Gundam AGE Episode 1

Been looking forward to this one too. This series starts off with the main character having a dream about his mother’s death, when she entrusts him with a device that she says he will need in the future. Back in the present, the main character Flit, an intelligent student, goes to school with his friend Emily, as well as Haro (woot Haro). Apparently, this story is set after the other Gundam series, as Gundam and mobile suits are treated as legendary machines of the past. At school, Flit gets into an argument with the teacher, insisting that the UE, an organization believed to be comprised of aliens that attacks colonies, follows a pattern which he has figured out. Based on that pattern, he concludes that Nora, where they all live, is going to be the next to be attacked. However, the teacher just ignores him, despite his fears that the UE will do the same to Nora that happened in his own hometown of Ovan. That night, Flit reveals to Emily that the device that his mother gave him were plans to create a Gundam, believing he is meant to build it. Just then, the city is attacked by the UE. With the city’s defenses being overwhelmed, Flit insists they send out the Gundam, but Vargas, the engineer, refuses. Flit decides to take matters into his own hands and jumps into the Gundam. With it, he’s able to take down one of the UE units, but the other units run away. All seems well, but then the units attack again from outside the colony as the episode ends. Well, so far, I haven’t seen too much to differentiate this series from the older ones. This first episode seems pretty similar to Gundam SEED, with Flit basically being like Kira and Largan seeming like Mu La Flaga to me. Oh well…hopefully it gets better. I really like Gundam shows.