Majestic Prince Final Episode: I guess everything worked out

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Well…I wasn’t expecting everyone to just survive. Even Simon’s suicide didn’t happen. I even have a hard time accepting that Jiart is dead given his final words…even though the evidence is overwhelming otherwise. Izuru’s final form was pretty hilarious…literally fought with his wings. Made it hard for me to take the fight seriously.

It wasn’t a bad ending…not a bad series. Kinda cheesy at points, but what do you expect from Power Rangers Mecha? They look like they have enough for a second season if they really wanted it. Not sure how the Wulgaru would get back, but they got the gate there somehow in the first place…why couldn’t they do it again?

Majestic Prince Episode 23: Reinforcements have arrived!

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Finally Izuru makes his appearance…battling Jiart once again. Teoria also comes out to play, which seems to distract Jiart long enough for Izuru to get serious. Anyway, after a bunch of failed attempts to destroy the gate, looks like the humans have gone for a more typical solution…let’s just crash everything into it.

Next week should be the final episode…everything on the line. Who will be sacrificed? I’ve already written Simon off as dead. Team Rabbits is probably going to be okay…right? And what about Teoria? I assume she has to live on, right? She’s a little bit more murky, though.

Majestic Prince Episode 22: Well that just sucks

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All that work for nothing. I guess it’s not as simple as just shooting the giant laser at the gate. Well…on the plus side, they managed to get one of the raid bosses. That always helps…revenge for Patrick! Anyway, it looks like reinforcements from two more raid bosses will be showing up pretty soon, though Jiart’s refused to fight until Izuru shows up.

How long will Izuru last before he’s forced to come out? Also, will they destroy the gate by finding some sort of alternative means of attack or will they just destroy the barrier? One of those plans has to work, right?

Majestic Prince Episode 21: The final battle approaches

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A lot of prep work this week. Everyone’s gotta get ready for the final fight. Also Izuru gets himself grounded, but that won’t last long. You know how these things work out. More than likely, he’ll get close to death in battle and “surpass” his limitations to become a new form a fighter or something.

Next week, the battle begins? Time to find out who gets sacrificed. Team Rabbits will likely survive…Teoria is a possible sacrifice, but a bit unlikely. Most of the other nations’ forces will likely be wiped out. Can’t be the pit crews, right? Or will they keep everyone alive?

Majestic Prince Episode 20: Asagi has the worst luck

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So we finally get an explanation about why Izuru is so special…he carries DNA from both Simon and Teoria. It also explains why Teoria is so attached to him. And Asagi is his half-brother too? I wonder how the rest of the team is related…they seem a lot more different from Teoria and Simon than Asagi and Izuru are.

It looks like next week, Asagi might confront Simon with the information he just learned. Meanwhile, everyone is preparing for the final fight to destroy the gate. I’m not sure how I feel about Teoria participating in the battle. I don’t know if it’s enough to be a death tag, but now she’s exposed.

Majestic Prince Episode 19: So it finally happened

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Holy crap…the death flags were so huge this week. Making so many plans for after their mission…never do that. Oh well, I called Team Doberman’s death forever ago. It’s about time it happened. I wasn’t expecting one of them to survive, but I guess they couldn’t have died in vain without giving off that information.

Anyway, next week I’m guessing everyone copes with Randy and Patrick’s deaths. We’ll probably get more stuff about Izuru being in a strange state. There were hints of it this week…maybe they’ll be more explained. Anyway, too bad for Patrick, I guess…he was so close.

Majestic Prince Episode 18: Don’t supercharge the orbital cannon, kids

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Oh wait…so Klein didn’t just have some super-advanced armor to survive the orbital cannon? Suruga just missed? Man, what a let-down. Oh well…they managed to beat him, I guess. But they got pretty banged up in the process…I wonder how that will play into the next few engagements.

Looks like Jiart is scheming about Teoria’s fate…he’s trying pretty hard to keep it a secret from the king, it seems. Well, the preview looks like next week will be the start of another difficult mission? Either that or another break. The title suggests the mission thing, though…

Majestic Prince Episode 17: Shots fired!

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Big Earth battle going on…looks like someone on the Wulgaru managed to survive and he’s a bit pissed. Apparently he was so mad that he managed to survive getting hit by an orbital cannon. I’m guessing this is somehow related to when Izuru mentioned that his own weapons weren’t working on him.

The fight continues next week…will Izuru use his new ability again? He may have to given the nature of his opponent. Is this fight intended to make Asagi shine or will he continue to just perform solidly in the background as he has been so far? Probably not, as such is the fate of the blue ranger.

Majestic Prince Episode 16: Being Asagi is suffering

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Ahh…the fate of every Blue Ranger…always outclassed by Red despite taking things much more seriously. I wonder when he’ll finally bounce back and accept his lot in life. Anyway, Izuru had his fun date with Teoria, where I assumed she was going to tell him what happened to him when he fought Jiart, but unfortunately they were interrupted. Dang…I’m so curious.

Next fight looks like a doozy…it’s gonna be more than one episode long, after all! Maybe Team Doberman will finally kick it…or are they setting up Patrick as a candidate for Tamaki? If so, he’ll have slight protection. Anyway, presumably the intended target of this operation is actually Teoria, so maybe Izuru is better off just continuing the date.

Majestic Prince Episode 15: Izuru saves the day again

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Looks like Izuru is back to his normal self…sorta. After a brief period acting a bit off, it seems like he’s upgraded as a pilot, able to do so much with just his core. But like before, I still have to question whether he’s the only one who’s going to go through this. For now, it seems like he’s just different, but I dunno…maybe the others will follow.

How long are they going to keep Ange a crazed berserker? It’s starting to get a bit old. Looks like next week, they have a break again, so maybe they can work on addressing that issue? They gotta give the enemies time to plan their next operation, right? Apparently, they managed to obtain all of their secrets.