Kamisama no Memochou Episode 7

Will do Dantalian no Shoka when HD comes out, which should be some time later today or tomorrow. Also, I’m waiting on a certain sub group with Ro-Kyu-Bu. So, let’s just do some detective work. This week’s episode starts right where the last episode left off, with Narumi meeting Renji to talk. Renji tells Narumi that he will kill him if he sees him again, but Narumi tries to convince Renji to tell him the story between the Fourth and him. Renji starts to tell him, revealing that the Fourth and him lived together with a girl named Hison before. The two men had an agreement that neither would make a move on Hison and that both would protect her from other men. Renji tells Narumi that the Fourth used Hison as a shield in a fight against the Gotouda Group, causing her death. Renji vows revenge and tells Narumi to stay out of it. Narumi later talks with Yoshiki, who tells him a bit about the Fourth. Narumi realizes how much the Fourth cared about Renji and calls him to beg him to ask Alice for help. The Fourth later comes by the ramen shop to finally ask Alice to help him out, and he finds out that the other NEETs were already on it. Narumi confronts the Fourth about Hison, but the Fourth refuses to tell him more. He later asks Alice, who warns him that investigating may cause him to lose a friend, but he chooses to do so anyway. Narumi later finds out from Hiroaki that on the day of Hison’s death, the Fourth was seen with a bleeding shoulder as well. More importantly, there were reports of another woman’s voice coming from the apartment. He rushes over to the Fourth to find that the butterfly tattoo on his shoulder actually covers that scar, so he concludes that the men were actually after Hison, not the Fourth. The Fourth refuses to tell him anything, so he goes to talk with Alice again, who tells him that the Gotouda Group’s leader divorced his wife right after Hison’s death, which leads her to conclude that the culprit is the ex-wife. She also concludes that Hison was pregnant, due to the fact that she was stabbed in the abdomen. Alice tells Narumi that he needs to hurry and tell Renji the truth about the incident, but Narumi gets a call as he leaves that the Fourth has been attacked.

Well, it looks like everything will be wrapped up in the next episode. So many cliffhangers…But I’m still enjoying this show anyway.

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