Kamisama Dolls Final Episode

As last week’s episode ended, Kukuri reactivates in reaction to Kyohei getting whacked. My posts may not be so daily this week because it’s sort of a transition period, but it should be fine once the fall season really gets going. Anyways, Magatsuhi rises up to face Kukuri, but Kukuri beats the crap out of it. Everyone else notices that something is wrong and try to get away before things go south. Meanwhile, Kukuri utterly defeats Magatsuhi, destroying it. However, first the arm with Kyohei and Hibino is severed, so they make it out okay. Kyohei is taken to the hospital, but doesn’t immediately wake up. Mahiru and Kirio are both missing, Kirio having run off to be alone in his thoughts and Mahiru also alone questioning why Kyohei stopped being a Seki. Kyohei remembers back to the day when his sensei died. Kyohei goes crazy and attacks Aki, even attacking the others around to stop their interference, only stopping when Utao yells at him to stop. Kyohei wakes up from his nightmares to embrace Hibino, who is standing over him, yelling that she is his. He tries to tell her that he will leave for her safety, but she stops him and the two kiss. They return to the hospital room, where Utao tells them that Kukuri won’t move. Later that night, Aki shows up to talk to Kyohei, telling him that the Hyuga elder has the four-legged Kakashi, which has regenerated. The two share a fond memory of their past, laughing afterwards at how they used to be. Aki then disappears and the credits roll. After the credits, Kyohei goes to talk with Utao, who wonders if Kukuri remembers its owners. Kyohei resolves not to run anymore and we see a scene with Kukuri and Kyohei standing in front of the four-legged Kakashi (who I’m presuming is Amaterasu). What the heck? This isn’t an ending…I feel cheated. Surely there’s a second season. It was a fun series to watch and I enjoyed it, but to end it like this? Sigh…now I have to sit and wait for another season. They’ve still got way too much explaining to do.

Kamisama Dolls Episode 12

Thanks to the wonderful people at AT&T, I’m having internet problems again. However, I was still able to get a hold of the latest episode of Kamisama Dolls. If you remember from last week, a man that the gang saw on the way to the village came to watch over Hibino, who had been kidnapped. As the episode ended, he started to move in on her, and that is how this episode starts. Hibino manages to kick him, but he busts out a taser on her to stop her from struggling. Meanwhile, Kuuko has infiltrated the apartment complex, freeing Aki (who didn’t actually need help). Kuuko also manages to reach Hibino’s room before she is raped, knocking out the assailant. They try to make their escape, but Takeshi shows up with a gun and Kuuko locks Hibino out on the roof, leaving her alone with Takeshi and the gun. As Hibino is about to rush away to get an ambulance after hearing a gunshot, she is stopped by Mahiru, who is deeply depressed from being rejected by Kyohei. Meanwhile, it is revealed that Kuuko isn’t dead, but instead Takeshi was shot. Mahiru is angered by Hibino, who clearly understands Kyohei better, and hurls her off the building. However, Kukuri arrives just in time for Kyohei to catch her. With everyone safe, Mahiru starts a fight with Utao. Mahiru seems to have the upper hand, but Utao catches her off guard when she tries to set up a barrier and Kukuri is able to stab Magatsuhi cleanly. Mahiru loses control of Magatsuhi as it grabs Hibino, but she is able to overcome it. However, she is unable to regain control, and Magatsuhi grants her last request, which was for Hibino to stay out. However, Utao stops Magatsuhi from getting away, but Magatsuhi starts to fire with attacks that Mahiru never knew about. Kyohei tries to jump on and save Hibino, but Magatsuhi attacks him, which triggers not only Utao, but also Kirio to attack. However, Magatsuhi grabs Kukuri and uses it as a shield and Takemikazuchi stabs Kukuri. Kyohei flashes back to when he left home, and becomes enraged that the village may take Hibino away from him as well. However, before he is able to do anything, Magatsuhi hits him on the back of the head and he starts to lose consciousness. The episode ends with Kukuri reactivating with a different song. Who is controlling Kukuri now? Could it be Kyohei? It would make sense because the last episode is called “Kuga Kyohei, the Seki.” Man, the last episode is gonna be pretty awesome.

Kamisama Dolls Episode 11

This week’s episode starts off by showing us what we were told about last week, Kyohei opening Kukuri’s left hand and shooting the mystery kakashi. After reminiscing a bit, Mahiru tells Aki that she will topple the village rules so that she can be with Kyohei, but Aki tells her about Hibino. Meanwhile, Kyohei’s group and Koshiro are wondering why Mahiru is in the city. The next day, Moyako and Hibino go out shopping. However, when Moyako goes off to the bathroom, Hibino is kidnapped by Mahiru. Mahiru questions Hibino a bit before leaving to go talk with Kyohei. However, she crushes the box of cookies that Utao made for Kirio, which angers Utao into attacking her. Mahiru shrugs off the attack easily, though, and asks Kyohei to return to the village with her. Kyohei refuses, and Mahiru leaves in anger before anyone can stop her. Kyohei sets off with Utao to find out where Mahiru has gone, and gets a call from Kuuko with Hibino’s location. The episode ends with them setting off on Kukuri with Moyako and a man from an earlier episode starting to move in on Hibino (I assume he’s trying to rape her). This episode was kind of iffy…not sure if I liked it as much as the others in this series (maybe because there was no big reveal). However, still a couple more until the end, so I’m looking forward to them.

Kamisama Dolls Episode 10

If you recall, the last episode ended with a Seki named Mahiru showing up and grabbing Kyohei’s arm. We step aside from the action for a second to Kuuko and Aki, who are meeting a man named Hirashiro Takeshi, a Diet member from the village. Back to the rest of the gang, where Mahiru is all over Kyohei, prompting Koushiro to tell her to go back to the village. Mahiru gets angry and lashes out with her Kakashi, Magatsuhi, but Koushiro defends Hibino and starts to battle with her. However, Koushiro’s Kakashi is captured (and he was trying to be so cool too). Moyako tries to stop the fight by threatening to stop maintaining Magatsuhi, and while Mahiru is distracted, Kirio and Utao tag team it up to take out Magatsuhi’s barrier and free Uwazutsu (Koushiro’s Kakashi). Taking another step away from the action, Hirashiro explains to Aki that he is trying to bring the Kakashi out into the light to benefit people outside of the village. However, the elders would never approve of that, so he needs to get rid of them, and for that, he freed Aki. He asks Aki to join him (and together they’ll rule the galaxy), but at that moment, Mahiru bursts into the office, spewing her hate for everyone. Aki starts to fight her, but Magatsuhi is able to get the barrier up right as Aki just misses her with his attack. However, Mahiru doesn’t kill Aki because she doesn’t want to upset Kyohei.

Koushiro meets with Kyohei to ask him about his connection with Mahiru, and Kyohei starts to tell the story of eight years ago, when he and Aki met Mahiru. They find a cave and go in to explore it (just like children would). There, they find a strange Kakashi covered in moss. The Kakashi activates and captures Aki, but Kyohei cuts him loose with Kukuri. The three Seki team up to try to fight it, but are unable to do any real damage. Aki manages to get a hit in, but it’s not deep enough and Kuramitsuha takes a beating. However, Kyohei is able to get a clean hit in while it’s charging its laser. Aki realizes that the Kakashi can consume minds, which is why it could move without a Seki. The Kakashi is still moving, though, and it blasts all of them. Kyohei tries to drag the other two away, but the Kakashi continues to attack. Kyohei tells Koushiro that this is all he can remember and that he woke up to see the Kakashi destroyed. He tells Koushiro that his mind has been broken since that day. However, Mahiru, who is reminiscing about this incident at the same time with Aki, reveals that Kyohei opened Kukuri’s left hand that day and saved the two of them. So much stuff happened this episode…it needs to sink in…It’s really starting to look like Kyohei’s gonna get a Kakashi at this rate. He’s just so important. Finally, we see the details of the opening scene of this whooole anime. I wonder if that Kakashi is actually destroyed, because I was thinking it was Amaterasu, but I guess it can’t be if it’s destroyed. Also, anyone else think Mahiru is a little bit on the insane side?

Kamisama Dolls Episode 9

Alright, I’ll do Ikoku Meiro no Croisee tomorrow, so let’s finish up for the day. This week’s episode starts with the detective (father of Kuuko) coming into the restaurant. He starts to ask Utao some questions and Utao answers nervously, which causes him to suspect her. Meanwhile, Aki is still staying with Kuuko, who is hacking her father’s computer to find more information. Moyako makes a surprise appearance at the restaurant and checks up on Kukuri. She notices that Utao used Kukuri’s left hand (it’s how she shot up Takemikazuchi) and reveals that Kyohei was the first in centuries to be able to open Kukuri’s left hand. When Kyohei and Hibino return, Moyako tells them that she came back because Koushiro asked her to bring back Takemikazuchi in a rush. She refused to return it until it was perfectly repaired, so Koushiro paid for her to finish the work in Tokyo. Kuuko continues to try to get information out of Aki, but he refuses to say anything. However, her father shows up to check on her. He searches around and finds nothing, but Aki escapes through the window. Kyohei calls Koushiro and asks about how Kirio is doing, but Koushiro tells him not to worry. Kyohei tries to ask him about his business in Tokyo, but Koushiro won’t talk. Kyohei organizes a time for Kirio and Utao to meet and Kyohei and Koushiro make Kirio promise not to fight with Utao anymore. However, at that moment, a girl Seki appears, who Koushiro recognizes as a girl named Mahiru, and hugs Kyohei as the episode ends. Everyone’s interested in Kyohei. Well, I guess we’ll see where this goes.

Kamisama Dolls Episode 8

Finally finished that background…hope it was worth the effort. Anyways, we start off this week’s episode with the gang finally leaving the village. On their way out, Utao notices Kirio and jumps on Kukuri to go meet him. She tries to smile at him in the way she was advised in the earlier episode, but he responds by sticking his tongue out at her before she can do it. Upon returning to the city, Kyohei suggests that they all go to the beach, which excite Utao. However, her expectations are shattered when they reach the beach only to find a typhoon. They find that their rooms are leaking water, so they come down to ask the owner of the inn about it while Utao bathes (she gets soaked investigating the leak). However, as they are asking about it, a giant crash of lightning strikes and part of the inn falls down on the owner. Hibino rushes off to get Utao, who brings Kukuri to lift the wreckage off of the owner. The power goes out, so Kukuri goes out to the shed to look for a generator. However, Utao can’t see in the dark, so Kyohei goes out to check. A sheet flies over Kukuri, and Utao accidentally knocks Kyohei out. Hibino goes out to check on him and they bring the generator back. On the way, a sign flies towards Hibino, but Utao is able to save her with Kukuri. The next day, the storm clears, and Utao is finally allowed to go to the beach. Back in the city, Hibino goes to the city’s library to return some books for her father. Utao, never having been to a legit library, gets curious and jumps at the chance to see it when she finds out that Hibino’s father had forgotten to give her a book. While he’s alone, Kyohei starts to think back about his quitting being a Seki, revealing that the true reason was that he feared he was like Aki and that he would do something similar if he snapped. At the library, Hibino runs into Aki, who notices that Kyohei has told her about Chihaya. Hibino asks Aki why he keeps going after Kyohei, to which Aki answers that he can see the darkness within Kyohei that no one else can. He muses about pulling out this darkness by harming Hibino, but Utao shows up to parry his attack. Hibino stops them from fighting inside the library, and the two resume their scuffle outside. Aki questions the purpose of the Kakashi, saying that they can only destroy and kill because they have human hearts before leaving the battle before it can be decided. Back at the house, Utao begs Kyohei to tell him that what Aki says isn’t true, and Kyohei hesitates before doing so.

Kyohei…join me and together we shall rule the world! Yeah…so what’s up with Kyohei being some sort of Chosen One? It’s starting to really look like he’s gonna get his own Kakashi soon, which I wanna see.

Kamisama Dolls Episode 7

This week’s episode starts out where last week’s left off, with the Sensei arriving at the village. She sees Aki being ganged up on by 4 guys, one of whom is a Seki named Atsushi. He attacks Aki with Kuramitsuha (which used to be and is currently Aki’s), but the attack is blocked by Kukuri, who is controlled by Kyouhei at this time. Kyouhei introduces the woman as Senou Chihaya, and she begins to lecture Aki, who just ignores her. She ends up taking over for a sick teacher at the local school, but she has no prior exposure to Kakashi (sorry for the term change…this is the Doll) or Seki. Kyouhei later sees Aki, who has been forced to care for a dog by Chihaya, and Aki finds himself strangely unable to disobey her. The Seki from earlier returns to try to ask Chihaya out, but she adamantly refuses and asks him to leave. She is later scolded for raising her hand to a son of the Kuga, which angers Kyouhei. Kyouhei vows to protect her, but she refuses his help. She later runs into Aki, who compares himself to her a bit, in that they both rejected in the village. The next day, someone writes on the chalkboard that Chihaya committed adultery, which causes her to run away from the school, but returns after running into Aki again. Kyouhei chases after her, and ends up talking with Aki about her. Chihaya’s reputation continues to deteriorate and she is once again approached by Atsushi, but Aki appears to protect her. She reveals to Aki that the writing on the chalkboard was true, and that she had indirectly caused the father’s son to get hit by a car. Chihaya tells Aki that he reminds her of that boy and proceeds to kiss him (who didn’t see that coming?). They then make love (O.O ok…that, I didn’t see coming). She asks Aki to leave the village with her, but he refuses, saying that he has to regain Kuramitsuha (I wonder if he succeeds at that). The next day, Chihaya finds out that someone took pictures of her with Aki and they had been given to the principal, who fires her. That night, Chihaya hears Nono (the dog that Aki had been taking care of), but hears it whimper and she rushes out to check on it. She is greeted by Atsushi and Kuramitsuha, who kidnap her. Aki finds the dog dead and a note saying that Atsushi has Chihaya. Aki rushes to save her, but Atsushi is waiting. He attacks Aki with Kuramitsuha, but Chihaya covers him and is fatally wounded. Atsushi gears up to attack Aki again, but Aki somehow stops Kuramitsuha’s attack. As others rush in to see the cause of the commotion, Aki goes crazy and starts killing them all with Kuramitsuha. Kyouhei arrives to find everyone dead and Aki standing there alone, covered in blood. Back in the present, Kyouhei reveals that he eventually found out that Aki didn’t kill Chihaya and that the event caused him to stop being a Seki.

Wow…I really liked this episode. First off, I knew that Aki probably wasn’t all that bad, but I never expected this. I definitely like that Aki is the perceptive one and it was cool seeing the scenes with him acting like a fairly normal boy. It’s hard not to feel sympathy for him after this episode and also for Moyako, who I’m assuming is the girl who is always watching Aki in the flashbacks. I’ve still yet to see what was so dark about Kyouhei that caused him to rage so hard in the earlier episode, but maybe I’m just misunderstanding. Also, I don’t really see the resemblance between Chihaya and Shiba…Chihaya looks more like a grown-up Utao. Seeing Kyouhei correctly use Kukuri was kind of cool and makes me wonder if he’s going to become a Seki again. I can see why he quit being a Seki, though. Kid’s got no balls…didn’t do a single thing. Anyways, looking forward to more.

Kamisama Dolls Episode 6

After a warm greeting at home (for Utao, at least), Kyouhei is surprised to find out that neither of his parents know a thing about the mystery Utao twin. The gang goes to see Kukuri’s creator, the head of the Utsuwashi. Joined with him are the two sisters, Moyako and Yurako Somaki, the latter of which attacks Utao (with hugs!!). While they work on Kukuri, they notice that Takemikazuchi is also there. Turns out the Utsuwashi are a neutral group that just services the Kakashi. Moyako also tells Shiba about the special resin they use to make the wood of the Kakashi receptive to human thoughts. Moyako also takes Shiba to see the trees that they use for the Kakashi, but Kyouhei refuses to go. Moyako explains that the trees can allow people who know the trick to read the thoughts of others while they’re around them. Shiba becomes embarrassed as she realizes that it’s the reason Kyouhei refused to come with her, but then has a vision of a scene with what looks like a view of a younger Aki from behind. This vision makes her sad for some reason and starts to cry. Later, Utao and Kyouhei’s grandfather tells Utao about Kirio, their brother who was taken by the Hyuga clan at birth. In the meantime, Kirio has started to live with Koushiro (who apparently has a loving wife). A couple of days later, Kukuri is repaired and Utao does some test flying with it. Later, Shiba and Kyouhei are caught outside in the rain, so they rush to cover. Shiba asks Kyouhei about Aki and their sensei, and the episode ends with Kyouhei starting a flashback. Some funny scenes in this episode. I’m kind of curious whether Shiba was reading Moyako’s mind while they were out in the trees, as she did mention Aki to Kyouhei in a bit of an awkward moment. Also, I’m looking forward to finding out what the darkness in Kyouhei’s past is.

Kamisama Dolls Episode 5

At the end of the last episode (cliffhanger-mania), the Utao-replica introduces himself to Kyouhei. Utao runs up and proceeds to do battle with her look-alike. However, Kukuri is getting owned, mostly because the other Doll can shoot lightning at it. The fight becomes more public, as they take to the skies with everyone below watching. Unfortunately, Kukuri only has a knife to fight with (which makes sense if you know what a kukri is), while Takemikazuchi can fire at range. Utao tries to attack, but Takemikazuchi is able to sever Kukuri’s knife hand. This sends Utao into a rage, and she continues to attack despite Kyouhei’s warnings. Kukuri manages to slam into Takemikazuchi, but it just gets zapped again. The gang all escapes into the forest, but Utao starts to freak out when Kyouhei tells her she will destroy Kukuri at the rate she’s going. Shiba’s able to calm her down, but mystery boy shows up. He fires his final Kamehameha at Kukuri, but Kukuri absorbs it and fires it back. Kyouhei tries to interrogate the boy, but Koushiro shows up to retrieve the boy. Later that night, Kyouhei tells Shiba that he and Utao have to return to the village to have Kukuri repaired. Utao is pretty depressed, but Kyouhei teases her a bit to make her feel better. Shiba asks to go along and clumsily drives them to the village. In the meantime, mystery boy is introduced as Kirio and he is punished for his failure. It is revealed that Utao and Kirio were able to communicate with Dolls while still in the womb, and because of that, they were expected to be amazing Seki. However, they have yet to show any evidence of that. The hope is that one of them will be able to handle Amaterasu (who wants to bet that they both join forces to control it or something?). Sigh…I really wanna see Kyouhei use a Doll…oh well. So far, this series hasn’t made me want to stop watching, so I shall continue with it!

Kamisama Dolls Episode 4

More mysteries in this episode. So, we start out with an elaboration on the battle that happened at the end of the last episode. Once again, Kuuko drags Aki away from the battle while he’s unconscious. Meanwhile, Kyouhei manages to walk in on Hibino and Utao while they’re bathing, which makes Hibino mad at him. The next day, Hibino hears from Kuuko that she found a link to the Dolls (although she doesn’t say that specifically). She tells Kyouhei and they meet with Utao to rush over to Kuuko’s home. In the meantime, Kuuko is interrogating Aki, who she’s tied up. However, Aki gets annoyed and uses his Doll to break free. As Kuuko is running off, Kyouhei and the gang show up. Aki reveals that Hibino has a resemblance to his and Kyouhei’s old sensei, which angers Kyouhei. Kyouhei proceeds to beat Aki senselessly, causing Aki to say that the two of them are alike, making Kyouhei hit him more. Aki escapes, though, and Kyouhei and Utao give chase. Kyouhei starts punching a wall in anger, but Hibino arrives to stop him and comfort him. However, Utao runs into the strange boy from last episode, who reveals that he is actually her (hopefully this gets elaborated next episode). She attacks him, but he easily beats Kukuri. He then meets up with Kyouhei, calling him brother as the episode ends. I’m liking this idea of the village keeping secrets and everything, but there’s so much mystery that I still feel like I’m in the dark. But the series is just starting, so I can’t expect to know everything. Still, the mystery is doing a pretty good job at keeping me interested. Can’t wait for the next one.