Basically, it’s the same list as the sidebar, but with more info. So far, it’s still a work in progress. If your blog is on here and you disagree with what I’ve put or I haven’t put something down yet, feel free to get in contact with me with a suggestion (seriously…it makes my job easier). If you’re not on here and want to be, then get in contact with me as well. If I like your blog, you’ll be on this page in no time. You could comment below or email me at

Absolute Territory

Ace Railgun – Episodic coverage of airing series as well as other interesting posts talking about anime motifs, upcoming series, and even about blogging.

Anime Afterlife Podcast – A podcast that features anime reviews from a bunch of people talking together (I’m in one of the episodes). There’s also reviews in writing on the blog itself (well, digital writing).

AnimeNano – An aggregation of anime blogs. If you’re looking for a cool new blog to read, you can probably find it here.


Black Strawberry – Editorial posts from a feminine perspective.

Empty Blue – Not only will you find episodic and editorial posts here, but also visual novel screenshots and wallpapers from your favorite shows.

Kaevex’ Thoughts

Kaminari Anime

New Anime Thursday – Episodic coverage of airing series from an art student. Check out the fanart!

Robert’s Virtual Life – Relatively new blog, but this guy thinks like me O.o. Episodic coverage and even some interesting editorials.

Otakuness Anime Reviews

Shades of Grey – If you’re interested in manga reviews instead of anime, check this guy out.

Spark Blog

Wanabrar – A crack team of authors throwing out posts of almost every nature. News, editorial, music, art, episodic reviews, series reviews. There are posts coming out every day!

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