Golden Time Episode 24 (Final): All hail the great and powerful 2D-kun!

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Well, that’s the closest they can get to a happy ending, I suppose. Ghost Banri still disappears, but he at least leaves with some closure from Linda. Linda also has to give Ghost Banri up, but I guess she still has Mitsuo as a rebound guy. I’m sure there’s supposed to be some sort of message somewhere about not being tied down by the past. Well, given the sheer amount of opening devoted to Kouko, who didn’t expect this ending?

The drama is over, it seems. The entire scene with Ghost Banri was pretty cheesy, especially when Linda joined. I’m starting to think that entire part was a figment of New Banri’s imagination. Anyway, only one thing left to say for this show: vote 2D-kun for best character.

Golden Time Episode 23: Wait, run that last line by me again?

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Wait, what? He just lost all of his memories after the accident in a epilogue fashion after all of that drama? Well, I guess I am getting tired of hearing his screaming and whining. And poor 2D-kun as usual…he tried so desperately to make his move, but was denied. He didn’t even get screen time when his friendly outing was cancelled.

So is that how it all ends? New Banri reverts back to Ghost Banri and goes on with life? Presumably there would be some scenes next week that hint that New Banri still lives on a little bit. That would be the bittersweet ending. Of course, the more happy ending is that he comes back somehow. But where does that leave Ghost Banri? Is there a way to end this series that isn’t bittersweet?

Golden Time Episode 22: That was pretty dramatic

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Silly Banri. Why would you believe that Kouko would just forget about what happened in the last episode? Still, her behavior regarding the break up was pretty surprising to me. Maybe yandere Kouko wasn’t such a bad prediction after all. I must have been on to something. Anyway, Banri has a problem that I can understand. He can come up with reasons to explain how others act, so he actually justifies their actions for them. I do something similar.

It doesn’t look like anything will be repaired just yet for next week. More than likely, that’s something to be saved for the final episode. That being said, it looks like 2D-kun may finally become sick of his position as the odd one out and make his move. We believe in you, 2D-kun!

Golden Time Episode 21: Drama!

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Interesting…did Kouko reject Banri because she suspected the childish reason behind giving her the ring or is she actually rejecting him for the time being because of what she saw on the video camera? New Banri is frightened that he will disappear, but the fusion of the two Banris still suggests that Ghost Banri is allowing himself to disappear to repent for what he’s done. But there’s no way they would just let him disappear without a chance, right?

It looks like next week, Banri has to reconcile what happened this week with everyone. It looks like making up with Kouko won’t be too difficult, though. It seems as though giving the ring to Kouko is going to be ending point of this series unless it happens next week. But if that happens…the rest of the show will be lovey-dovey, right? Pray for drama…

Golden Time Episode 20: Everybody panic

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Here I was starting to think Mitsuo was becoming the new main character of the show, but then Banri goes and grabs the spotlight once again. Apparently, he’s regained a piece of his memories randomly. I assume this is because of that scene where Ghost Banri fell and disappeared. It’s doubtful that he’s taking over. It’s more likely that he’s trying to assimilate with New Banri and force New Banri to become the only Banri as repentance for what he’s done.

It looks like Chinami might be getting more angry with Banri again next week based on the preview. Is the show building up to Banri giving Kouko the ring? There isn’t all that much time left. I would have expected them to do something like have the ring trigger something with Ghost Banri when New Banri attempts to give it to Kouko…

Golden Time Episode 19: Why is everyone so suspicious of Banri?

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Oh my god! I was wrong all along! The whole time, it was Mitsuo who was in the love polygon, not Banri! How could I be so foolish? I think it’s funny that Banri’s actually got a fairly stable love life now, and he’s being persecuted by his friends harder now. I’m actually curious whether Chinami is mad at Banri because she actually wants him to be in love with Linda so that she gets Mitsuo or because she’s Kouko’s friend now and suspects he’s cheating. Both are possible.

I’m assuming the ring is going to be a fairly important thing going forward. Although, now that I think about it, giving the ring to Kouko would probably squelch most suspicions that are surrounding Banri about his relationship with Linda. Oh well, next week, the two lovers climb the steps to adulthood?

Golden Time Episode 18: The fated encounter?

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Does that count as New Banri meeting Ghost Banri at the very end of this episode? Does the Ghost Banri want to disappear from the world because of how he almost killed everyone with his curse? That’s kind of a lame way to reconcile the two. New Banri accepts the Ghost Banri by forgiving him for causing the accident or something? I’m kinda hoping it doesn’t go that way. We still have to find a way for them to coexist, I guess.

What was Linda about to say near the end? She seemed to be summarizing their lives and mentioned that Banri was going out with Kouko and then started to say something about herself. Was it related to Mitsuo? If so, then why does he look so defeated in the preview? Plus, doesn’t have Chinami’s affection now? Also, what’s up with that ring in the preview? Is New Banri going to propose to Kouko? I mean…it was bound to happen, but shouldn’t stuff with Ghost Banri happen before that?

Golden Time Episode 17: Why so suspicious, Mitsuo?

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So Banri has returned to his hometown for a very conveniently-timed high school reunion right as he’s choosing to face his past. As for Mitsuo, he’s strangely suspicious after finding out about Banri’s accident. He also reacted pretty strongly to finding out Linda and Banri knew each other. Protecting Kouko? Seems unlikely. Worried he might lose Linda to Banri? Possible, I guess, but where’s the trust? Aren’t those two supposed to be good friends? Worried about Banri in general? Also possible, but doesn’t make for good drama. Any other theories?

Anyway, next week is the reunion. Banri will learn more about his past. What exactly has been happening with Ghost Banri in the past couple of episodes? Is he silent because he feels guilty about what he did? I would expect that the reunion would get his attention. New Banri has to deal with him eventually.

Golden Time Episode 16: Wait…does that mean the Banri’s will have to reconcile?

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I’m surprised. Despite the tantrum, I agreed with most of the things Kouko was saying. She’s correct to point out that she is still not mature enough to take responsibility for the accident (the last scene proves even more how much of a child she is). She also has a legitimate reason to wallow after the accident. The accident she caused could have very easily wiped Banri’s memories again, which would cause their relationship to disappear (following the trend left by the previous accident). Strangely enough, I can’t bash her this week.

So New Banri has decided to face his past. I guess this means he has to do something about his current feelings for Linda. That should be a fun encounter, I suppose. Maybe he’ll finally have a conversation with Ghost Banri too? I guess there’s no rush just yet. The preview looks like he’ll be spending some quality time with Kouko first. And her family? He’s already bonded with her father, I guess.

Golden Time Episode 15: Drowsiness curse?

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In a normal situation, this would probably my talent as a driver. No matter how tired I am, I’m actually incapable of sleeping in moving vehicles (which makes long plane rides suck). I didn’t even think it was possible to fall asleep at the wheel. I guess Ghost Banri’s curse is pretty strong. Is it time for Ghost Banri to be re-thinking his approach to all of this? Think of the children!

Anyway, I’m curious who actually stopped the vehicle. Was Ghost Banri able to wake New Banri? Or did he once again take control of his body? Presumably it was New Banri that woke up, but we’ll probably have to see next week. It looks like Kouko might be taking this too hard next week as well. I would too…that’s a pretty big error to fall asleep while driving. Or wait…was someone injured? It didn’t look like too much of a bump.