Oni Ai Episode 3

Akiko broke…I think we need to return her to sender for a refund. Her reaction to Ana’s three-second rule…I knew it. Akiko is actually a guy…why else would she get so embarrassed? I think I know what happened…she tried to replace the light bulb while it was still turned on (fail) and she short-circuited. Oh well, I guess the show’s over now…

But yeah…focus on Ana this week…also showing that Akito is a handy guy around the house (I guess?). I have a question, though…if Ana was originally going to ask Akito to unpack her stuff for her, why didn’t she first consider the box of her stuff animals? She knew she couldn’t do it herself, right? Anyway…so many trolls around him…it’s a wonder Akito isn’t dead yet.

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