Kamisama no Memochou Final Episode

Best arc ever…about to come to an end. Last week, Hakamizaka issued a challenge to Alice to find him. This week, Narumi rushes over to Alice’s place to find the other NEETs there waiting for him. Alice manages to find Ayaka’s cell phone, which leads to the Fourth’s club. They find the phone and a crazy guy on Angel Fix there, but no Hakamizaka. Narumi leaves with Major, but on the way, he notices a strange flashing when the light hits the packaging of the Angel Fix. Later, he shows everyone and it turns out to be angel wings. Alice concludes that the flashing wings are coupled with the visual enhancement from Angel Fix to serve as a guide. Narumi offers to take the drug in order to find a dealer. However, when he takes the drug, he becomes annoyed at the other NEETs talking to him through the receiver and takes it off. He has a vision of Ayaka as an angel and rushes towards her, managing to find a dealer. The other NEETs trail the dealer, while Tetsu tries to calm Narumi. Narumi wakes up to find Alice, who tells him that Ayaka committed suicide because she took Angel Fix, which amplified her regret from growing the flower components of the drug. Everyone joins the Fourth in a search for the dealers’ hideout, and they manage to find Hakamizaka. Hakamizaka is high on Angel Fix and admits to forcing Ayaka to take the drug to stop her from going to the police. Hakamizaka starts to hallucinate that Alice is an angel, which Alice uses to tell him that he isn’t going to heaven. Meanwhile, the Fourth finds Toshi, choosing to offer him to Narumi, who beats him up. However, Tetsu stops him before he can kill Toshi. Finally, Angel Fix is finished. However, seasons pass, but Ayaka doesn’t wake up. One morning, Narumi finds Alice at the school waiting for him. Alice tells him that Ayaka jumped from the roof to prevent the cultural festival from violating her special ground with Narumi. At that moment, the sun rises, and all of flowers bloom, forming the symbol that Narumi made for Ayaka’s armband. The series ends as Ayaka opens her eyes. Very nice ending. Hard to tell whether Narumi likes Ayaka or Alice (I think he should go with Alice, personally). Looks like plenty of room for a second season, which I probably wouldn’t mind watching.

Kamisama no Memochou Episode 11

That sounds oddly like a confession

FALSE ALARM, PEOPLE! AYAKA IS NOT DEAD. I apologize for any confusion. Although it turns out that she did leap off the roof of her own free will, she is hospitalized and unconscious with low chance of recovery (which usually means she’ll recover in anime). Everyone is noticeably shaken with what happened (even I’m shaken) until Narumi finally returns to the ramen shop, asking Tetsu to teach him how to fight properly. Narumi then asks Alice to help him, with her once again warning him about the burden of this knowledge. Alice tells him that she knows why she would want to kill herself, but doesn’t know why she chose the school roof, which was too low to ensure death. Just like Narumi, Alice blames herself for not stopping Ayaka, but Narumi is able to comfort her. She then officially makes Narumi her assistant for this case. The next day, Alice orders Narumi to go to the greenhouse, where the Fourth is waiting. Narumi finds out from a teacher that Ayaka was growing some rare flowers in the greenhouse, but there were none there when he was in the greenhouse. Narumi realizes that they may have something to do with Angel Fix and rushes to Alice to check. However, Alice first shows him a picture of Hakamizaka Shirou, who Narumi recognizes as the person who was talking with Toshi last episode. She concludes that he is the man who created Angel Fix, having mutated a flower that he found while studying abroad to create it. Toshi was one of Hakamizaka’s distributors, using Ayaka to grow the raw ingredients. The Fourth mobilizes everyone under him to create a giant search party for those responsible for Angel Fix. Narumi later tells the other NEETs his theory that Ayaka overheard what they were talking about before and realized that she had been helping grow narcotics. He believes that it is possible that Ayaka spoke to Toshi that night, so he resolves to find out, sending the NEETs out to find him. That night, Narumi receives a call from Toshi from Ayaka’s phone, confirming his theory that they met. Toshi sounds crazed, but he tries to arrange a meeting with Narumi. Then, he suddenly starts to regret what has happened, begging Narumi to help him before Hakamizaka beats him up. Hakamizaka then issues a challenge to Alice as the episode ends. This show is really getting good. Too bad it ends next episode (I think). Oh well, it should be good…so much drama.

Kamisama no Memochou Episode 10

If you remember from last week, the episode ended with the arcade manager telling Ayaka that her brother was there. The other NEETs ask him, Toshi, where he’s been and what he’s been doing. He starts to cough, but pushes Ayaka away when she tries to help. Narumi goes out to talk with him alone. Toshi insults Ayaka a bit, but has another coughing fit and pulls out some strange pills. When asked, he calls it “Angel Fix” and wanders off. Narumi talks with Tetsu about it later, but Tetsu tells him not to tell Ayaka that her brother is taking drugs. The next day, Narumi walks into Alice’s room to find Ayaka trying to fix up her hair, but she is kicked out when the Fourth arrives with a job. Surprise surprise…the Fourth is there to ask Alice about Angel Fix. Alice calls the rest of the NEETs up and Narumi tells them about Toshi having Angel Fix. They all set out to find Toshi, but the Fourth stops Narumi from helping this time. Later, Ayaka is grilling Narumi because she is being left out, which causes Narumi to remember what her brother said about being his replacement. He asks her if he is her brother’s replacement, which causes her to run off (idiot). He tries to apologize the next day, but she just brushes him off. The next day, Narumi skips school, and Ayaka starts to worry. The two apologize to each other, and Narumi gives her a new armband to replace the one he accidentally ripped the day before. Ayaka assures Narumi is not a replacement, and tells him that she originally started gardening on the roof just to have an excuse to meet him (just kiss her already, man…). A few days later, Ayaka is asked by one of the teachers to move the planters on the roof for a school event. She gets a bit depressed about this and stays late. However, when she gets back to the shop, she overhears Major and Tetsu talking about Toshi. Later, Narumi offers to confront the teacher about the planters on the roof, which makes Ayaka smile. However, the episode ends with a shot of her falling out of a school window into a bed of flowers and her death. This episode…what??? Holy crap…I can’t believe she just died O.o. Suicide? Murder? Totally caught me off guard.

Kamisama no Memochou Episode 9

Time to play some video games! This week’s episode starts out with Narumi introducing an online game called Power Play Ball, or Powerebo for short. While he’s at the arcade playing this game, a few men barge in, one of whom Narumi recognizes as Nemo. The men are trying to raise the rent for the arcade, which would likely lead to it closing down. Major argues against them, and they propose a gamble with the loser backing off, which Tetsu agrees to immediately (without even hearing the terms). They point at a Powerebo machine and say they will use baseball to decide the winner and Major accepts (gotta be a trick, man…so obvious). However, Major doesn’t realize that they are talking about a real baseball game. Major starts to try to round up a team, and the Fourth shows up with some guys from the Hirasaka Group to fill up the remaining slots. Alice decides to become the coach for the team. The day of the game approaches, and Alice reveals that their opponents are quite the tough bunch. Narumi reveals to the rest of the NEETs that Nemo was formerly a baseball player. The day of the game arrives, and the NEETs start strong with the Fourth’s pitching, but Nemo comes out to hit a home run on the first pitch. The NEET Teddy Bears (lol name) are able to stay relatively even with the Yakuza team, but Nemo has yet to pitch. The Fourth is reaching his limit, and Alice laments the lack of data on Nemo, so Narumi rushes back to the arcade to check if the game has any information. Finally, Nemo comes to the mound. With the Fourth out of commission, two outs, and a runner on first, Narumi steps up to bat in the Fourth’s place. However, Alice finally comes out into the open to take Narumi’s place. Nemo has trouble with the first couple of pitches, but gets three strikes on Alice. However, the last pitch is not caught and Alice makes a break for the bases. Narumi then finally steps up to bat, hitting foul ball after foul ball. Finally, on the 21st pitch, Narumi is able to hit the ball cleanly and win the game. When Nemo comes to demand how Narumi knew his style, Narumi reveals that it was all present in Powerebo. The next day, Major is on a major losing streak in Powerebo (get it?), and Narumi notices that the opposing team is actually Alice. The episode ends with the store manager telling Ayaka that her brother is there, which shocks her. A nice little one shot sort of episode this week.

Kamisama no Memochou Episode 8

Picking up right where we left off, Narumi rushes to the hospital in response to his call telling him that the Fourth was attacked. He is in unstable condition and unconscious, which Narumi relays to Alice. Maki calls from the concert to ask Narumi to email her the concert documents. However, when Narumi goes to do it, he finds an email from the Fourth addressed to him, half done and telling him that he’s in charge if something were to happen to the Fourth. Narumi goes back to the ramen shop to find the rest of the guys ready to go out and kill Renji, but he is able to stop them from dirtying the Fourth’s name and they acknowledge him as leader. Later, Alice warns Narumi that Renji had miscalculated because of Narumi and that he will come after him soon. Narumi goes back to his job helping with the concert and the day of the concert arrives. Narumi isolates himself and has the vocals of the band wear a replica of Renji’s shirt to lure him out, which succeeds. Alice appears to reveal that the embroidery on Renji’s real shirt is the same as that of Narumi’s concert shirt. She concludes that they must have been made by the same person (wait…what???). Alice reveals that Hison survived, but lost her womb in the incident, and that she is actually the owner of the shop Narumi had visited so many times, having taken the name Yoshiki. Renji asks why the Fourth hid everything and Alice responds that he was trying to protect Renji from the information that Hison was with the Gotouda Group’s leader and pregnant. The Fourth then shows up in his injured state to confirm everything. The Fourth and Renji get into a fistfight and finally resolve their issues. The concert goes off without a hitch and Narumi later returns to the ramen shop to find Renji’s sunglasses there. Narumi grabs them and rushes off to Alice, who tells him where Renji is and gives him Renji’s shirt. Narumi finds Renji, asking him to stay in Tokyo, but Renji insists on leaving. Narumi returns Renji’s shirt, but with the embroidery finally finished, and Renji leaves.

Sigh…I feel like I should have seen this coming, but for some reason, I didn’t. Anyways, a nice way to finally end this arc.

Kamisama no Memochou Episode 7

Will do Dantalian no Shoka when HD comes out, which should be some time later today or tomorrow. Also, I’m waiting on a certain sub group with Ro-Kyu-Bu. So, let’s just do some detective work. This week’s episode starts right where the last episode left off, with Narumi meeting Renji to talk. Renji tells Narumi that he will kill him if he sees him again, but Narumi tries to convince Renji to tell him the story between the Fourth and him. Renji starts to tell him, revealing that the Fourth and him lived together with a girl named Hison before. The two men had an agreement that neither would make a move on Hison and that both would protect her from other men. Renji tells Narumi that the Fourth used Hison as a shield in a fight against the Gotouda Group, causing her death. Renji vows revenge and tells Narumi to stay out of it. Narumi later talks with Yoshiki, who tells him a bit about the Fourth. Narumi realizes how much the Fourth cared about Renji and calls him to beg him to ask Alice for help. The Fourth later comes by the ramen shop to finally ask Alice to help him out, and he finds out that the other NEETs were already on it. Narumi confronts the Fourth about Hison, but the Fourth refuses to tell him more. He later asks Alice, who warns him that investigating may cause him to lose a friend, but he chooses to do so anyway. Narumi later finds out from Hiroaki that on the day of Hison’s death, the Fourth was seen with a bleeding shoulder as well. More importantly, there were reports of another woman’s voice coming from the apartment. He rushes over to the Fourth to find that the butterfly tattoo on his shoulder actually covers that scar, so he concludes that the men were actually after Hison, not the Fourth. The Fourth refuses to tell him anything, so he goes to talk with Alice again, who tells him that the Gotouda Group’s leader divorced his wife right after Hison’s death, which leads her to conclude that the culprit is the ex-wife. She also concludes that Hison was pregnant, due to the fact that she was stabbed in the abdomen. Alice tells Narumi that he needs to hurry and tell Renji the truth about the incident, but Narumi gets a call as he leaves that the Fourth has been attacked.

Well, it looks like everything will be wrapped up in the next episode. So many cliffhangers…But I’m still enjoying this show anyway.

Kamisama no Memochou Episode 6


Everyone’s favorite loli…err, NEET detective is back (man, they need to show more of her). Anyways, last week, we left off with Narumi running into Renji at the zoo. The two have a nice chat about random things and Renji mentions a friend that he used to have in Tokyo. Narumi gets called to go back to work at the concert again, but Renji tries to stop him for some reason. He returns to see the fire trucks, as the venue has been set on fire. Also, Alice shows up, having worried about Narumi because he didn’t pick up his phone and his GPS was by the fire (awww….). The Fourth also calls Narumi to ask him about the fire as well as tell him that they have found the one who stole their t-shirts in the last episode. Narumi shows up to see the culprit, and the culprit starts saying random things about angels and mentions Hirasaka. The Fourth then beats the crap out of him, but later tells Narumi that there was another person that had the key to the room with the t-shirts. He tells Narumi that the true culprit is none other than…Hirasaka Renji (dun dun duuuun). Later, Alice asks Narumi about his strange behavior and he tells her about his meeting with Hirasaka Renji. The next day, he confronts the Fourth and tells him that he met Renji. The Fourth starts to question him, but Narumi refuses to talk, telling him to seek Alice’s help. The Fourth refuses, telling Narumi to stay away from Renji. Narumi goes out with Ayaka and a couple of the guys from the dojo join them for protection. Narumi is able to lose them easily, though, but they end up getting attacked by some guys. However, Tetsu shows up in time to help them out. That night, Narumi gets a call from Renji asking him to meet up and return his shirt. Before he goes, he visits Alice, who tells him about the evil of Hirasaka Renji. Narumi still intends to return the shirt, though, which causes Alice to start throwing things at him. She then gives him one of her stuffed animals, an owl that will “protect” him, and lets him sleep on her bed that night with her (O.O). The next day, Narumi leaves without the shirt, knowing that Renji will just disappear if he just gives it up. The episode ends with him meeting up with Renji, saying that they need to talk.

Urgh…Alice is so darn cute. I love this show…In other news, I’m gonna drop Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi…Taito’s lines are just too lame. Also, no Penguindrum or Ro-Kyu-Bu this week…WHHHHHYYYYYY??????? Man, Penguindrum itself not airing is bad enough…

Kamisama no Memochou Episode 5

Loli detective…erm, NEET detective time! We start the episode with Alice annoyed at Narumi for trying to wash her stuffed animals. The Fourth walks in to ask Narumi to help him run a concert. Alice shows off a little tsundere at the thought of Narumi being away and busy with the concert. The Fourth later talks to Narumi alone and tells him that the job is more dangerous than he let on. Turns out one of the band’s former promoters is the Yanagihara Group, who have ties with the Yakuza. The band didn’t want that group to sponsor them, so they turned to the Fourth. However, it’s possible that the Yanagihara Group bites back. Narumi starts to promote and help out with the concert. While he’s out alone, he runs into a man named Hirasaka, who is being threatened by some thugs. He starts to beat the crap out of them, but Narumi stops him by pouring his drink on Hirasaka’s shirt. He later introduces himself as Renji and forces Narumi to buy him some clothes. While they’re at a restaurant, Renji notices some thugs out the window and runs off. Later that day, Minli asks Narumi to go out and pick up an apron for her, but he runs into the Fourth at the shop. The Fourth gets really angry seeing Narumi and orders him not to tell anyone about the shop. The shop’s owner, Yoshiki, starts to tell Narumi embarrassing things about the Fourth, which greatly annoys him. However, this ends when the Fourth gets a call that the venue for the concert has been attacked. When they return, they are informed that the shirts have been stolen from the storeroom. They are unable to figure out who it was that broke in, though. The next day, Narumi goes to Ueno for concert business and Alice asks him to go to the zoo to take pictures of capybaras for her. The episode ends with Narumi running into Renji while he’s there.

Not dropping this one for sure. I really like this series’s take on the detective style of anime. Plus…Alice is super cute.

Kamisama no Memochou Episode 4

that looks like a Mac dock in the background


I think this episode was put here just for the lols…Minli’s sarashi is stolen by a stalker and so the gang decides to go out and find the culprit. Alice attempts to act arrogant when Minli asks for her help, but Minli quickly stops this by picking her up (owned). Minli initially refuses Alice’s help, but after some comments from Narumi, she changes her mind. They start by investigating the strange man that has been coming into the ramen shop. He buys a ramen, takes one sip, then pays and leaves. They try to tail him, but lose him. Later, Narumi is telling Alice about a lock that Minli refuses to have changed. Alice realizes something and tells everyone to drop the security around the shop. Major gives Narumi a strange ball and tells him to use it if he sees the intruder. Narumi throws it at the suspicious man and it turns out to be a flashbang. The man turns out to be an executive from a lingerie department (ehh?). He proceeds to go on a tirade about Minli’s breasts, which prompts her to beat the crap out of him. Alice stops her from touching him, though, wanting to first explain the case to her. She reveals that there was another person entering and exiting the house, which left the door unlocked for pervy stalker to come in. Turns out, ramen guy was actually Minli’s father, who had left the shop to her when she was young. Because Minli had refused to change the locks, he was still about to get into the shop. He gives her the recipe for his soup and leaves a note asking to try some of her ice cream the next time. The next day, pervy stalker leaves a bra for Alice at her door. Alice believes that it was Narumi’s doing, as he brought it in, and gets mad. I like the way this series approaches the detective style. Need more…

Kamisama no Memochou Episode 3

Action! Violence! Drugs! Ok…no drugs. In this episode, the Yakuza show up for the money that Meo has, but Minli, owner of the ramen shop where Alice sets up HQ, refuses them. The next day, Narumi finds that Meo has disappeared with the money. Despite Alice’s warnings, he rushes off to find her. When he finds her, they are attacked by the Yakuza. Narumi is getting beaten up, but then the guys from the dojo show up to dish out some pain. Realizing his weakness, Narumi asks the Fourth, leader of the dojo, to perform a sake ritual with him to formally induct him into the dojo. With that done, there is still the problem of the money Meo has. However, Narumi gets the idea to split the money into small portions and transfer them all into Kusakabe’s bank account (Kusakabe is Meo’s father), scheduling all of it to be transferred to the corporation that’s after Meo, the Kishiwada Corporation. Because the money is dirty, it will cause problems for the Yakuza members. The Yakuza freak out, but Narumi later reveals that it was just a bluff. However, the company is forced to bring Kusakabe to stop the “transaction”, as the account is in his name. When they show up, the Fourth and the guys from the dojo proceed to beat the crap out of them. Meo shows up, and Kusakabe breaks free after seeing her. Distracted by the touching scene, Narumi gets punched in the face by Tetsu (his own ally)…lol. The next day, Narumi arrives to find Meo preparing to go out with her father in Alice’s room, much to Alice’s dismay. However, the case is closed and everyone lives happily ever after (I guess…). So yeah…pretty cool stuff. Alice is proving to be almost as tsundere as Dalian. It’s actually pretty cute…not gonna lie. If they keep playing this detective style right, this is gonna turn out to be a pretty cool anime.