Danganronpa Final Episode: Bullets of Hope Fly!


So the mastermind is defeated by the blinding light (or bullets) of Super Duper High School Hope. Honestly, I think the Hope Bullets may have been a bit much, but I guess they were trying to incorporate game elements or something (I wouldn’t know). Either way, this episode goes basically the way you might expect…until…

At the very end when Monokuma reanimates. This could mean a multitude of things. For one, the original mastermind Enoshima Junko could still be alive. Alternatively, the true mastermind may have been someone else all along. Possibly the principal, but I think he may have been the guy who died in the very first episode. More than likely it has something to do with what Kirigiri said to Junko during the trial about there being an organization or syndicate behind everything.

Danganronpa Episode 12: So they figured everything out


So we finally figure out who the culprit is and what happened to everyone. At the very beginning of the series, Naegi was actually on his way to the school. It looks like he had some good times with everyone else in the locked school which was meant to be a shelter. But I guess Enoshima got bored or really jealous of Ikusaba. Either that or she was offered the gig with the murder game show…possible that she had been planning it all along based on the way she avoided being photographed.

Either way, she decides to do all of this and kills the principal. But now she’s busted…and there’s still an episode left in the series where everyone has to take her down. Do they try to talk her out of her crazy ways or do they just kill/detain her?

Danganronpa Episode 11: Preparing for the final battle


So Kirigiri was a detective after all…makes sense given how comfortable she is with investigating. Also, it looks like Alter Ego isn’t so easy to kill…I wonder if he will continue to be of use in the future. Anyway, the final challenge has been made and now they must find out who is truly behind everything and why that person did it. This mastermind…

How will this final battle go? Naegi and Kirigiri do all the work while everyone else is dead weight as usual? I guess the murder of Ikusaba Mukuro isn’t too relevant if we know the mastermind did it…but we still have two episodes left, so I imagine next week will reveal a lot more clues. Hopefully, that points me in the right direction.

Danganronpa Episode 10: You’re on Candid Camera!


Oh Kirigiri…still keeping up with the mysterious act. So…based on the mask, is the sixteenth student the one who knocked Naegi out in the hidden room? If so, it’s possible that this person isn’t actually working for Monokuma. But who killed her? It probably wasn’t Kirigiri…she was likely discovering some big secret.

But…why do the painted nails seem like an important clue? Knowing the style of this show, I would assume that the sixteenth student had to be someone who was with the group the whole time. This would allow one of the original fifteen to be the one who murdered the sixteenth…but…who was it?

Danganronpa Episode 9: Time to fight the last boss

You lost, buddy...get over it.
You lost, buddy…get over it.

So Ogami’s death was a suicide after all. Not too surprising considering the locked room and the smile on her face…wasn’t expecting Asahina to try to kill everyone for it, though. Man, that girl’s crazy. At least everyone’s banded together to fight Monokuma, though, despite Alter Ego’s sacrifice.

So it turns out there’s another person in the school and Kirigiri has finally found him. But they’ve already found Monokuma’s agent…so is the last high schooler an ally or an enemy? My initial guess is always enemy, but we’ll just have to see. Also, there was that bit at the end of Ogami’s letter about what Monokuma has done to their bodies…is it some sort of trap that triggers when they leave the school?

Danganronpa Episode 8: Time for the next one lol


So they finally bring out a locked-room murder. A classic mystery. Based on the circumstances, I would guess that Sakura had a role to play in her own death (because she died with a smile on her face as though she intended it). While Togami and Genocider are the most obviously suspicious, I find it hard to pin the murder on them. Same with Hagakure. Naegi has his usual alibi, leaving Kirigiri and Asahina. Asahina has a strange attachment to Sakura, making her the least obviously suspicious, which in turn makes me suspect her. Kirigiri…I dunno how to deal with her. I’m still hesitant to suspect her.

Vomiting blood suggests poison, right? Maybe it has something to do with those bottles. Poison would also explain the powder on her foot if someone poisoned the drink. She also received a blow to the head, explaining the broken bottle. But what does the upside down magazine mean? As it stands, my current suspects are Asahina, Monokuma (we still don’t know to what extent he’d intervene), and Sakura herself. I suspect one more than the rest, but I’ll leave that up to your own speculation.

Danganronpa Episode 7: Celes is so bipolar…


Hmm…so it was Celes after all. I didn’t consider the possibility that Yamada was faking the first time. That totally eliminated the need for her alibi. Yeah, it’s always the first person who was attacked…way too suspicious that she didn’t die. And there was no way it could be the fortuneteller…especially after they found him in the robot.

I didn’t notice the blood on the glasses…that was my mistake. Anyway, that’s another one down. As for Kirigiri, I’m inclined to trust her, but what was that last scene in this episode? Am I supposed to conclude that Sakura is Monokuma’s accomplice? It makes no sense that Kirigiri would do it…why would she empty the secret room of the books right after telling Naegi to find them? And I still haven’t forgotten what Yamada said before dying about them all knowing each other before this murder game…that’s still suspicious.

Danganronpa Episode 6: Two more are down, but this time a final message


It seems things are getting more serious…not one, but two victims this time. Of course, as was mentioned in the episode, the only two missing during the encounter were Hagakure the fortuneteller and Kirigiri the mystery girl. Of course, I have no reason to suspect Kirigiri yet and she has an alibi, which makes Hagakure the obvious suspect. Add in the fact that Yamada says “Yasuhiro” right before dying and Hagakure is a very obvious culprit. Almost…too obvious.

Sigh…in this situation, I always suspect the first victim, which would be Celes. Why did she only get attacked once while Yamada was attacked twice? And why did she survive when both Yamada and Ishimaru were killed by the Justice Robot? But she has an alibi, right? Asahina said they were both in the bathroom when the bodies went missing. Ugh…but she’s such a good suspect…what am I supposed to do?

Danganronpa Episode 5: Another trial solved


So she was Genocider Syo after all…well, there was no way she could be the culprit because I already concluded last week that the culprit had to be male. I was suspicious that the extension cord was too easy, but I guess Togami was my best suspect given the information I had. How was I supposed to suspect Oowada? All I really had was evidence that might turn me away from the obvious suspects.

I guess the only real connection I could have made was that he was the strongest-looking male and the murder weapon was a dumbbell…but the culprit for the first murder was a fairly obvious one, so it would be hard for me to make that stretch. Anyway, another one is down…on with the next death. Honestly, I’m glad to be rid of that trap…

Danganronpa Episode 4: Time for the next one


Another murder…fun. This time, it’s the programmer…who I’m still not entirely sure is a girl. More than likely, the out-of-place items in the girls’ changing room indicates that the murder actually took place in the boys’ changing room and the carpet and poster were switched in order to throw the group off. The crazed Fukawa is too obvious of a culprit. Probably the more suspicious one is the guy who seems to know too much, Togami. However, even he seems to be too obvious of a culprit.

My guesses:

  • Either Fujisaki is a girl and hacked the handbook to try to murder someone in the boys’ changing room or Fujisaki is a trap and went normally to meet the culprit in the boys’ changing room.
  • The culprit used one of the handbooks that Kirigiri found to gain access to the girls’ changing room (though in my first scenario, why wouldn’t he just use Fujisaki’s?).

Not sure who to pinpoint the crime to, though…again, Togami seems the most obviously suspicious because of his knowledge of the serial killer. But why do I hesitate to suspect him?