Valvrave the Liberator Final Episode

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Well, there wasn’t all that much we didn’t expect in this final episode. There had been hints all along that the entire story was something Rukino was telling to the younger version of L-Elf. Also, given the memories that Haruto was losing, there was no way he would survive. And even if he did, I would have assumed he would be the one telling the story, not Rukino.

The real question is what happened to L-Elf? If he had a kid, he must still be a key member of the society, but what is he doing now? It looked like Shouko became the pilot of Unit 1 in Haruto’s place. Is L-Elf still a tactical officer or has he chosen to pilot some new Valvrave? That’s a bit cruel of the ending to make you ask questions like that, but it was better than most of the other ones I’ve seen so far. All in all, a decent Gundam-esque show.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 23: Another one bites the dust

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Well, it looks like another Valvrave has gone down.  If they’ve been having so much trouble fighting before, how do they expect to win with so many of them dying? Plus, Haruto’s dropping memories left and right, so he’s pretty much toast. At least L-Elf has gained some allies, I guess.

I guess the fight will be a bit easier if they can get ARUS on their side. Heck, Dorssia’s citizens might even riot now that L-Elf has revealed that their leader is immortal. I guess that’s the only way they win. Next week, Cain steps into the battle. It should be the last episode, right? I wonder how things will go…will Haruto survive?

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 22: He’s back!


Hmm…so A-Drei let Rukino go free. And Haruto and L-Elf are bros again! Now they can team up and fight against both ARUS and Dorssia. Also, I’m sure Shouko is more accepting of Haruto now, so maybe they can be let back on the team? Or maybe she now blames herself for what happened to Haruto and will take it as her responsibility to deal with him. That works for me too…

Now the only thing left is for Haruto to get some sort of upgraded suit. Maybe something that doesn’t drain his runes too quickly? Unless, of course, he’s not intended to survive in the end. I mean, he’s never shown in the scenes of the future…only Rukino. Also, the child that looks like L-Elf, but no L-Elf. Based on that, it looks more like both Haruto and L-Elf die, but not before L-Elf has some fling with Rukino.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 21: Well that escalated quickly


Holy crap that turned into quite the killing spree. It looks like there are only about 30 students left. Also, it looks like Inuzuka has sacrificed himself to save Haruto and L-Elf. It was so hard to fight with five suits…now they’re short an immortal warrior. Hopefully, his death has shown the students that the pilots are still human. Convenient memory loss from Haruto certainly wasn’t helping. It seemed like such a random time for him to lose a memory.

Anyway, next week we have to deal with the aftermath of Inuzuka’s death. Also, the Valvraves have basically become the enemy of the world. I think now’s a good time for L-Elf to get back on his feet. They kinda need him, don’t they? Plus, he’s been moping enough.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 20: Busted!


Looks like the cat’s out of the bag. Now everyone knows the Valvrave pilots are immortal. Looks like all of the sympathy and fame is about to be reversed. Unfortunately, L-Elf is quite powerless to help. Personally, I still believe the alternative would have been that he would be impaired while trying to make his usual plans, so being temporarily incapacitated is probably not the worst thing that could have happened.

Next week, the fight continues. We’ll get to see the fallout from this new discovery. Haruto’s probably going to be even more insufferable as a character now that Shouko knows he’s no longer human. And I suppose they still have to rescue Rukino too. Are we sure this character’s worth the effort?

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 19: L-Elf is gonna be pissed…


Too bad, L-Elf, but like I said before, having Lieselotte around would only distract you. Plus, confessing to someone is a pretty huge death flag in a show like this. Oh well, L-Elf has motivation now to come up with even crazier plans to defeat Cain. I look forward to seeing more of his craftiness. While everyone was messing around with their Valvraves this week, he was basically taking on the Dorssian defense by himself.

Anyway, now we know about the secret organization created by the Magius to take over humanity. I’ve got a really bad feeling because Lieselotte made it sound a lot like the Magius were only doing these things out of fear. Does that mean the show will try to move towards having a peaceful coexistence with them? But how will they get over the need for human runes?

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 18: Rescue mission


Mankind’s dream! You are the ultimate coordinator, Haruto! Still going to tell me this isn’t Gundam Seed? Also, it looks like L-Elf has derailed on a rescue of his own while Haruto is rescuing JIOR-ans. Surely, this Lieselotte is a love interest which can only distract him. She might even be linked to the Valvrave project somehow given her brief interaction with “Cain”.

The preview makes it look like L-Elf’s rescue mission is going to once again end in failure. It looks like he’s being bailed out by Haruto. Also, Rukino’s cover is finally blown. Maybe she’ll end up being captured and used as a hostage? I mean, surely they can’t kill her.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 17: Looks like the Dorssian army has been taken over


Hmm…so Marie died after all. That sure escalated quickly. Part of me wants to say she’s not actually dead and will come back later because of the sudden nature of her death, but that’s kinda doubtful. Anyway, it looks like Cain and the Dorssian leader have both been taken over by this strange society. Presumably, they did their Valvrave possession thing on them.

The preview doesn’t really give all that much information for next week. I guess everyone needs to plan next steps or something? Are we going to find out this secret society’s goals at any time? Why exactly are they harvesting runes? Is it as simple as a new world order where all leadership is replaced by them?

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 16: Sacrifice


And so, Marie loses all of her memories again. I’m interested to know whether Marie could only operate the Valvrave at that level because she provided her memories as power or whether she’s just more skilled than Haruto. If she was the original pilot, it would make sense for her to be stronger. I’m also wondering what Pino meant when she referenced Marie’s “limiter”. Is it supposed to be some function of the human brain?

Either way, she seems to have become a brainless husk by now. The preview looked like it might have had some effect on how Haruto approaches the Valvrave the next time. Also, is anyone else wondering what happened to Rukino? Is she still cut off from everyone else?

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 15: L-Elf is quite direct


This whole episode was kind of leading me to figuring out that Marie was also immortal. I was confused at first…what could they have been talking about in the first part of the episode? Who was the “she” who was the first one possessed by the holy spirit? I didn’t really care about Rukino being together with Satomi. Then the holy spirit inside Haruto’s Valvrave recognized her. I should have figure everything out immediately…it was only when L-Elf shot her that I realized how everything came together. I’m a bit ashamed of myself.

Anyone else think that L-Elf knew about, or at least suspected, Marie’s immortality all along? That really seems like the kind of character he is. But anyway, now that Marie’s secret is out, it looks like next week, she will probably start gaining her memories back.