Devil Survivor 2 Final Episode: Wait…they can fuse demons?


Ah yes…it was saving Yamato after all. I was not expecting Hibiki to be so emotional when he confirmed that Yamato remembered everything. It was a little creepy. I’m pretty sure this was Daichi’s ending in the game…anyone else think it’s funny that he gets absolutely no credit for it in the anime? Forever useless.

I dunno…that only part I really liked about this last episode was the epilogue…showed a lot of stuff from the game that was nice, like Airi’s pianist dream and Joe with his girlfriend. Still not a big fan of big resurrections. They didn’t even get to fight Polaris…he gets to remain as a mysterious god figure…as opposed to the menacing final boss he is in the game. Oh well…

Devil Survivor 2 Episode 12: Only they remain

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Just kill everyone off, why don’t you? Jeez…I’m really glad I played the game, because I have no idea how I would have been able to receive this kind of adaptation. Nitta and Daichi sucked into the void and Makoto skewered. I would have thought at least Daichi would survive…I guess I should have been suspicious when they gave him such a strong demon.

So Yamato is the final villain after all…at this rate, it doesn’t even look like Hibiki will fight Polaris. More than likely, he will use most of energy fighting Yamato and will just make a request of Polaris. Either that or the two somehow make amends mid-fight and beat down Polaris (a less likely ending, though). With so many dead, I can’t imagine an ending that doesn’t bring everyone back to life…

Devil Survivor 2 Episode 11: Sounds like someone wants his new game+

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Aww…I wanted to see Kano beat Trumpeter up with laptops. But man…people dropped like flies in this episode. It took all of five minutes to kill those four people. It’s really sad…I liked people like Kano and Airi in the game…Io and Daichi were too balanced in stats to be useful. Also, Jack Frost is supposed to be the strongest demon? Isn’t he stupid weak in the game? To be fair, it is a dark version of Jack Frost, so I dunno.

So humanity has survived the seven days and have earned the right to meet Polaris. But there are conflicting ideals here and Alcor is here to resolve it. Will Yamato die to protect his meritocracy or will Hibiki convince him otherwise? It could really go either way, but Daichi’s ending definitely looks most likely right now based on what I’ve heard about it.

Devil Survivor 2 Episode 10: Another Septentrion down

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Wow…Mizar went down in like ten seconds. Most of the time was spent trying to get Nitta to return to normal after being possessed by Lugh. I’m kinda disappointed…that scene with Hibiki and Nitta was pretty frustrating to watch and I remember the Dragon Stream seeming a lot more comical in the game (pretending to be dead and whatnot).

Would this show be better if it had been longer? I dunno…I can’t really tell. I did feel like they were glossing over a lot. What ending are they barreling towards? Is Hibiki supposed to sway Yamato or will everyone just die? I’m really hoping Polaris doesn’t just press a “load save file” button.

Devil Survivor 2 Episode 9: Who else is surprised no one died this week?

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Wow…they must really be speeding things up. Alioth’s battle was basically nothing…they didn’t even fight the core…just obliterated it in an instant. And come on…Kama’s interaction with Airi was hilarious, but they just bound him up. Shiva didn’t even really have a reason to attack…at least it’s retaliation in the game. And no sexy Airi…sigh…

So there are two days left? Based on interactions between Alcor and Hibiki, his ending is starting to look like the only option. They’ve set Yamato up as an antagonist…I suspect they have to “defeat” his ending. But…does that come with reviving everyone in the end? Io brought it up this week, meaning the card is on the table. Speaking of which, it’s her turn now to summon Lugh. Will they actually sacrifice her? Characters are dying…she could be next…

Devil Survivor 2 Episode 8: This just doesn’t seem right

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What? They killed three more people? I can’t believe they actually killed Ronaldo of all people. I mean, he’s already not get his ending…now they kick him while he’s down. And why did Joe have to die? He’s introduced late and he’s like one of the best characters…and then he’s just dead. And then Otome…think of the children!

Alcor’s even more of an enigma. In the game he goes so far as to hide his name, adopting the alias Al Saiduq…why would he give away everything so easily? In the game, he’s mysterious and you find reasons to doubt him at every step despite being an ally. On that note, I finished my New World Ending playthrough…so yeah. At the rate they’re going, the entire party is going to be wiped by the end of the series.

Devil Survivor 2 Episode 7: The sacrifice!

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So they decided to adapt the physical exam scene after all…man, Joe needs more screen time…Kano too. Forget those other people. Anyway, Hibiki seems to have forsaken Ronaldo and Yamato’s paths pretty soundly. The focus on Alcor suggests the New World ending, which I didn’t choose. Maybe I can New Game+ it in time…we’ll see.

Anyway, next one is Megrez…I don’t remember that guy being too hard. Will Daichi finally get some decent demons to fight with? Don’t tell me he’s still using the same ones. Although Kukiri-hime and Lilim from Nitta and Hinako aren’t much better. Sounds like Hibiki carrying the team next week? Also, I’m way more interested in the Dragon Stream being summoned than the whole deal with Lugh and Io…who’s with me?

Devil Survivor 2 Episode 6: Phecda Down!

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So Yamato decided to save Hibiki from his death clip…so his ending has become more likely than Ronaldo’s. At the very least, he probably will become a future ally. And he can just overwrite abilities? Why couldn’t he do this in the game? Here I am wasting my time with fancy fusions and spending money on Mitamas and all he had to do was edit them himself.

Either way, that’s another Septentrion down…only four more left. For the time being, it seems as though Airi and Jungo have managed to stay alive, but they have a lot of other characters that could die in their place (looking at you, Otome). Has Hibiki’s speech finally ended the cycle of side character death or will they keep going until only one remains? Not sure I like how Hibiki has turned out as a voiced voiceless protagonist.

Devil Survivor 2 Episode 5: The next to die will be Hibiki?

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Okay, so let’s just introduce every character at episode 5. Otome and Joe make their appearance as part of Team Ronaldo, and Airi and Jungo finally show up. So will the fight between Yamato and Ronaldo start now? At this pace, how are they going to finish the other five Septentriones? As for my own progress, I’ve finished the game and I’m doing New Game+ for the New World ending.

Not sure how this will go. Hibiki has his own death clip, but it’s strange. That’s not Byakko or Suzaku standing in front of him…I’m pretty sure that’s Sarasvati. Byakko and Suzaku are much higher level than Sarasvati, so why is Hibiki so useless?

Devil Survivor 2 Episode 4: Another one bites the- wait, is she alive?

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So did Hinako die or what? So far, it doesn’t look like it. For my own progress in game, I’ve reached the point where I recruit Jungo and Fumi and I’m preparing to fight Ronaldo. I certainly haven’t met Alcor at all. It’s so hard to decide how to make a team (I run MC-kun with full out strength because it’s more fun that way). Yamato didn’t really give off as dark a vibe when I was playing.

So I really have no idea what’s going on in this show…except, you know…fighting Merak, the second Septentrion. He was actually a pretty easy boss in the game. But yeah…like I said, next week, new characters, Airi and Joe. Looks like Hibiki is becoming an enemy now? Then again, I’m about to fight Ronaldo in game, so maybe there’s some double betrayal in our future. One can only hope.