Onii Ai Episode 2

Tsundere is a national disease?
Wait…does this mean it can be transferred? GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!!
 NO! He can’t be the person who wrote the forbidden love manga…he just can’t be! Don’t tell me he actually feels like…but he’s been living with those three girls and he hasn’t done anything. And he won’t make friends with his classmates…could it be? If they’re blood siblings, then this show is crazy demented (I don’t care how cheery it looks, it’s a trap!).


So even I have to say that it’s a little unfair for everyone to gang up on Akiko in the little student council skirmishes. I’m sure they’ll take any chance to trash on each other, but she’s clearly the easiest target because…well, sister. Oh well…curse my brain and my working theory that a balanced dose of suffering is good for any anime season I watch.

Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sai Areba Kankeinai yo ne First Impressions

Seriously, what’s up with Japan and pushing the incest? I guess in this case, it gives our protagonist Himenokouji Akito a reason to continuously reject his sister Akiko (pro naming choice). But it spawns that fear that something might actually happen in the end. I suppose nothing happened in NakaImo or OreImo, so it’s all in good fun. Nothing’s going to happen, right? ….right?

There are those other girls around to run interference. On the music side, I’d rather not talk about that ending song. It definitely rubbed me the wrong way…do not want. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep covering this, but I’ll probably keep watching. If you’re into comedy with four girls fighting over one guy, go nuts. At least this guy doesn’t seem completely dense. Although, the girls around him make it pretty clear how they feel.