Bakuman Season 2 Episode 3

This week’s episode starts off with Aoki discussing joining up with Koji, the musician, to create manga. Also, picking up from last week, Miura reveals that Trap is third in the early results. Although Miura is optimistic about it, Shujin is worried that Trap will fall in the later chapters similarly to another of the new series, which fell to ninth after getting third for the first chapter. Nakai finds out that Aoki is planning on teaming up with Koji, and rushes over to her house to talk with her. Unable to accept that her story is problematic, Aoki blames Nakai’s art for the failure of their series. Nakai then decides that he will continue to draw outside her apartment until she is satisfied despite the cold. Nakai continues to draw at the table outside Aoki’s apartment, even allowing himself to be beaten by local punk kids. Each day, he puts a manuscript in Aoki’s mailbox. Finally, she looks at one, instantly impressed by his art. One day, a snowstorm blows into town, which worries Saiko. When Fukuda goes to stop Nakai, he still refuses to stop drawing. Fukuda brings Saiko, Shujin, and Miyoshi to help him stop Nakai, but they arrive to see Aoki outside apologizing to Nakai, finally admitting that her story was the weak point of their manga, not his art. Aoki then breaks off her partnership with Koji and starts up with Nakai again. The episode ends as Shujin and Saiko find out that chapter two of Trap has only placed eighth. Still following the manga well…still sketchy pacing…still enjoying it anyway.

Bakuman Season 2 Episode 2

This week’s episode starts off with Azuki being berated by her manager because she doesn’t want to be in a photo book, as it would be good for her career as a voice actress. Meanwhile, the studio is uncomfortably silent, disrupted by the arrival of Shujin and Miyoshi. However, they soon fall back into silence, but Ogawa breaks it to release the tension. Miura comes by to discuss the fourth chapter, not wanting to change the first three chapters. Saiko gets worried that he hasn’t heard from Azuki, so Shujin asks Miyoshi to talk with her. The next day, Takahama (one of the assistants) stays behind to finish some extra work after the other two leave. Normally the most silent of the assistants, Takahama opens up to Saiko, telling him his dream to work at Disney. Takahama explains that his silence comes because he can’t relate to the other two assistants, who are content with being assistants. He looks up to Saiko, and the two are able to bond. The next day, Saiko sends a text to Azuki to check up on her, and she replies telling him about the photo book. Azuki’s responses worry Saiko, so he tries to call her, but she won’t pick up the phone. Saiko then rushes off to Azuki’s house, despite Shujin and Miyoshi’s protests. Shujin then calls Azuki himself, telling her that Saiko has rushed off to see her and asking her to stop him. Azuki calls Saiko before he is able to reach the train, apologizing for her behavior and forcing him to finish his manuscript. Saiko is still worried about the photo book, so Azuki asks his true opinion about it. He admits that he would hate for her to be in a photo book for others to see, so she decides not to do it. Despite her refusal, she gets another audition. The episode ends as Shujin answers a call from Miura with the early results from Trap’s first chapter. I’m not sure if I like the pacing of this season yet…So far, they haven’t gotten so far. There’s so much better material later in the manga, but it seems like a distant dream for the anime…it’s a pity. Oh well, I still love this series.

Bakuman Season 2 Episode 1

Finally, this season’s started…I’ve been waiting so long. The season starts off where the last season ended, with Miura taking over as editor for Saiko and Shujin. The opening theme is delightfully mellow like last season’s was. Also from the opening theme, I see a lot of scenes that I recognize from the manga. Hopefully, this season gets farther than the first season did…the anime is soooo far behind. Anyways, back to the show. Hattori explains to Saiko and Shujin about the transfer of editors and the two get to know Miura. Miura also mentions Kazuya Hiramaru, who was only mentioned in the first season. Basically, while Nizuma Eiji is a genius due to his love of manga ever since he first started drawing, Kazuya is a genius in that he had no experience with manga and was able to suddenly start and create good manga. Also, the two are told about the New Year’s party for the mangaka, which they are now invited to attend. Next up, Saiko and Shujin meet their assistants (with Shujin freaking out because one of them is a girl). The day of the New Year’s party comes, and Shujin overdresses (lol…suit). At the party, Saiko and Shujin meet Kazuya, who turns out to be one of those lazy geniuses. He hates to create manga (because he originally thought it would be less work than his desk job), but his editor basically forces him. Saiko meets with a man who was friends with his uncle, resolving to him that he will accomplish what his uncle couldn’t. The ending theme is pretty good too. The music has the same sort of feel as the first season, and I think the pattern works well. The anime stays faithful to the manga (which is a lot easier because the manga is soooo far ahead), and I really like that because of how good the manga is. Looks like next week is going to be the episode with Azuki’s photobook…but more on that later 😀