Kokoro Connect Finale

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So Iori ends up being our fifth in this group…I think it’s better that it was her than Inaba. I think Taichi and Inaba are better in the end than Taichi and Iori. Yeesh…I kinda figured Taichi would end up with Inaba after watching the preview for episode 16, but it made it seem like it would be at the cost of Iori’s life with the white-background conversation. Maybe I’m weird for thinking like that. Anyway, I figured they needed a jolt to save Iori…couldn’t think of a way to solve it with words.

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As I feared, Heartseed bid farewell to Iori before fading away forever. Man…I can’t be the only one who really wants to know who or what he really is. I’m not exactly one who can so easily accept the mysterious and miraculous hand of higher being, right? Oh well, I guess I can only continue with my speculations. Seriously, how can you be happy with that? But that aside, not a bad show…ending was alright. Annoying that they made us wait before watching the final episodes, but whatever. (goes in a corner and continues theorizing about Heartseed)

Kokoro Connect Episode 15

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Is that it? Iori just doesn’t think she deserves friends who only see the exterior she created for them? She needs to get over it. If you are a being without a “true” identity, then just pick the fake that makes you the happiest and stick with it. Who cares if it’s the real you or not? Is it really that hard, Iori? That’s my take on it…I dunno where this show will decide to go with it. Am I interpreting things incorrectly?

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Also, I would think that the reason people would still want to be friends with her even if she changes is that they know she is capable of good. Venting about Iori aside, I’m very worried about Heartseed going around and talking to everyone, then labeling them as uninteresting. It looks a lot like the show will just end with him leaving them behind and just disappearing from their lives. Some may argue that it’s better this way, but I wanna know what he really is. Sigh…what’s gonna happen?

Kokoro Connect Episode 14

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So we’re finally back with the final(?) arc of this show. Heartseed’s new trick is pretty similar to the second one, but more private…and again everything is about Iori. I think she’s actually starting to annoy me. I guess I’m more interested in what Heartseed says about the Second from before…I’m still mostly intrigued by the true nature of Heartseed. Is he only doing all of this in order to make himself more interesting to the others? What exactly are they? Are they the same as him or maybe something greater?

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I don’t really like doing all four episodes at once, so I’ve decided to split them up. What I’m probably gonna do is do one post for 15 tomorrow and a second post for 16+17. Just a heads up. That aside, how does this arc end? I dunno if the original content goes further than this, which would make this end with everything being the same as always. But if it actually ends, how much do they actually find out about Heartseed? Or do they just end up content with how they’ve changed from the experience?

Kokoro Connect Episode 13

And so another arc has come to an end. I think it might have been because they tried to solve three characters’ problems at once, but this one definitely seemed fast…almost rushed, especially Iori’s part. I don’t know if I like how Heartseed just showed and told them that second Heartseed wouldn’t bother them…just like that. Shouldn’t there be some sort of struggle? Come on…I wanted to see the two competing. Maybe that’s what the last arc is for? I really want to know what the relationship between the two is…it doesn’t seem to be anything positive, but it’s hard to tell with how indifferent Heartseed is.

So I’m not completely sure how the final arc works. There are supposed to be four more episodes, but most of what I’m seeing makes this episode look like a “final” one. It may be possible that they’re trying to pull what Bakemonogatari and Saki Achiga-hen did, which was ending the TV release now and waiting before releasing the final episodes. If so, that’s a bit frustrating…so much waiting. I guess we’ll find out next week, right? If an episode pops up…Episode 14! Heartseed vs. second Heartseed! I want to see it!

Kokoro Connect Episode 12

Oh Taichi…you are so busted. Too bad for you Inaba is so perceptive…quick, kiss her as a distraction? Anyway, I’m kinda surprised, but it seems like both Aoki and Yui’s problems were resolved this week…wasn’t expecting it to be so quick. Aoki also had his identification issues while younger sorted out…guess that confirms that they really do remember identities when they regress. I suppose that sort of thing is necessary (otherwise they run scared to the police), but it just bugs me, okay?

The preview doesn’t seem to hint much at what happens to Taichi now that he’s been found out…but it does seem to suggest that now Iori’s up to bat. She sure has a lot of problems…guess we finally get to know what’s up with her and her mother. I’m hoping second Heartseed shows up as well to give us some more information about what’s going to happen and the Heartseeds in general. Sigh…I really want to know…kininarimasu?

Kokoro Connect Episode 11

And for the next trick, turning everyone into kids…but with the added twist that it’s caused by a “new” Heartseed. Considering this new Heartseed approaches Taichi, telling him to tell no one else of his existence, coupled with the fact that Taichi is the only one unaffected…not hard to draw the conclusion. Of course, this brings up a lot of questions.

What is the original Heartseed doing while all of this is happening? Will he intervene or aid this new Heartseed? I still stick to my theory that Heartseed only pushes for mental changes. Of course, the working theory based on what the other Heartseed said is that the two are part of some ephemeral entity called Heartseed and they represent different aspects of it…of course, they could simply be two different beings trying to be fancy with their descriptions too.

When everyone regresses, they make a point of asking if they can recognize the people who aren’t affected. I can’t remember if these characters knew each other before joining the club…if they didn’t, then how do the kid forms know each other? And why is Aoki the only one who didn’t immediately recognize Yui? The obvious answer is that they just knew each other since childhood, but they shouldn’t be able to recognize them in their older forms. You would expect something like “you look like Taichi’s older brother” or something.

Sigh…the episode seemed to suggest that the arc would be Yui-focused…then it suggested that it would be Aoki-focused…maybe it’s just both. There was that bit with Iori too, though…and the new ending isn’t any help. Maybe it’s just all of them. I wonder what the phenomenon hopes to accomplish…is it just to get them into their younger mindsets just to make them remember what they’ve lost/gained as they’ve grown? I look forward to seeing the potential god-type character vs. god-type character battle in the future.

Kokoro Connect Episode 10

And our second arc is over. But the battle between Iori and Inaba has begun…who will win (probably Iori…just saying)? Some minor trolling from Heartseed this time…not quite as extravagant as jumping off a bridge. Seriously…how’s he gonna top that? I expect more from the god character. Anyway, lots of dramatic speeches and friendship…that stuff.

So now we progress into the next arc. Wonder what the next mind game will be. No preview this week to give any hints. I will say this, though. I wonder just how much these arcs are supposed to be specific to a single character (you know, with Iori as the first and Inaba as the second). If so, it just seems a bit awkward to me…especially with Yui whose problems they’ve already visited twice now. I suppose Taichi and Aoki are still pretty open to be exploited…guess we’ll have to see.

Kokoro Connect Episode 9

And finally Yui is okay (again). As I said before, it’s good that Aoki got the chance to shine this time…he loves the girl so much, so it would be dumb to give Taichi all the glory every time. He’s gotta be able to help her when she needs it, right?

Also, we have the mysterious meeting from Heartseed. He didn’t immediately take action this time…just came with a threat to Inaba. Something about her secret…is it just the fact that she is in love with Taichi? He mentioned that it would break up the group, so that’s all I got so far.

Either way, it looks like the secret will come out next week. The preview made it seem like Iori would find out (which further supports my theory that it’s about Taichi). Still, it could be something completely different that I didn’t foresee (or have a chance to foresee). It also looked from the preview that Iori is going to be the one possessed by Heartseed again…this guy really doesn’t like switching around who he takes over, does he? Wonder what he’s gonna do to her…hmm…

Kokoro Connect Episode 8

This week’s episode seemed a lot more like a setup episode than anything else. Taichi had to figure out what to do…Iori as well. Not sure what to say…not much really happened in my eyes. I guess the school trip opens some possibilities later on, but not much else to say.

Similarly to the body swapping arc, I wonder about how this situation could be used to someone’s advantage. While they may never do it, they could easily pretend to lose control and speak some false true desire, claiming it to be their real feelings. That’s a pretty powerful tool that they’ll probably never use.

Next week looks to be when stuff starts going down. Not sure what that first line in the preview from Iori means…sounds like a typical love line with Taichi, but I don’t have context to confirm. As for Yui’s situation, I really think that Aoki deserves to be the one to help this time (and it looks like that’s what’s gonna happen). He’s earned it for the girl he loves, right? Also, Heartseed approaches Inaba…is it already time for him to up the ante? Everyone tries to endure, but they’re foolish to believe that will end this situation they’re in.

Kokoro Connect Episode 7

Poor little sister. But yeah, things are starting to seriously escalate…it’s a very precarious situation they’re in. Not only are their true feelings coming out, everyone else knows that this is what they truly feel, so nothing can be taken back. Clearly, this is what Inaba feared.

Something I’ve been wondering about this new situation…how exactly does Iori feel about all this? If you really think about it, this is her chance to find herself…she can find her true feelings and discover herself. Maybe that’s why she seems the least-affected by all of this?

Another random question…everyone assumes these are timed bursts, but are they thinking that it will always happen for a specific interval of time? I guess they didn’t make a big deal about this in the body swapping part, but what if it goes on for like ten minutes and the others are unable to restrain the one who’s raging?

And an even more worrying situation would be if two people started going off at each other at the same time…that could escalate like crazy. But all that aside, things are starting to look pretty bad for Inaba…is she the next one to go to the hospital? Something’s gotta happen to her…