Jormungand Perfect Order First Impressions

Jormungand has returned with a second season…looks like they’re picking up where they left off. Karen has been hired by Minami, who seems to be able to keep her blood quest for Valmet in check when the two are together. Also, R is revealed to be working for the CIA, observing Koko for intel.

R’s story seems to be the story of this arc, him and Operation Undershaft. Is he going to die or will he make the standard move of realizing he truly wants to work with Koko? Then he sees her “true self” that she’s been hiding from him? Well, it looks like Hex will make that difficult for him. New opening and ending songs are both similar styles to their predecessors…not a huge fan of the new ending, compared to the old one that is.

Jormungand Final Episode

You just got doored!
Yeesh…these people just won’t die. Valmet and Karen took all those close-range gunshot wounds and both survived. That makes absolutely no sense. I also wonder why Karen didn’t kill Valmet when she had the chance, but I suppose she may have wanted to kill Valmet while she’s at her full strength to get perfect revenge or something. Alternatively, she could be so broken that she no longer cares for revenge.

Meanwhile, R has his secret meeting with a CIA operative. I guess I should have expected this show to be like this. Similar to Fate/Zero, it just gives a bit of a new part and just takes a break for a season. Well, I don’t really have big complaints about the show so far, so I look forward to seeing it in the fall. It’s pretty amusing.

Jormungand Episode 11

Strangely enough, this show made it hard for me to notice that this was the episode right before the last one. Granted, I think there’s supposed to be a second season, but I guess that’s just how random everything feels. Either way, it looks like the final arc is in two parts, Koko fending off assassins and Valmet dealing with her past with Jonah’s help. It looks like Karen will also get a second chance to face Valmet and redeem herself (should be interesting to watch).

Assassins surely have an easier job killing Koko without Valmet and Jonah…it’s actually kinda curious. Will they let one of the team members die? Theoretically they wouldn’t, but not much has been revealed about a lot of them, so maybe that is done for a reason. Last episode next week…looks like a lot of Valmet based on the preview. Should be interesting.

Jormungand Episode 10

Yeesh…Koko just makes everything look easy. There are never really any points where you wonder if they’ll survive. She just seems to have a contingency for it all. It pretty funny how she can even use Scarecrow to her advantage (when in doubt, use the assistant).

Next week looks just like another operation…not much more I can say. I look forward to the future where Koko may have some trouble…you know, actual suspense. Maybe she gets kidnapped unexpectedly or something. Might be interesting.

Jormungand Episode 9

Yeesh…doctors gotta make things so complicated. I was a bit confused at first because of the beach scene, but I guess stuff actually happens in this episode. Mostly Riviere making things complicated because he doesn’t realize how pro his transporters are. I guess it was Koko’s fault too for jinxing the operation.

I’m curious about that one doctor…Maggie, was it? She seems to be a pretty big focus, but doesn’t seem exceptional. Does it just mean she’ll die or will she do something important? Either way, some escape tactics next week. Not quite epic dogfight like Fate/Zero, but we can only hope it’s something just as cool.

Jormungand Episode 8

I’m not completely sure what I just watched. At first, I thought it was like Death Note with the two arms dealers making plans and feints and whatnot…seeing each other’s plan. But the reveal didn’t turn out to be much, and although Koko said that Amalia Tolokhovsky was a tough opponent, she didn’t seem like much of an enemy.

I’m basing this on the fact that she seemed unaware of the ambush at her meeting with Koko and came without backup (that person in charge of the snipers didn’t seem related to either party).

Other than that, I guess some stuff happened with Lutz this week? It kinda looked like the start of character development, but it didn’t seem like that much. I dunno what to make of the preview for next week either >.> Looks like Jonah’s messing around while Koko’s pissed or something? Maybe a beach episode? I got nothing.

Jormungand Episode 7

So much laughter this week…First the serious, though. Despite all of the buildup from last week, Karen turns out to be a mere insect before the might of Valmet…she gets totally owned. Jonah also continues with his “take charge” attitude…that was pretty cool. Boy’s grown up so fast (wipes away a tear). Also, Koko shows off more of her loco by garnering safe passage from Chang’s dinner using Scarecrow, who had sworn her as an enemy…epic.

Most of the funny this week came from Valmet…doing to the guy at the airport what I want to do to anyone who can’t wait an extra two minutes in line (seriously man, shut up…I’m very indecisive). Also, Jonah being afraid of needles despite all of the gunfire he stands on a daily basis. I couldn’t get much from the preview about next week except a second appearance of whoever that girl is with Scarecrow (Chocolate?).

Jormungand Episode 6

Hmm…this show seems to be moving somewhere. This week introduces another character Doctor Miami, who seems to act almost like Koko does. The team basically moves to protect her from the men of Chang, led by Karen, who seems to have some sort of relation to Valmet. She’s either a sibling or someone who trained under the guy who took Valmet’s eye. Cue the grudge match. I wonder if Valmet will be able to handle her.

In the conference room, Karen calls Chang “Xiao Chang” (at least that’s what I think). In Chinese, that’s not what you call someone who orders you around…it’s almost demeaning. Quite a dangerous one we got here. Especially if she’s feeling confident enough to shoot her own comrade.

Interestingly enough, Jonah takes charge of the situation in this week’s engagement. Is he specialized for this kind of fight or has he just improved that much in the time so far? I mean, the knife training with Valmet was certainly cool, but no one seemed to be bothered by the fact that he just let loose. I guess we’ll see next week when the battle continues. It looks like we’ll also see the more serious side of Doctor Miami. Maybe some cool gadgets from the robot specialist.

Jormungand Episode 5

Well, this week’s episode certainly was an interesting one. We see a lot more of Jonah’s past, and even find out Koko has a brother. While I was expecting Casper to be the one that was responsible for Jonah’s death and that he was the one that set him up with Koko, I wasn’t expecting Jonah to go Rambo on a military base and kill everyone himself. What a boss…

This episode was interesting for a weird reason. When I first saw Casper, I immediately assumed he was the one responsible for Jonah’s parents’ deaths, but then as the episode went on, I became less and less suspicious. I thought maybe Jonah was mad at him for being responsible for Marka’s death, but then it turns out I was right the first time…weird.

All of that aside, did anyone else think that this episode seemed to be a start of an arc? They talk about going to Africa, as well as the negative implications that it would have for Valmet. That suggests that the next few episodes might be linked…or they might just all happen in Africa. Still…I don’t have much to go on, so I guess I’ll have to wait and find out next week or something.

Jormungand Episode 4

Well…uhh…that conflict ended more quickly than I expected. Orchestra and Chinatsu both go down to sniper rounds…albeit on different days. I guess the point of the fight was more to continue to showcase the team…Lutz and Lehm as snipers and everyone else working together to protect Koko. We also get a new opponent in the form of Scarecrow…he’s sure to be back. But what I thought was more interesting was what the episode showed about Koko herself. Even someone as strong as Chinatsu could only see Koko as a monster…and we see it too in her unwavering confidence on the battlefield. In the middle of battle, she stops to notice that her adversary isn’t wearing panties and it’s the first thing she asks about when she meets her again.

But we’re also shown a more vulnerable side of Koko. When leaving the police building, Koko suddenly realizes that there is no one around to protect her and she is immobilized by this thought until Jonah pops up. Despite all of her arrogance, she still needs the support of her team. Not sure how soon that will come into play, but it’s something to think about. Next week…well, next week looks like another mission. I thought I saw another child in the preview…Jonah-centered episode? A flashback from his past or does the episode play on his sympathies as a child himself?