Gokukoku no Brynhildr Final Episode (13): Wait…what?

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I guess Kotori was the sacrifice after all. It’s okay…I never liked her. Based on the scenes in the credits, Hatsuna must have been reviving Kazumi while Kana was saving Neko (it was already suggested that she was the one who pressed Kana’s third button). I had been seeing that most people who watched this episode thought that the ending was rushed and I’m inclined to agree. For example, they never even told us what the third button was supposed to do. All we saw was that it worked both times it was pressed and allowed the witches to do things they couldn’t normally do. I’m guessing it has something to do with removing a limiter, Kana’s paralysis and Neko’s memory loss?

Also, can someone explain to me why a micro black hole is better than antimatter? I don’t think we’ve ever observed a black hole disappearing (which is why it was strange that the one Neko made just vanished), but we know all about antimatter annihilation. I would think the best solution would have been to send Valkyrie somewhere else with the antimatter (like maybe Pluto? No one cares about Pluto). What even happened to Valkyrie? Did she die? Anyway, ending is ending. I was kinda expecting another reset…I guess this is close, right?

Gokukoku no Brynhildr Episode 12: Press the button!

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How many time will they kill and revive Ryouta in this show? Anyway, based on the last scene of Hatsuna’s body, it’s doubtful that she’s dead. That was a bit too anticlimactic of a death to be permanent. It looks like the final boss for this show will be Kotori after all. I knew she was suspicious. I’m guessing the show is trying to move toward an ending where they kill the grane without killing Kotori. Will that make her normal? If so, what about the other girls?

Another interesting point is Neko’s seemingly immense hidden power. I knew that third button had to be relevant eventually. They can’t just give us a button and never push it…that’s just cruelty. I’m sure that button will be pushed in the coming episode (assuming it’s going to be an actual ending, as opposed to a continuation/cliffhanger). Nanami originally said that the death rate for pressing the button was high in Neko’s current state…did she mean mental state? Is the risk lower now that Murakami is no longer dying? And if the button is pressed, will Neko’s memories return? Was the memory loss just a manifestation of the limit placed on her?

Gokukoku no Brynhildr Episode 11: Randomly another character

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Oh hey, Ryouta found the moles again. It’s about time…will it stick this time? Or maybe it foreshadows something in the coming fight against Valkyrie. That’s probably a lot more likely. It’s pretty late in the show for Hatsuna to show up. She does bring some interesting information, though. Her reaction to Kotori was definitely strange (Ryouta noticed this too), so my suspicions of Kotori are revived and skyrocketing.

Anyway, next week is the first fight against Valkyrie. There’s another episode after that, so either the fight gets really complicated or they manage to get away from this first fight. It’s very possible Neko is unable to survive this fight given Ryouta’s revelation this week, but we’ll see. I guess she didn’t make any plans for after the fight…but was that because she didn’t know the fight was coming?

Gokukoku no Brynhildr Episode 10: Random opening change is random

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So, Nanami dies after all…that sure ended quickly. Also, we’re getting the indication that Neko’s memory loss is a lot more of a problem than expected. Presumably, the time she went to save Ryouta is the cause of the most recent memory loss. What I can’t seem to understand is why Ryouta is still trying so hard to find her moles if he should have already concluded that they weren’t there. He would only be looking if he had some sort of doubt, but that doubt should have been erased when time was reversed.

Anyway, it looks like Valkyrie is finally out. I guess the reason Kana is keeping her mouth shut about Valkyrie is the apparent link with Neko, appearance-wise. It’s possible that Neko is the failed experiment that gave rise to Valkyrie…maybe they’re clones or maybe Valkyrie is the clone. Also, why exactly did they change the opening? Is this show supposed to be going on longer than one season?

Gokukoku no Brynhildr Episode 9: I wonder if this will end well…

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Turns out Nanami isn’t quite as bloodthirsty as the other witches sent to capture Neko and the others have been, which makes her a prime target for betraying the lab. Her power certainly seemed useful up until the point where Ryouta completely nullified it…seriously, what is this guy? Also, she’s been using the power a lot and hasn’t hung up yet. Just how much can she do it?

So far, Nanami seems to be on the track to becoming a member of the cast. But is it really that simple? What did the guy from the lab see at the very end of the episode and why was that shown to us? Maybe it means Nanami will be an unfortunate sacrifice when the guy realizes that he needs to activate her beacon. I wonder how Ryouta plans to remove it…is it really so simple? Will it be one of those “in the nick of time” scenarios?

Gokukoku no Brynhildr Episode 8: Here come the Men In Black

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First aliens and now we have erased memories? They even added the guy in sunglasses to keep himself from having his memory modified to really sell the Men In Black bit. Anyway, I’m surprised that Neko is only a B-rank witch if she’s able to stop bullets. I mean, I understand that she got hung up pretty quickly, but that was because she was wasting effort blowing up the ground and whatnot. I guess the fact that she loses memories really hurts her score?

Next week, it looks like the new enemy will be Nanami, the memory modifier/eraser. Also, it looked this week like the mad scientist found something out, which might come into play. Finally, Kana reacted pretty strongly to the Valkyrie thing from last week…I was right to remain suspicious of her.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr Episode 7: Aliens…

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Looks like the idea to reverse engineer the pills was shot down pretty quickly. Meanwhile, the secret organization seems to be preparing for something. They mentioned something about a century passing from finding the alien ruins, so maybe it’s supposed to be some sort of ritual sacrifice that involves the witches? It would make sense with the message that Kazumi translated at the end of the episode.

So, what happens now? I assume the mad scientist guy will find out what exactly the “fertilized alien egg” is supposed to be. Also, I guess the gang will go investigate the spot indicated on their treasure map. Nanami seems to be the name of the next witch to be sent after the group…is that a different witch than the legendary “Valkyrie” they mentioned this week? And what link does Valkyrie have with Kana? She reacted to the name…I’m still suspicious of her.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr Episode 6: Mad scientist!

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Someone explain to me why it wasn’t obvious to Kotori that she could use the same trick she was planning to use to restrain Neko to restrain the AA+ witch. Why wasn’t that obvious? Either way, that situation was diffused and we got a reason for Kana’s forecast as well. There was also a brief moment where Neko could have revealed the moles on her breasts to Ryouta, but that would have been too easy, right?

This pill thing is starting to be annoying, so I’m glad Ryouta is attempting to recruit someone to help with the situation. Presumably, he will try to ask him to synthesize the pill, or maybe a better version of it. That aside, it’s possible that Neko and the crew may be subjected to some scientific studies as well. I too am curious how they’re going to explain the logic behind how their abilities work.

Gokukoku no Brynhildr Episode 5: Lasers!

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Aww…this show is no fun. They started out making Kotori suspicious, but now they’ve gone and blown that away so obviously by having Ryouta point out the possibility of Kana misunderstanding the forecast. Now it’s much more likely that Ryouta is just protecting Kotori when he dies in the forecast and that she’s actually innocent. There’s still a little suspicion, but much less than before.

Anyway, another fight against a high-powered witch next week. I wonder how they’ll manage to defeat this one without time manipulation. I assume Kotori will make herself useful somehow. That being said, why was Neko tied up in Kana’s forecast? Why would AA+ tie her up to kill her rather than just sniping her with the cannon?

Gokukoku no Brynhildr Episode 4: It’s a spy!

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Sigh…I can’t believe they’re going with convenient memory loss to keep Neko’s identity secret. And now they’re going to do whatever they can to “conveniently” block the moles from Ryota’s sight. Another interesting thing to note was Kazumi’s statement that Kana could actually move herself if she wanted. Is this related to her power as a witch or is she actually faking the extent of her paralysis? It definitely is strange that a paralyzed girl can move only her fingers…

Well, it looks like the new character has been sent to kill everyone off. Based on the opening theme, she’ll probably join the cast after fighting against Neko once. More than likely, that will go down next week. The AA witch self-destructed, so dealing with the AA+ should be pretty easy, right? Presumably it will be a 3v1 fight, though.