akiko…don’t try to say otherwise, she’s clearly acting that way on purpose to beat Akiko. It’s so obvious…she’s way too polite. Those sorts of people always have hidden motives (for example, I always act polite in public).

Anyway, now Arisa is part of the cast…stuff like that. Now would Akiko and Arisa kindly kill each other fighting over Akito so I can be rid of this siscon/lolicon business? Clearly the alliance is a front, after all…a way for Akiko to get revenge and convince Arisa to ignore her actions.

Oni Ai Episode 6

No, Akito…don’t have heartwarming flashbacks of the things Akiko does! You’re headed into the danger zone! Not to mention this new character Takanomiya Arisa claims to be his fiance (normally you’d think he could deny this, but he seemed uncomfortable when attempting to answer, which is suspicious). Akito’s just on a mine field of traps…there’s just no hope for him.

I got so hopeful too…when everyone was talking about how they were only at the dorm to keep Akito and Akiko apart…like there was some secret conspiracy behind this show. But it’s probably just something normal…why me? My only hope is that Akiko and Arisa kill each other fighting over Akito…

Oni Ai Episode 5

Akito…I was hoping you had a decent reason to write the stories you choose…your logic is too flimsy. Oh it’s fictional, so it’s not how I really feel…well, then why do you choose that particular topic? Duh…clearly there’s some reason. Anybody could see that…sigh…you just had to be weird. Can someone please stop him before he jumps his sister?

This show’s really not doing much for my sense of humor…I dunno, I guess I just prefer the punchline sort of stuff. I get bored when jokes get drawn out too long…give me something new, you know? Me and my short attention span…still kinda hoping everyone gets thrown in another dimension or something, but outlook is grim.

Oni Ai Episode 4

Well…what a boring episode. A bit of stuff about Gin, more Ana trolling, a uninteresting bath scene…they gotta stop trying so hard with focusing in when the “fanservice” scenes occur. I mean, I get it…don’t need to throw it at my face. I have a brain, right? My least-favorite thing to see in anime…

Ana done and Gin done, only one character left, I guess. That’s still only five episodes, though…that can only mean one thing: final story arc for the remainder of the show where everyone gets superpowers and go out to save the world. Can I go home yet? >.>

Oni Ai Episode 3

Akiko broke…I think we need to return her to sender for a refund. Her reaction to Ana’s three-second rule…I knew it. Akiko is actually a guy…why else would she get so embarrassed? I think I know what happened…she tried to replace the light bulb while it was still turned on (fail) and she short-circuited. Oh well, I guess the show’s over now…

But yeah…focus on Ana this week…also showing that Akito is a handy guy around the house (I guess?). I have a question, though…if Ana was originally going to ask Akito to unpack her stuff for her, why didn’t she first consider the box of her stuff animals? She knew she couldn’t do it herself, right? Anyway…so many trolls around him…it’s a wonder Akito isn’t dead yet.