Hey everyone! I’m just your usual recently-graduated guy. Basically, I watch a lot of anime and I felt like doing something, so this site was born. Now, just because I’m a college graduate, doesn’t make me any way an authority on analysis or reviewing or anything like that. To be honest, I’m a math/science person anyway. I know for a fact that I tend to be a bit forgiving when it comes to reviewing, so I apologize if you’re expecting the colorful flaming that I see on other blogs. Also, my speech can get a little repetitive at times, which tends to make my writing the same way. I also solve Rubik’s Cubes competitively, but that’s not quite as interesting to most people. As a result, I will avoid making excessive posts about Rubik’s Cube. However, I do consider myself fairly knowledgeable about them, as I’ve been solving them for a while and I am quite fast. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my work and be sure to let me know what you think. I’m also fairly open to watching most anime, so if you have any cool recommendations for me, definitely let me know. Fair warning, I tend to avoid magical girl anime on principle, but if you feel strongly enough about it, I don’t mind reconsidering my stance.

If you’re feeling like giving me some feedback, you can feel free to comment on one of my posts or shoot me an email at marthaurion@gmail.com

If you’re recommending me anime and want to avoid something I’ve already watched or already plan to watch, then you can check out this link for a list of all the things that I’ve watched.

Also, just a quick sidebar. The name marthaurion comes from a combo of Marth from Fire Emblem and the last name of Kratos Aurion from Tales of Symphonia. Great characters from great games.

28 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hello there! i’m another “easy going” anime site owner myself and i just stopped on by to exchange links for your blog and my blog, i’m trying to get a little more friends here
    quick question, where do you get your pictures for reviewing?


  2. First of all, this is all pretty interesting in what you’ve got here~ 🙂 i recommend Tsubasa Chronicles if you’re really looking for a bit of a challenge. CLAMP, the manga artist group who created TC are wonderful women who are exceptionally talent for handing out complex manga-and i do have to say that if you read farther in to the TC manga, you may find yourself confused but its really full of action and drama near the end~ it is personally my favorite anime/manga of all, but i guess how you see it is how it goes~


    1. hey, thanks for the recommendation
      I’ve actually seen the first season of the anime (if you’re talking about Syaoran and Sakura Tsubasa…I think there are a couple of titles with Tsubasa in them) and I think I’ve read the first 4 or so volumes of the manga…But yeah, I can definitely give it another look


  3. I don’t mind reading about Rubik’s Cube every now and then. They frustrate the crap out of me! I am like you with my reviews or summaries, I won’t do much flaming. I look forward to reading your blog.


  4. There are many anniblogs out there but this one is one of the few that stands out. Your writing style is really nice and you manage to put your opinions into words really nice. Seems like I will be reading your future posts 😉


  5. I never did get into Rubik’s cubes much…and here I am getting A’s in college math. I feel like I’ve failed my title of “pretty much a nerd” 🙂

    Anyways, nice blog you’ve got here. From what I’ve seen of it, I quite like your writing style (consistently proper grammar is always a plus), and I appreciate the fact that you write short reviews. I like long reviews too, but it’s also nice to see things reviewed without spoilers or deep analyses. And while your review scores may be a little inflated, it’s always kind of nice to see people who really *like* things and can find enjoyment in them, rather then just flaws. Diversity is always nice to see, so…yeah. Keep it up.

    Oh, and while I’m at it, I’m gonna go ahead and recommend a show called “Mushishi.” It can be a little hard to get in to, but the stories are interesting and the art and animation are both superb, so if you like eyecandy, you’ll probably enjoy this show. Anyways, you should check it out.


    1. Honestly, Rubik’s Cube can be a pretty big time commitment if you really wanna be serious. I got it out of the way in high school when I had more time ^^

      yeah…the whole anti-spoiler thing was something I decided early on…figured I’d write to recommend rather than to reiterate what people have already seen

      I have Mushishi downloaded, but never got around to it. But with such a glowing recommendation, I’ll definitely move it up the queue 😀


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