Noragami Aragoto Final Episode (13): So…third season anyone?

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That ending was actually pretty unexpected for me…I thought it was pretty nice. Why wasn’t this the ending for the first season? I felt like the ending scenes were pretty strong, not just because Yato finally severed his connection with Nora, which has arguably been dragging him down up to now. You can really see the parallelism between him and Ebisu as he “reincarnates” himself as a new god, asking his Regalia for guidance as he shrugs off his Yaboku persona and tries to find a new method to help others as Yato.

This series has really improved a lot from the first season and I’m glad to have kept at it. That being said, I will have to lodge a complaint with this final episode. I understand that the reveal at the end that Fujisaki was actually the “Father” all along was the only thing that made sense (what normal human kisses a girl who is obviously upset about another guy?). But doesn’t that seem like it’s just making it too easy for us to hate him? Something about that just rubs me the wrong way. But all that aside, I would say that this final episode ranks as probably the best ending I’ve seen so far this season. Time to camp out and wait for a third season?

Also, this scene was gold:

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Noragami Aragoto Episode 12: RIP Nora

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Wait…wasn’t Kazuma lying on the ground next to Yato? How did he get out with Bishamon through the Soul Call? But questions aside, I really like how much Ebisu changed after meeting Yato and fighting together in the underworld. In fact, most of the characters had some pretty good moments this week. One thing that I found particularly interesting was how they treated Blessed Vessels this week. Up until now, they’ve been mostly brushed aside as a simple evolution for a Regalia, but this week really showed off how strong they become as a result.

The end of this week’s episode is an unfortunate cliffhanger. The preview doesn’t do much to help with showing Ebisu’s fate. I’d be annoyed if they let him die, though…it feels like he’s come so far and it’s a bit silly to just kill him off. Anyway, next week’s episode is the end, so we’ll just have to wait and see. Other than showing Ebisu’s fate, it looks like it’s just going to be an epilogue episode. As a final note, if any of you are curious how Hiyori was able to guess Yato’s real name (like I was), I found an answer online. Apparently, the second character in the name that Hiyori carved on the shrine is the kanji for “boku”, but looks similar to the katakana “to”. So you can sleep easy tonight!

Noragami Aragoto Episode 11: Totally not Saber

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I kinda have mixed feelings about this week’s episode. Kugaha’s reappearance felt a bit too random…even though he motivates Yukine a little, I just really didn’t expect to see him come back. Also, that scene where everyone says that Yukine could go to the underworld if he became a Nora seemed a bit too convenient. I mean, sure they end up saying he doesn’t have to do that this week, but why would you even bring that possibility up if Yukine weren’t eventually going to take it?

Looks like next week’s episode will bring Hiyori into the underworld. I’m seriously expecting Yukine to accept becoming a Nora and go with her to save Yato. I’m a little confused by the scenes from the preview, though…most of them happen outside. It means that either the studio is trying really hard to hide who goes into the underworld or they really do spend most of the episode debating on whether Hiyori should go inside (I’m guessing with stuff like “you’re a human…it’s not your problem”). Given that next week’s episode will probably be entirely spent saving Yato, that leaves us with only one episode left in the series to confront the true culprit pulling Ebisu, Yato, and Nora’s strings.

Noragami Aragoto Episode 10: How to deal with a clingy ex…

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So as expected, Yato and Ebisu are bonding more in their captivity. It’s starting to look more and more likely that they will eventually become bros…I’m really expecting Yato to defend Ebisu when he comes to trial in heaven. That aside, though, I was a bit surprised at how quickly Hiyori’s subplot was resolved. Yukine finally shows up to her early in the episode and everything just comes back (though I’m not sure why Yukine couldn’t have done that earlier). I honestly expected that to drag on at least another episode.

It looks like next week’s episode will be a rescue operation to get Yato back. Based on the preview, it looks like Bishamon will channel her inner Saber when joining the operation (am I the only one who thought that?). I’m curious how Hiyori will factor into the operation, though…there has to be a reason she regained her memories this week, right? However, I can’t see her doing much more than seeing Izanami as Yato or something…

Noragami Aragoto Episode 9: Is this the legendary NTR I’ve heard so much about?

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What kind of guy kisses a girl on a first date after seeing her obviously upset about something for the entire date? It’s things like that that are making me think this senpai was actually sent to make Hiyori forget about Yato or further some evil plot. I’m surprised that Hiyori is forgetting Yato, though. I would have thought that her connection with Yukine would be enough to keep her memories intact. I guess he’s been too busy with his training or something.

The preview makes it look like the gods are getting together to take down Ebisu. However, doesn’t this all seem too convenient? We’re aware that there’s someone else pulling the strings. My personal speculation is that Yato, after having spent some time with Ebisu, will realize that he’s no mastermind and potentially come to his aid when the other gods are trying to take him out. What are other people’s thoughts?

Noragami Aragoto Episode 8: Main boss appears?

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This week’s episode seems to reveal a lot of things while leaving a few more questions. For starters, the scene where Ebisu receives a report from some unseen figure combined with the comment Bishamon makes about Ebisu reincarnating often suggests that he’s just a puppet. From that, I’m assuming the main antagonist is a god that wishes to use Ebisu to take on the corruption for him. It’s also very likely that this main boss is the man who appears at the end of this week’s episode to give Yato a job. I guess the only speculation I have is the god that came to visit Ebisu in this week’s episode…anyone else have any guesses?

It looks like next week’s episode might be another damsel in distress moment for Hiyori. Her behavior and attire in the preview makes it seem like she’s going to be brainwashed…potentially by the boy she meets in this week’s episode. Other than that, I guess Yato and Ebisu will have their first fight…we’ll see what happens.

Noragami Aragoto Episode 7: New enemy approaches

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It turns out the next big enemy that I thought was just a businessman is actually another god. I was a bit surprised that he revealed himself so quickly to the viewers as the one behind the masked ones, but I guess he’s in the opening song so there’s not much to hide anyway. Other than that, this week’s episode was a decent moment for Yukine as he figures out his role as Yato’s exemplar. The bit with the shrine was a little strange since Yato was saving up so much money to get his own shrine, but ends up getting a fairly cheap one from Hiyori. Maybe it’s a greed thing where Yato was saving up to get the best shrine he could make, but the value of the shrine given from a human has greater meaning?

Next week’s episode looks to bring Ebisu out more as the villain for the series. It looks like he’s going to sick some more masked ones on Yato. Please don’t tell me that the mask he’s wearing will be enough to make him unrecognizable for Yato…that might be unbearable to watch. That being said, though, there’s a pretty weird moment in the preview. There’s a brief flash showing Ebisu corrupted…is that a flashback or maybe there will be more to his “villainy” than it appears.

Noragami Aragoto Episode 6: Finishing it off

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So I’m willing to admit that I got a bit too excited while watching Yato put Kugaha down this week. My evaluation of Kugaha was basically the same, so it was great to see him put in his place, especially with all of the high and mighty talk he’s been spewing. In that sense, the first half of the episode was pretty enjoyable to me. The second half…well, I guess that was just wrapping everything up, so I can’t really complain.

Next week’s episode should introduce a new arc, presumably revolving around the man fighting Yato in the opening sequence. I’m also assuming that he’s the one Nora calls “father” at the end of this week’s episode. Based on snippets from the preview, it looks like this man might be some sort of rich kid…though I don’t see why he would offer Yato a briefcase of money. Perhaps he pretends to hire Yato for something? But that would probably mean he’s not Nora’s mystery man…why go to Yato right after asking Nora to get him?

Noragami Aragoto Episode 5: Dual wielding like a boss

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Well, it turns out Yukine’s return was much quicker than I anticipated…turning into twin blades is pretty sweet. That aside, I was honestly not expecting Kazuma to sacrifice himself like that (for a second, I thought he was pushing Yato into the attack for some calculated reason). Yato’s really good at getting other people to take attacks for him, huh? I actually don’t like the idea of him being dead for good…it seems too early in this second season for how important he’s been to the story (in the first season too).

Next week, it looks like the battle will continue against the real culprit Kugaha…presumably, Yato and Bishamon will finally be on the same side. From the preview, it looks like all of the Regalia that Bishamon pronounced as dead at the end of this week’s episode are still alive, so I’m sure they’ll survive this battle. In addition to the battle itself, it looks like there will be some background on Kugaha to fill in some time (I can’t imagine beating Kugaha will take too long). Judging by the progression of people in the recent episodes, it should be Bishamon’s turn to take an attack for Yato, right? After that, I’m guessing it’s Hiyori? That seems like the logical progression…

Noragami Aragoto Episode 4: Battle mode

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We got a lot of action in this week’s episode. It’s also finally revealed why Bishamon despises Yato so much. The story really makes you wonder why someone like Bishamon who clearly cares about such a large number of Regalia ever became a god of war. As for Kugaha, is his motive actually jealousy of Kazuma and his role? I was only kidding when I said that. It really does paint an interesting picture of gods, though, doesn’t it? A god is generally thought of as such a higher being, but in this interpretation, a new god’s personality can effectively be shaped by a Regalia.

The cliffhanger at the end of this week’s episode is pretty crazy…I find it really hard to believe that Yukine is dead for good given that it would basically invalidate the entire first season. It was definitely nice to see Yukine step up, though. It’s possible that Regalia have some sort of complicated repair process. Since Bishamon’s story seems to be reaching a climax, it’s possible that the second half of this season is devoted to restoring Yukine. That being said, the opening theme clearly shows a second antagonist, so I can’t see Yato going through the second half against this guy without a weapon.