Hamatora S2 First Impressions (13): Business as usual, huh?

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Everything’s basically back to normal, I guess. I mostly expected the episode to end up like this. There was no way they could kill Nice so easily (and off camera), so they had to wait until the end to reveal him. I was honestly expecting him to be some sort of big shock return instead of the “we were all faking your death together” scenario. Also, I was expecting the flashback scene where we find out what Art’s plan really was. We got pretty close, though…

The new opening song is actually pretty good…better than the last season for sure. It looks like the main antagonist for this season will be Art. For some reason he’s going around killing Minimum Holders (or at least that’s what’s suggested at the end of the episode). I’m pretty conflicted about this because, as I’ve said before, I actually liked Art’s character in the previous season. Also, I don’t know how willing I am to cover this season because of how frustrating the first season was to watch…decisions decisions.

Hamatora Episode 12 (Final): WHAT?

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Okay, I don’t think I ever would have seen that coming. I was glad for a second that Art was alive, but what the heck was that ending? He shoots not only Moral, but also Nice? I don’t even know what to think. My only thought is another body double just because it seems so unlikely that Art is alive. The other possibility is that Art was alive and fakes shooting Nice, but it’s much lower.

Man, that was the most troll ending I’ve ever seen. I understand that there is a “to be continued” at the very end that suggests another season, but that was such an abrupt cliffhanger to finish the series. Well, if another season did come, I’m not entirely sure how willing I would be to subject myself to that.

Hamatora Episode 11: Poor Takahiro

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Well, the first half of this episode didn’t have that much happening. The initial encounter between Nice and Moral was what you would expect. All they did was talk about motivations and such. Takahiro finally gets his moment in the second half, but it seems like he won’t be getting much more. I guess there was no turning him back after all.

Next week should be the last episode, the final battle against Moral. It looks like Hajime might be showing us what she can do next week. She’s been relatively passive this entire show. I’m not expecting all that much from the ending of the show, but it should at least be a resolution, which is better than most endings.

Hamatora Episode 10: Nice and Moral finally meet

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What? No more anonymity on the internet? Moral, you monster! How could take away the sacred cowardice shared by all internet flamers? This guy must be stopped. He is pure evil. Anyway, it looks like he’s instigating a war between normal people and Minimum Holders. I can’t really say I didn’t expect something like that.

Anyway, next week he will finally have his awaited encounter with Nice. He’s been avoiding it all of this time, so hopefully he has something cool to show for it…or at least a good reason for stalling. Only a couple of episodes left in the series. I guess we’ll see how things turn out.

Hamatora Episode 9: Life of the soldier

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Looks like we have an episode focusing on Three this time. His background as the kind-hearted soldier isn’t all too surprising. What struck me as weird, though, was that Moral avoids meeting with Nice as Art. If he can change his appearance, why would he be worried? There may not be a deeper meaning to it, but if there is, then maybe Moral just can’t fool Nice.

We’ve done Murasaki’s, Three’s, Ratio’s, and Birthday’s pasts so far. That leaves Nice and Honey (if this episode didn’t count). There’s also Koneko and Hajime if they even have a role in the cast. It looked at the end of the episode like Moral was starting to make his move, though, so maybe the time for flashbacks is over.

Hamatora Episode 8: Obligatory beach episode

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I guess this counts as an obligatory beach episode, right? It looks like this episode had a slight focus on Murasaki, who seems to have always been living in Nice’s shadow. His character isn’t really anything new, though. He’s just the hard-working achiever living next to the natural genius. Also, there’s that whole thing where Moral is now impersonating Art, which still bugs me because I liked Art’s character.

The title of the next episode suggests another Honey + Three episode. We’re pretty close the end and still doing random side jobs. I can only hope these link together somehow in the end, but sadly, it doesn’t look like that’s the case. A bunch of these episodes are probably going to end up pretty irrelevant. How disappointing…

Hamatora Episode 7: Did they really just did that?

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Well, I’m annoyed that they did that to Art. We’re barely past the halfway point and they’ve already killed the only non-Minimum graduate from the facility. I thought that Art added a good mechanic to the show as someone who knew what was going on with Minimum Holders. For most of this episode, I was hoping he would survive, but the last scene kinda killed that hope. Oh well. Also, I have no idea why red lines were on the screen…hopefully it’s not something with my computer.

I assume the point of this scene was to motivate Nice into action. Moral just keeps presenting himself as someone who only needs to be killed. There is no ambiguity in his character. I guess I just have to sit back and watch as Nice takes revenge for Art. I’m sure there will be a scene where Moral changes his appearance to Art’s for effect, but he’s too far gone for anything to come of it.

Hamatora Episode 6: Ratio used thunder punch!

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What’s up with Nice showing up at the last minute to finish the job? That’s so random in an episode focusing on Ratio and Birthday. Oh well, I guess we get some background on those two. Another minor thing is that Moral revealed his ability to change his appearance, but not really too much happening. This makes me wonder whether the old guy in the police force really is a traitor or whether that was just Moral (might be a stretch, though).

I guess Nice has decided he wants to meet Moral and the lines from the “preview” make it sound like that will happen next week. I guess he’ll find out how similar they are and whatnot. Then Moral will probably try to get Nice to join him. This is mostly standard stuff, I’d say. Nothing crazy.

Hamatora Episode 5: Traitor

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Huh, so that old dude in the detective agency is working with Moral or something. That’s the only real piece of information that we got from this episode. I don’t even know if the events at the hot spring had anything to do with Moral other than the fact that the guy got his ability from him. The only thing I can think of is that Nice is starting to figure things out, but not much more happened this week.

Sigh…I’m so disappointed in this show. It’s so boring to watch now. Next week is the halfway point. Presumably, this is when Moral would make a move. Maybe he’ll reveal himself to Nice. Something interesting needs to happen…I’m getting depressed.

Hamatora Episode 4: They’re trying too hard with this guy

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Another week, another case. I stick by what I said last week about this Moral character. I really wish they didn’t make him appear the way he does given what they’re trying to accomplish with him. They’re trying to make it a point that he acts similar to Nice, but they made him look so obviously like a villain that there doesn’t seem to be much ambiguity in his character.

Oh well, my quibbling aside, we’re getting close to the halfway point in the show, which will be the point where we know whether Moral will be the main villain for the show. I’m not sure how they’ll be able to drag it out, but they’ve invested quite a lot into him, so it seems pretty likely. Also, new characters showed up this week. Seemed a little random.