Robotics;Notes Final Episode

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That was probably like the worst giant robot battle I’ve ever seen…but what do you expect from a bunch of kids? That was kind of a lackluster ending to the show. Kimijima Kou is just easily erased and Misaki is saved without any real issue. Also, Kai is allowed to use his slowmo ability with basically no backlash…I was expecting him to at least pay for that somehow.

I dunno what to say…even the last battle didn’t have much tension in it really. Well, this show happened…kinda dragged on for a while before picking up. I’m not even sure if it was worth it. On with the next show…

Robotics;Notes Episode 21

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Wow…I thought they would at least take two episodes to do the final battle, but this was just more prep. I can’t believe AI Airi/Sister Centipede disappeared so easily…I was expecting a bit more than that, honestly. It’s like AI Airi wasn’t really all that important at all.

Oh well, the giant robot is finally going. Time for the final match between Kai and Misa. A lot of the scenes today were pretty serious death flags, but Kai has main character plot armor, so he will likely survive. When the probability of death gets too high, it tends to drop drastically. The fact that the box is basically suicide for his heart really lowers his chances of dying. Next week, it finally ends.

Robotics;Notes Episode 20

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Wow…this is really gearing towards a corny ending. Everyone working together to build the robot of justice to defeat Kimijima Kou…and save the world! I still can’t believe that’s the only reason for the giant robot. As for Misaki, my brainwash theory is pretty close…blackmail, brainwash…what’s the difference?

We have two episodes left for our final confrontation with Kimijima. An episode for fighting against SUMERAGI and an episode to finish him off? My thought is that Misaki will die in the fight, but Akiho’s speech makes me think otherwise. I guess the plan is to use the EM device to blast Kimijima and erase his data (deresolution!). I’m holding out for a surprise in the end, but it really looks like cheesy ending is go.

Robotics;Notes Episode 19

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So he was the culprit all along…that explains why he didn’t just upload the Kimijima Reports to Iru-O in the first place…he was waiting for someone to collect them all so he could enact his plan. But why? Why go through all of this? What could he possibly hope to gain? Sure he’s transferred himself onto the network, but it’s not like he needs a physical body to maintain servers, right?

More important is why Misaki chooses to help him…did he brainwash her or is there some greater purpose we’re all missing? And how exactly are the kids going to fight back? Sure they have Nae to help out, but she can only do so much. Don’t tell me GunPro 1 is going to suddenly start working or something…

Robotics;Notes Episode 18

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So Misa finally made her move against Exoskeleton. Has she finally taken her chance to break free of their grip or was this her plan all along? I’m more inclined to believe the first theory based on what we’ve seen so far…also Mizuka’s death could be seen as a trigger for this.

This gunshot…did it hit? Is it supposed to indicate another death? At the very least, we should finally find out what Misa has been thinking all this time next week, right? She must have been acting cold to Kai because she knew this would happen. It’s getting pretty late in the series, so it’s about time we found something out.

Robotics;Notes Episode 17

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As expected, Subaru is hospitalized, allowing his father to throw a fit and almost screw up the Robotics Club. Now we just sit and wait for everyone else to come back. Likely Kona will be first because she was still working on it…then maybe Jun. Then, together they can all find a way to get Subaru’s father to change his mind.

I don’t understand the last scene in the show. Kai reacted so strongly to the Kimijima Reports being uploaded for everyone to see. I don’t see what the problem is…doesn’t he want people to know? Or does he suspect that the information will have some negative effect? I sure hope it’s not something like “he’s afraid they’ll trace it back to him.”

Robotics;Notes Episode 16

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No more fun and games, it seems. Clearly nothing can happen to Subaru, but Mizuka dying (technically not proven dead yet) could be the push we need to finally figure out what’s going on in this story. Is this Misaki’s doing or did her boss take matters into his own hands after she failed to do anything? I’m sure Kai will suspect that it was Misaki, though clearly Mizuka didn’t.

As for Subaru, I assume this is the push for his story as well? His father will have more justification of the danger of robots…even if he isn’t severely injured (I’m guessing he’s saved, but who was nearby?). I can’t believe they finished the robot already…and they randomly just had a bunch of monopoles lying around. Guess people were too busy dealing with their issues to mention the robot progress. Anyway, next week last Kimijima Report and Subaru’s fate, I suppose.

Robotics;Notes Episode 15

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And suddenly an Airi-focused episode…forgot about her. Not sure if I completely understand the end of the episode…was that supposed to indicate that Airi had been suppressed by Sister Centipede (of course she can’t be gone forever because this is anime)? Kaito seemed happy with it, so I guess not. Just wondering…was that the first time we saw Kimijima? I didn’t expect him to be like that O.o

Are we also supposed to assume an ending where the real Airi returns? The robot cures diseases! Uhh…something like that. Still got some remnants of the solar flare to clean up, it seems…wonder what will happen next week. There’s also the final Kimijima Report to find…I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t say anything or something.

Robotics;Notes Episode 14

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Of course it’s Kill-Ballad to get the password. Well, that’s Kona’s stuff…she finally trusts everyone enough not to be a total shut-in. Maybe that means Subaru actually has a chance. Speaking of which, he’s the only one whose story is left, right? Maybe Kona’s the one who has the chance.

My fear now is that things will slow down again…which seems weird to me after all the trouble of the solar flare. All of Tokyo is still without power, right? That means that there’s still stuff to do, right? Gotta solve the mysteries of Gunvarrel and defeat the enemy.

Robotics;Notes Episode 13

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For those of you missing Kona last week, it looks like her story is the next to be explored. It looks like it will be a lot more exciting than Daitoku’s so far. What happened to her at the very end? I can’t tell whether something was wrong with her or whether someone actually did that to her. The box cutter made it seem uncharacteristic of her to me…

I’m waiting for everything to get linked…I assume the cheat-detection phase was the way for someone to get into Kona’s account to lead this. As a recluse, she’s an easy target…no one watches her actions. Also, it turns out they actually did grab the monopole, but just didn’t show it…they aren’t complete idiots. Anyway, let’s see what happens with Kona next week…