Tari Tari Final Episode

Looks like they went with the slightly more realistic ending after all. No magical scenes where the kids are able to convince the chairman to change his mind…they just get their last White Festival and then the school is still shut down for construction. Not bad on the principal’s part…although he did kinda devolve into pathetic begging at the end. Better than nothing, right? As for the festival itself, it’s the sort of touchy-feely thing you’d expect…what else can I really say about it?

Everyone goes on with their futures…although did they ever say what Wein was going to do? Yeah, he met with Jan, but…what about his plans after that? Konatsu found her club at school, Tanaka got his scholarship, Sawa went overseas to become a jockey, and Wakana plans to study music (and probably become a teacher like the vice principal)…and Wein…becomes a superhero? Oh well…I guess this show was pretty entertaining…on to the next one!

Tari Tari Episode 12

Rebellion!! Or something like that. A lot of setup for the final episode this week. I’m curious about this whole “getting everyone in school to help” thing…wondering if it’s suggesting an “everyone in school starts singing” thing next week. Alternatively (and probably more realistically), it gives everyone in the school a reason to show up and support the festival thing when the head honcho tries to stop it from happening (as shown in the preview). Stuff like that…you know, normal things.

What’s going on with Tanaka and Sawa? So far, it’s the closest thing so far to romance we’ve seen. Are they going to be a thing or is that just a crush that they put forward to mess with everyone? Doesn’t seem like enough time for a relationship like that to develop and Sawa doesn’t feel like she has much attraction to Tanaka (as far as I’ve seen).

Not too sure how to call the ending…like I said before, either they’re convinced not to tear down the school or they’re just convinced to allow the festival to happen. I lean towards the second option, but I know you crazy optimists are out there. I’m sure the vice principal will get her moment too.

Tari Tari Episode 11

Well I wasn’t expecting something of this large of a scale…There I was thinking it was just some sort of demolition. I suppose they hadn’t hinted at a building important enough for that yet. It was kinda interesting to see how easily everyone drifted apart with the festival (and Wakana). That one scene with Tanaka and Sawa was curious…was it supposed to be the start of a new romance or at least a crush from Tanaka? It almost seemed to get swallowed up in everything else.

I guess there are a couple of ways I can see this going. First, we have the standard friendship and teamwork ending where everyone gets together with their own White Festival and manage to show enough spirit and love and whatnot to change the decision and stop the condo construction. Second is the slightly more depressing (but realistic) ending where their self-organized White Festival is fun and everything, but they end up accepting the changes…everyone goes their own separate ways after discovering what they really want to do.

Tari Tari Episode 10

Well, that definitely wraps up Wein’s story. I wasn’t quite expecting him to get a real hero moment. Also, why did he have to sing in the end? Knock a guy down and randomly start singing your theme song, I guess. That’s uhh…totally normal.

Other than that, the vice principal gives Wakana the generic advice for creating anything, which would be to create something naturally rather than try to do it right or something. I dunno…not all that much happened other than that.

Next week looks to be setup for the festival…I mean, literally the part where everyone in the school starts to get everything started. Also, it looks like construction is what’s causing the vice principal so much grief. Are they trying to tear down something historical to her and Wakana’s mother? Or are they trying to build something disruptive? I feel like I’m missing something…

Tari Tari Episode 9

Well…was that all it was for Wein’s issues? He gets a little worried for half the episode, then recovers when he realizes what he needs to do (without anyone’s help, really). Unless something crazy happens with this Jan, like finding him in Japan or something, I don’t see how they can stretch it any more. The flashback suggested that Jan was sickly, but I dunno…Wein seems fine, so I doubt he’s dead. Just looked like a tiny snag, really.

I guess the more important issue is whatever is causing the vice principal so much distress. Some bureaucratic administrative thing…I guess it must have something to do with the White Festival? Or maybe it’s something about the school’s choir club in general, like some new restriction. She’s supposed to be the character who is strict, but actually cares, so I have trouble predicting which mode she’s using when she scolds the principal. Oh well, maybe we’ll learn more next week. What’s gonna pop up while everyone’s doing their ranger thing?

Tari Tari Episode 8

And so resolves Sawa’s story arc…I suppose. For the most part, it went how you would expect it to go…she keeps her dream and whatnot. Wakana is a strange character, I would say…I can’t quite pinpoint why, but I really like the role she takes in the group. She’s just kinda always watching over everyone…and after what she went through with her mother, she can take anything, especially for her friends. Also, in the background, we finally have a destination for the story with the choir club’s audition this week…yay.

We got a little bit more information on Wein this week when everyone went over to his house. His statement about the one ranger being on a mission and the letters that we’ve seen him write suggests that he has a close friend or relative that is likely hospitalized (or just far away…but hospitalized would suit the drama). I wonder if he’s next on the list…the preview seems to suggest it would be him…especially with the episode title and the scene where he’s looking kinda depressed.

Tari Tari Episode 7

So I guess Sawa is next up on the list of problems to solve now that Wakana is here. Her problem seems pretty straightforward to me…she’s got her dream that her parents disapprove of and she’s having trouble convincing them because she isn’t all that qualified to pursue it (I assume she got rejected by someone/some society). Will everyone just tell her to follow her dream and whatnot or will she become content with keeping it a hobby? I guess that’s really what it all boils down to.

We also see a little bit about what Wein’s turn (I’m assuming everyone gets a turn) will be…stuff about his future. Now that I think about it, we really don’t know all that much about him…just the quirky guy hanging around. Meanwhile, Wakana has assimilated quite seamlessly into the group. Probably the funniest part of the episode is Tanaka’s comment about Sawa dieting and then immediately getting owned by both Wakana and Konatsu. This arc seems fairly short…might be able to finish it up next week. We’ll see, I guess.

Tari Tari Episode 6

The choir club is finally all assembled with Wakana’s mother issues resolved (at least, I assume they’re resolved). I was wondering about that promise of making the song together…but I guess having Wakana finish up the song that her mother started is a good way of getting that done. Also, despite how amusing she was, how much did Konatsu really do to help? Sounds to me like she started the process by asking Wakana to join the choir club and then Wakana and her father took care of the rest.

With everyone assembled, what happens now? Will we finally get a final goal for the show or will they just do random things together? I assume the goal would be to finish the song so that they can sing it at some competition or event, but what event will it be? National competition is sounding pretty good to me…I imagine Wakana’s a lot more hardcore than Konatsu is, so I’m wondering if she’ll be very critical of the others now that she’s getting serious about the club or if she’ll continue to offer the light advice like she did this week with Wien and Tanaka.

Tari Tari Episode 5

A very Wakana-focused episode where we find out what the deal is with her mother. While it seems to blames herself a bit for her mother’s death (like most anime characters would), mostly she regrets the way she acted towards her mother who was always trying to keep her cheerful. I’m sure she also feels a little resentment for not being told about her mother’s illness, but it’s probably overpowered by that pure regret. And whatever was in that mystery letter hasn’t seemed to help at all. Like I said last week, it almost seems like it might have worked against her getting over her mother’s death.

Also, when Wakana was with Shiho, she mentioned some national competition that the choir club won while Wakana’s mother was there. I may be grasping at straws here, but maybe that’s the final goal of this show? To get Wakana to join so they can compete in that competition? Someone throw me a bone, here!

Next week looks to be getting pretty serious…is Wakana’s issue coming to a close? It looks like everyone else might be stepping in to help (they were getting suspicious this week, so I guess they finally decide to act). If so, then we can finally have everyone together and stuff…that would be fun.

Tari Tari Episode 4

Wait…what? The music festival is already here? Sigh…they tricked me again. I won’t be fooled next time! Next event is not the final event…that’s what I’ll assume. But that aside, apparently Spanish dude can speak Japanese, which he apparently didn’t realize is the right thing to do when running into someone Japanese. And as expected, he’s an old friend of Wakana’s mother…he seems out of place in that band, though. The other two look a lot older than him.

Although the band was trying to encourage Wakana to return to music, the preview (getting rid of the piano) and the final scene on the beach almost make it look like the letter they gave her had the opposite effect. I wonder what went wrong…that is, of course, unless I’m just wrong and she’s getting rid of the piano to move on or something. I sure hope Wakana joining the choir and sometimes badminton club isn’t the last thing that happens in the show…that would be depressing. Am I just deluding myself searching for a big event to finish everything?