Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 4: Some friendly competition

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This episode was pretty entertaining, but it felt like it was mostly downtime (and setup). I’m starting to think I like Glenn more when he’s not fighting for real…you know, when he’s actually acting like a teacher. I don’t think I have many more specific things to say about the episode as a whole. Next week, I guess we save the queen?

This seems very suspiciously like something the grand commander of the imperial guard would know, meaning it’s likely put here just so the audience knows that the woman we saw earlier is Rumia’s mother. Even if Rumia wasn’t at the center of incident, Zelos seems to know that Rumia is there, so it’s not insane for the queen to be worried after hearing of an attack at the school.

This actually reminds me a lot of my own school teachers. “If none of you want to volunteer, I’ll just decide it myself.”

I always appreciate it when someone shows their work. Seriously, Glenn’s explanations are probably my favorite part of this series because it makes it feel more like thought is put into things.

Haha I really wasn’t expecting Glenn to have this ulterior motive, but I admit it’s funny and fits with his character.

I take back everything I’ve ever said about teachers. Having to deal with your students’ expectations is true suffering. I can’t even tell whether I want Glenn to win or lose.

Training montage!

Sistine has some nice parents…

Wait, she just randomly offers the queen a new pendant to wear? That’s insanely suspicious. I guess they do try to play it off in the next scene by giving the pendant the second purpose of throwing some tension between Rumia and her mother, but I’m not gonna let that slide. Why the heck does the queen even agree to it? I’m almost inclined to agree with Rumia that she doesn’t treasure the pendant with her own daughter’s picture.

Wait…aren’t you competing with Class 1? It looks like you’re losing.

Uh…bro? Keep it together.

I’m gonna be honest…I wasn’t a fan of this misdirection. Glenn just got through making a big deal about how Rumia has surprising mental strength and yet he and Sistine have to personally go down just to comfort her with her loss? Nope, this is done purely to make the Jaill reveal more shocking and it really bugs me.

Haha yup, I still really like these.

Suka Suka Episode 3: Colorful past

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I’m having the hardest time figuring out why I enjoy watching this series. I think I just consistently agree with how the episode progresses, rather than making my usual complaints. But anyway, this episode was a nice introduction to Willem’s past as well as setting up Ctholly for her battle. That being said, my main conflict in this series is balancing what I’ve heard about how tragic this series is with how early it is to actually implement the tragedy. The preview for next week’s episode has Willem looking really crestfallen, which would indicate that the death flags in this episode might have some weight. But it’s so early…what am I supposed to think?

What is Willem trying to learn? How likely the girls are to die in battle? Because he’s being pretty nonchalant about it if that’s case.

Instant regret.

I guess it’s about time this guy showed off. Although, I kinda get the sense that he’s just saying he doesn’t need to fully activate the sword to use it.

I was curious why Ctholly was so resistant to Willem’s attempts to save her. Other leprechauns have died doing what Ctholly does, so it makes sense that she would be unwilling to accept so easily that they didn’t have to die.

I’m curious what this mock fight accomplishes, though. At the end, it seems mostly like Willem was just trying to gauge Ctholly’s proficiency, but he ends the fight by saying he’s confident that she’s strong enough to complete her mission without self-destructing. Is it just because he told her the theory behind the sword she’s wielding? She didn’t seem to be listening when he mentioned it.

Hmm…I don’t mind this use of the flashback. Willem doesn’t jump straight into telling us what we just saw, but suggests that there’s a link. We quickly establish Willem’s physical state while somewhat building on his past…multi-tasking?

Wait, she’s the one who found Willem? That certainly explains her obsession with him. And this explanation of Willem’s past actually makes sense given that the kids presumably overheard the two talking about his “battle scars” and asked about Willem’s injury.

It’s the little things. This is the same girl who was lagging behind in the earlier scene.

This is new.

Eh, I would agree with this. Both are cases of deciding on something and sticking with it. The terms only really differ on how you feel about the decision you made, whether your settling or affirming. Either way, I was totally expecting this guy to be evil…seems fine so far.

Based on this conversation, it really seems like this kind of “maintenance” is new to Ctholly, but she still seems pretty calm about it. Still, it’s an interesting explanation of how the swords work, with the combination of multiple talismans having drastically different properties than each individual. It’s not unheard of, given what we’ve seen in nature.

Is this the natural progression after someone has asked you to kiss them? I’m surprised that Willem is the one saying this.

She just had to make a promise with Willem about what they would do after the big battle, did she?

Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho Episode 3: Something about clothes

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Okay, I think I’ve been approaching this series incorrectly. In the first episode, I didn’t want to say that I got the feeling that this series was a lot like Spice and Wolf because I wasn’t sure yet, but I think the combination of the first three episodes has convinced me enough. It’s a similar concept where there’s a clear goal in mind for the two main characters and they travel together to reach it, but each episode doesn’t really give you much of a sense that they’re making progress. Instead, the series focuses more on what’s going on in the places they visit, except in this case it’s more socially-focused rather than economically-focused. I don’t think it’s necessarily bad, but it’s different than what I expected. In fact, it’s arguably a good sign if I’m getting the same sense.

Uh huh, sure. So is this episode Mercenary-focused or are these introductions just random?

An entire introduction about the beastfallen and no mention that there are types. Or is this guy asking about the species of animal? If so, he’s too blind to be doing his job.

I’m actually going to side with Zero on this one. Claiming that the witches are Mercenary’s slaves saves them on the admission cost, so it’s a practical idea. It’s kinda messed up that Mercernary hits her for it later.

Aww…Mercenary’s such a good guy. In case you haven’t already figured it out. I’m not sure this was needed.


I was completely expecting there to be some hidden value in the old outfit or something. This guy’s thirst was a bit too suspicious…but it turns out he was just being horny. Go figure.

Surprisingly, Zero answers “yes” to this. I’m assuming it’s meant to highlight her intense naivety because the alternative is that this is put here just to tell the audience about this beastfallen attribute. And they wouldn’t do that, right? Of course, this conversation is immediately followed by a scene showing a beastfallen that looked a lot like he was going to eat a human, so who knows?

Sorry, I have to nitpick here. While this is a funny gag and all, it’s clearly here just to be a gag. It’s barely dark in the scene before this and the next scene is the group going down to eat dinner. If they had forced Albus to eat while tied up, then it might have had some continuity, but as it stands, it makes no sense to tie him up at this time.

This is new.

While I don’t doubt that someone who hates witches as much as Mercenary does would know how to identify a witch, I’m curious how that works. What are the identifiers of a witch? I kinda doubt we’ll get any explanation, but I’m still curious.

I honestly expected more from this fight given how much they hyped it up. When you break it down, Mercenary mostly stood still while the other guy was quipping.

Okay, I’m guessing that this face just means that Zero will sleep on Mercenary again, but holy crap that face looks really dangerous.

Bit of an overreaction, don’t you think?

Seikaisuru Kado Episode 3: All the power

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This series continues to be intriguing, but I question where it’s going. I really did like the conversations about information transmission because it made it clear how important this discussion was. However, I’m not sure I’m totally on board with Yaha-kui’s decision to just grant Japan magic energy-producing balls from the start. As hinted in the preview, that’s something that would cause massive political problems when you get into conversations of how they should be distributed and whether they’re even safe. Plus, unlimited power drawn from a higher dimension. Where have I seen this premise before? I vaguely recall a W or something…

I’m also not sure I like the excessive jargon that Yaha-kui uses when Japanese words aren’t appropriate. Maybe that’s just something I’ll have to learn to tolerate, though. But seriously, what’s the next step? Is Yaha-kui just going to keep producing new thing after new thing for humanity to enjoy?

This is an interesting idea. It’s true that information is inherently difficult to transfer in communication, but 90% seems pretty good. Yaha-kui also seems to indicate that directly speaking to the brain rather than using sound reduces the information lost. Assuming he’s using language, it feels like it’s hard for that to be the case, but it’s also possible that we focus on different parts of a sentence based on how we hear them.

A rather indirect method of saying that Yaha-kui’s first encounter with Shindo was an attempt to directly send information to his brain. I rather enjoy it when aliens take shots at how weak the human brain really is.

Pfft…good luck with that. Also, is Shindo being fed this information telepathically without anyone else hearing or does he just understand what Yaha-kui wants?

That’s kinda convenient.

Wait, is this supposed to be casting doubt on Shindo’s motives? Wonder where this will go. It could just be a casual nod at Shindo’s skills.

Urgh…I hate it when they do this convenient drowning out of an important line thing.

I think this just makes things more confusing. Is what he’s calling “the universe” the same as what we call the universe? Or is he saying that the planet Earth is what he will refer to as “the universe”? I’m going to assume the first one because otherwise his next statement is nonsensical.

Yeah, higher dimension conversations are probably more easily transmitted visually…

Still, the way this is presented seems a bit odd (more physics-minded people can correct me if I’m mistaken). The arm is shown shrinking out of view when it leaves 3D space and growing into view when it returns to 3D space. I’m assuming this is meant to show that the arm progresses into the extra dimension rather than immediately jumping into it? But why does that visually manifest in the arm shrinking? Wouldn’t it be more reasonable to see something more like the plane when the cube landed on it?

Alright, this conversation went over my head. It sounds like Unocle is supposed to be equivalent to being a position of excess resources. This is in response to the question “why did you come to Japan”, so it sounds like he’s saying that Japan is particularly prosperous right now and therefore he chose to talk with them. Is that even true? Or maybe he’s saying that Japan is the most likely country to “share the bread”, which I highly doubt is true.

Power! Unlimited Power! So that’s his proposition? Seems pretty tantalizing.

Haha that’s a pretty direct way to prove the powering capabilities of the Wam.


Re:Creators Episode 3: Creation is tricky

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Overall, this was a pretty interesting episode. I think the series has a lot more to offer when it talks more about the mechanics of everything. I still think some of the dialogue is a bit out-of-place, but I enjoyed watching the investigation process of what the creator can actually do. Also, I like how the series weaves in the references to the complexity of the real world as compared to a “created” world, like the coffee scene this week, but I would like to see more non-food references.

The big question from here is what is Souta doing? It feels strange that a character with so little contribution and presence in the series is being left alone, with Selesia and Meteora moving out. I guess they’re going to find some new and crazy way to drag him back next week?

Oh look, another new character. The sound effect that horse makes when she pulls the reins sounds a lot like an engine revving up.

Wait, I feel like we skipped a step. When did they figure out that their character descriptions determined what power they had? Did the new guy tell them?

This may be translation error, but I’m not sure I understand this particular part of the conversation. So because he didn’t create the cage of his world, he sees no reason to try and change it? Creator knows best?

Yeah, why not do this? They bring this up in conversation, talk around it for a while, and then go straight into experimentation. You’d expect them to try something at the moment…like trying to have the creator describe a change or something.

Does it really?

I’m guessing this was mostly just a gag, but given that the writer probably doesn’t care and the illustrator clearly has no idea about the stitching, what causes that detail to exist? I’m sure it’s some “the world has a mind of its own” situation, but it feels weird that the illustrator would be surprised by this.

There’s a “the LN is better than the anime” joke in here somewhere…I’m struggling to find it. It’s funny that this is how it works, though.

It brings up an unasked question too. This girl here is the light novel’s illustrator, right? If Selesia comes from the anime, how much power does she have to update Selesia’s character description?

I was going to say that I feel like it’s too early in the series for Selesia to have a line like this, but she’s technically the character from a completed anime, so it makes sense that she recently heard that line.

Wait, what? Since when? Maybe this line should have been “you’re the god of your own world”. That would have made more sense given the conversation.

Okay, that was pretty funny. Man, I never expected a Sawano song to get cut off like that.

There’s a message about readers and writers working together to create a good story in here somewhere. Seems a little heavy-handed.

Hmm, so she was recognizing Souta in particular. It would be too easy if he was her creator, right? It has to be more than that. Also, is she talking to a ghost?

Attack on Titan Episode 29: Another one appears

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Nice buildup in this week’s episode. I guess this is where it begins. I kind of regret having read the manga at this point, because it’s harder to react normally. For example, this episode is a pretty big one for Reiner where he ends up doing a lot, physically and mentally, for the show. But given how he ends up, I’m not as enthused. I guess it still doesn’t change the fact that he really gets to show off here. Anyway, the big reveal for the episode is Ymir, that she’s another Titan that’s been hiding in the group all this time like Annie. I get that she started getting some focus in the second season and she really tipped her hand in this episode, but it still felt overall random. I’m curious how people who are seeing this for the first time reacted. How did people feel?

This is apparently important. I wonder if the writing on that bottle he couldn’t read is what I think it is.

Ahh…still got that hope, huh?

You’re not suspicious at all, Ymir. Little bit much, don’t you think?

Aww man, I was going to ask that. Anyway, busted.


I know there are grooves in the staircase and all, but I still find it hard to believe the cannon stays on course like this.

Haha wasn’t expecting that in a show like this.

It’s always so weird to orient myself into the world of this series. Something like throwing rocks seems so simple, but it’s a deadly force in the hands of a Titan. And more importantly, it’s something these people have never seen a Titan do, which makes it much more impactful. I feel like I have to constantly remind myself.

Darn it, Christa. This is your fault!

Yeah, she’s being kinda whiny. I’m with you, Ymir.

Did the Titan transformations always show this much? Not that I mind it.

Sakurada Reset Episode 3: The cat is both dead and alive

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Eh, I thought this episode was okay. In fact, I’m wondering how much better my opinion of the series would have been if the first two episodes hadn’t happened. Compared to the last two episodes, this episode felt less like it was being bogged down by the dialogue. Sure, there are still a lot of questions to be answered, but I don’t think I have as many complaints.

Misora’s role in conversation is something confuses me as well. I mean, I was generally bothered by Kei’s responses to Sumire’s weird questions in the previous episodes, she served the purpose of forcing Kei to explain himself much of the time. Misora on the other hand seems like pure fluff in conversations…as if she’s put there just as a distraction.

You mean like a prism? Or I guess the internet if you really want to see the bow.

What? Is this supposed to be a play on the overused request of rescuing a cat stuck in a tree? Excellent use of time travel superpowers.

So you’re telling me that the girl was able to get rushed special permission to save a cat? Is this supposed to be telling me that the girl is impossibly important or that there’s some funny business going on in the organization?

A cat expert? I’m guessing the idea is they’re going to try and find the lost cat before it’s supposed to die, but I’m not sure why they have to do that if they know the accident location. Although now that I’m saying it, Misora’s reset power gives them only one shot at saving the cat, so that’s probably to give them as large a window as possible to complete the request. Eh…I’m fine with that.

As for the random comment at the end of the call, my understanding of a MacGuffin device is that it’s an object or “thing” that exists in a story only to advance the plot, often some mystical object that the heroes must protect from evil or something. So…that means the cat is a distraction?

Alright, this is my shot in the dark with the information I have so far. Given that Nono is unfamiliar with the cat that Kei describes and she’s supposed to be an expert, I’m going to assume that the cat doesn’t exist or at the very least is supposed to be some form of misinformation. It explains the MacGuffin reference and would give a reason why the requester was eavesdropping on the conversation with Nono.


You were just saying earlier that the approval for this request was suspiciously quick, so it’s weird that this isn’t more important.

Something about how indirect this conversation is bothers me…

Nono asks Kei to tell her something to make her sleepy and he forces her to answer questions? That seems…counter-productive.

This explains a lot, Kei.

That’s a new one. It seems she was able to specify a body part and reduce gravity’s influence on it. But what all can she specify in the second bucket?

Ghost girl!

Little Witch Academia Episode 15: Quest received

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As I’ve said before, I find this series more interesting when there’s a story behind the episode. The fight in this episode was also pretty cool even if it did look a little strange (might have just been me). Anyway, it seems like we finally know what we’re trying to accomplish…Grand Triskelion is intended to initiate a resurgence for magic. However, I’m hoping there’s something deeper going on there…that it isn’t as simple as breaking the seal.

So magic is like the internet now? I guess they did have witch Skype and witch Wikipedia in previous episodes. That being said, the leyline routers only allow access to magic more freely without the Sorcerer’s Stone, so it wouldn’t change the fact that Akko can’t ride a broom.

Please tell me Diana figures it out. Someone has to figure it out…

Okay, buddy. If you’re gonna spout lines like this, I’m gonna need you to explain how magic and science are different as they are now. If magic’s main difference is that it can break the rules of the physical world, then that hasn’t changed.

These parallels between Shiny Chariot/Croix and Akko/Diana are legitimately painful to watch. I get it already…

Even though I know where this is going, I’m actually fine with it. We might actually get to learn something interesting…

Yup, I’m with you so far.

Oh hey, an actual magic fight for once. This is actually pretty cool.

Oh right, the world reconstruction magic. I vaguely remember Diana reading about that earlier. Is it really just going to be a plot device? I thought they’d actually use it to stop the decline of magic, but this makes it seem like it’s just the thing Croix wants.

Ah, fansubs. Never change.


So, it sounds like Grand Triskelion is meant to be used to revive the Great Kharlan Tree…err Yggdrasil. Seems straightforward enough, but it begs the question of why the magic was sealed up in the first place. I’m hoping it’s because of something more interesting than “no one should be able to control that magic simply”. I mean…I’m okay if that’s the reason, but there should be more reasoning behind it than “because we say so”.


Aww…why not just tell her, Ursula?

Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 3: Mana problems

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I have mixed feelings about this episode. I still think the world of this series is really interesting and I like the approach to magic. But taking a step back, the final fight in this episode involved the big bad standing and watching while Glenn defused his bomb. Also, Glenn wins most of the fights in the episode by taking magical energy from the two main girls in the episode. It makes me worry whether this is going to be a recurring thing. Is Glenn the guy who knows what needs to be done and just siphons energy from others to do it all?

That being said, I really liked the interactions between Glenn and Sistine. I thought they fought well together and injected a nice dose of lightheartedness into their fights as well.

That’s one way to start it…

I know it fits his character, but it’s at least a little bit reassuring that Glenn is flustered enough to make this mistake. He’s clearly trained, but he’s not some unflappable badass.

Haha this scene’s pretty funny.

I think this is the part of this show that bothers me the most. It’s really frustrating how accurately these mages seem to be able to estimate their own power and the power of opposing spells, especially given that we as the audience have no idea how they do it. Also, what exactly does mana deficiency mean in this world? Because Glenn continues to use spells after casting his big Extinction Ray.

Are they fighting or having a conversation? Anyway, for how strong this guy seems to think he is, he’s pretty much treated like another nameless henchman.

I honestly think this tells Glenn’s backstory enough, wanting to be a hero and discovering that he was just a killer. It explains why he’s critical of using magic for fighting and why he knows so much. I think I’d be happy if they just left it at that.

Nice entrance. Seriously.

Uhh…isn’t he planning on blowing up the school? All of the students are stuck in a barrier right now, meaning that they will definitely die if Glenn runs away by himself.

Of course it was…

What the heck? Yeah, it’s amazing what you can do in anime on sheer force of will…I’m sure we’ll get no explanation for this one. Because she’s royalty? That’s what I’ll tell myself.

Haha these are great.

Suka Suka Episode 2: This time with less title

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Well, this series sure shifted its tone quickly. It’s continuing to be an interesting story so far. I quite liked that the tone shift felt pretty natural. You really got the sense that the accident with the girl running after the ball happens often and wasn’t forced. It’s just a shock for Willem and the audience who don’t know the context and it naturally leads to finding out that the girls are suicidal murder bots. But yeah…this isn’t going to end well, is it? Who’s ready?

Oh…that’s a lot of girls. Is it bad that my first thought was “expendable”?

Haha this was funnier than it should have been.

This is going to be a recurring joke, isn’t it? Sigh…can I survive?

Ahh, the classic…bribing little kids with sweets. Now all you need is the white van and their accusations of lolicon will be completely validated.

Wait…huh? Wha? What’s going on?

This could have very easily been used to keep the audience in the dark a bit longer and I almost thought it might, so I’m glad Willem decides to learn the truth. Although, the synopsis would have been very confusing if he hadn’t.

Wait, is this just saying that the people in charge don’t care what happens to the girls or is it saying that they’re actually designed to die in battle?

This is almost too casual. There’s something intriguing about how serious but not serious this scene is.

Is this for real? It’s so early that I can’t tell. At this point, I’m already guessing that there’s no hope for her, but five days seems a bit soon.

Uhh…what is happening here? Do we need to get the police?

Is that the girl from the beginning of the first episode?