Mayo Chiki Final Episode

So, this week’s episode starts off with Jirou being forced to read dirty magazines (oh, the horror…). Narumi then appears at his house, having come to talk with him. Flash back to the day before, where Konoe notices someone spying on her in the bath. Rushing out to find the culprit, she finds that it’s just Narumi, having wanted to sell pictures of Konoe to fund her doujinshi. Kanade then shows up, providing pictures of Konoe to Narumi, which sell like hotcakes. Later, Narumi is at the Sakamachi residence, having enlisted the help of Kureha and Usami for her doujinshi. She goes into Jirou’s room, and leaves a yaoi magazine in it. When they’re done goofing off, Narumi asks Kanade and Konoe for help as well, and they manage to finish putting together all of the doujinshi. Narumi then asks for help with the story, having only finished the first half, but then retracts her plea from embarrassment. Worried, Kureha and Usami follow her to the event while she’s selling her doujinshi (however, they’re dressed as Natsuru female-form from Kampfer and Aria from Hidan no Aria). They follow her to a manga cafe, anime shop (why don’t they have these near me??), and game shop. Narumi notices the two following her, and they join her. They ask Narumi what’s bothering her, and we finally flash back forward to when Narumi is talking with Jirou. Narumi then asks Jirou to go out with her on a date (yeah…we all saw that coming). Narumi asks Jirou what he thinks of her boobs. She apparently has been having trouble with her doujinshi because of a boy in her class who confessed to her. She comes to the conclusion that the only reason someone would confess to her is because of her boobs. Narumi then throws herself at Jirou in an attempt to get over her problem with her boobs, and Jirou knocks off her glasses in an interesting moment. So…interesting way to end the series. It just seems like some random extra episode…Yeah…not completely sure what this episode is for.

Mayo Chiki Episode 12

If you remember last week’s episode, it ended with Jirou being knocked out by Konoe, who is on the run. This week’s episode starts with Usami waking him up, having been called there by Kanade. Usami gives Jirou a ride and Jirou finds Konoe back at the spot where she “confessed” to him. Jirou is able to talk Konoe into returning, but she wants to stay away for at least that day, so they stay together at the inn. That night, Konoe asks if Jirou would want to do anything past kissing with her, which he of course interprets as meaning sleeping with him. Turns out she just meant literally sleeping with him…as in, next to him. The next day, Jirou arrives at school to find that Konoe has transferred to another school. However, a new transfer student arrives at the school, Takanashi Punyuru (you remember that name? yeah…it’s Konoe). After recovering from the initial shock from seeing her, Jirou asks Konoe -err, Punyuru to have lunch with him. At lunch, Konoe tells Jirou that her job as a butler was what supported her, now feeling lonely as a normal girl. Hearing this, Jirou decides to take matters into his own hands, going to the S4 to ask for their help. Together, everyone starts a petition to have Konoe stay a butler. We see a very touching scene where Konoe realizes how much everyone cares about her, and she returns the next day as a butler. That night, Konoe calls Jirou to meet her alone. Konoe thanks Jirou for helping her become a butler again (she’s dressed in female clothing), and kisses him. This week’s episode almost seemed to have the feel of a last episode, but there’s another one after it, so I wonder what will happen.

Mayo Chiki Episode 11

Well, well…another show on the verge of ending. This week’s episode starts with Konoe worried about something, probably something to do with the new semester starting soon. She goes to pick up Jirou the next day on the way to school. On the way, Konoe trips and Jirou makes an unintentional boob grab, which creates a bit of an awkward moment. Also, there’s a thing with Usami…not that important. At school, Kanade is acting strangely nice, offering lunch to the two of them. Of course, we know her better than that. She spikes Konoe’s food, getting her drunk, and Konoe begins to strip in her drunken state. Jirou tries to stop her from doing anything extreme, but it backfires with Konoe attempting to tell him how she really feels and passing out before she can finish. Back in the classroom, Jirou hears Kanade hiccup (nyu?), trying to cover it up in pity by making fake hiccup noises himself. Kanade reveals that this is her only weakness (ehh?), saying that they make her seem too cute. She enlists Jirou to help her stop them, but Konoe warns him that men who hear them are cursed to become charmed by them (I don’t think I’d mind). Unfortunately, before anything can happen, Konoe finds herself charmed. Kanade and Jirou are able to stop her, and Kanade orders her to get some tools to stop her hiccups. However, this just turns out to be a trap to be alone with Jirou. She tries to question Jirou about what happened between him and Konoe, but he runs out, right into Konoe. Strangely, Kanade’s hiccups stop (such a coincidence), but Kanade trips on the stairs with Konoe falling after her. Konoe ends up okay, but Kanade sprains her ankle. Konoe gets crazy depressed from this incident, and Jirou goes to comfort her on the roof. However, Konoe’s father sees them and breaks things up, informing Konoe that she can no longer be a butler. At that moment, Kanade shows up to defend her, racing off to confront her father, but Konoe stops her and runs off with Jirou in hot pursuit. The episode ends with Konoe kissing Jirou, causing him to pass out as she runs away. Final episode approaches…big confession coming up soon probably.

Mayo Chiki Episode 10

This week’s episode starts with Kanade entering the Gaming Club’s room to ask them to make a game for her. Because she wants it done in a day, they refuse, but she fakes a little tsundere and they agree to help (lol). Meanwhile, the other girls are all preparing for some sort of event the next day. The next day, it is revealed that it is actually Kureha’s birthday, and Kureha, Narumi, and Usami celebrate together. Narumi gives Kureha…surprise surprise, a pair of glasses. Meanwhile, Usami gives her a body pillow with Konoe’s picture on it (uhh…). The two then act out Narumi’s latest yaoi story about Jiroukin and Barusu (-.-). Next, they head to the maid restaurant, where Kanade and Konoe are waiting. They all get together and sing for Kureha. Kureha then tells them about her birthday eight years before, where Jirou used all of his money to buy her a bear. Kanade then shows Kureha the game that she had asked for, which stars Jirou and Kureha as characters in a 2D fighter. As they are driving back, Kureha notices a swing that reminds her of six years before, when she ran out to sit on that swing after being angry at her mother. Jirou comes out to take her back, which makes her happy (she then proceeds to beat the crap out of him, though). She starts to go through all of her birthdays, but then tells Kanade and Konoe about how Jirou forgot her last birthday (seems very similar to this birthday). Kanade offers to let Kureha be her little sister (lol) and Konoe defends Jirou. However, Kureha remembers all of the other things Jirou has done for her and says it’s okay if he forgets her birthday. Kureha returns home to find a giant box on the floor, as Jirou appears to wish her a happy birthday (it’s another giant doll fyi). She then…beats…him up…again…The episode ends with Usami playing a game that Kanade gave her (that was a mistake) and getting angry when she loses. Kind of a cute episode…as always…

Mayo Chiki Episode 9

Everything is late…totally not my fault. Anyway, this week’s episode starts off with Jirou helping Usami out at the restaurant where she works. He flashes back to the summer festival, where Konoe tells him to forget what she said about wanting to be more than friends. He walks out onto the floor to see Kanade sitting at one of the tables, having come to tease Jirou and Usami. Meanwhile, Konoe is frantically searching for Kanade, who slipped away from her into the cafe, but is dragged into a restaurant filled with butlers. Just as Kanade is leaving, Narumi and Kureha come into the restaurant, having been hired as temporary part-timers. While this is happening, Konoe is being forced to work off the price of a door that she destroyed at the other restaurant. Jirou tries to get away from Kanade and the others and ends up tripping and grabbing Usami’s breast (random). He ends up passing out from his gynophobia. When he wakes up, Kanade manages to convince everyone that Jirou has a maid fetish, which provides some laughs. Just as Kanade has convinced Usami to test Jirou’s claim to not have a maid fetish and just as Jirou is losing his resolve, Konoe walks in to retrieve Kanade. Jirou runs after Konoe to ask about what happened at the summer festival, but Konoe just plays it off, saying that she just meant that she wanted them to be best friends (pfft…yeah, right). Jirou comes back to the restaurant to find Usami, who thanks him for helping out and rushes off, dropping her cell phone. He remembers her mentioning before that he had his own ringtone, so he checks to see what it was, just as Usami is coming back for it (lol). Oh, this show…it’s just so refreshing sometimes.

Mayo Chiki Episode 8

This week’s episode starts off where last week’s left off, with everyone staying in a hotel room together (including Jirou). Jirou leaves to go bathe in the night and finds Konoe in the men’s bath. After an awkward moment, Konoe’s father shows up, causing Jirou to hide Konoe. Konoe’s father ends up asking Jirou about his relationship with Konoe, and attacks Jirou after finding Konoe’s underwear in the changing area. However, Konoe jumps up to defend Jirou and knocks Jirou out too when she realizes he’s seeing her naked. The next day, we have the obligatory summer festival scene, with Punyuru making a surprise comeback wearing a yukata. Konoe disappears and Jirou goes to look for her, finding her father, who tells him that the next day is the anniversary of her mother’s birth and that the grave is nearby. Kanade arrives to reveal that the reason she ran off from home was so that Konoe could visit her mother’s grave. She then pushes Jirou off to go to Konoe. He finds her alone in front of the grave and she tells him about her mother a bit. She starts to cry because she wanted to introduce Jirou, her first friend, to her mother, who had always wanted her to make friends, but Jirou embraces her to comfort her. He then asks her to introduce him to her mother anyway, and faints soon after (from his gynophobia…that hug was totally worth it). Returning to the festival, Jirou and the other girls enters the battle royale, the winner of which will be able to kiss the winner of the yutaka contest, Konoe. The battle royale turns out to just be a paintball contest, with Kanade winning in the end (thanks to her manipulations). Jirou wakes up again (having passed out during the competition because of Kanade) and finds Konoe there. The fireworks start and the episode ends with Konoe telling Jirou that she doesn’t want them to just be friends.

Mayo Chiki Episode 7

So, this episode starts with Jirou running into Konoe, who asks him to run away with her (no big deal…happens all the time). However, Jirou soon finds out that she has drugged him (but no before noticing that he smells of stew and a woman), and he awakes to find Kanade lying next to him in bed (standard). Kanade explains that she has run away from home (sound familiar?) and that she has taken him to an inn to help him with his gynophobia. We are then treated to the obligatory beach scene in the series. Kanade tries to “treat” Jirou by forcing him to put sunscreen on her (oh, the horror…), while Konoe takes an interesting approach to common beach activities such as splitting a watermelon…with a spiked club. Jirou escapes to buy some drinks, but finds Narumi, Kureha, and Usami working at the restaurant on the beachside. Konoe shows up, and Jirou is forced to take some extreme measures to hide her identity…GLASSES. Kanade is able to create the identity Takanashi Punyuru for Konoe on the spot, as Konoe’s cousin. Usami has an argument with Kanade over Jirou, and Konoe joins just in time to find out that Usami was the one that made stew for Jirou at the start of the episode. Konoe runs off and Jirou gives chase, with Kanade stopping Usami from following as well. Jirou explains his morning with Usami to Konoe, much to his embarrassment, which gets him punched, but Konoe accepts it. The two return to find that the rest of the girls will be staying with them at the inn, but this is all interrupted by the arrival of Konoe’s father.

An interesting episode…I dunno why I keep watching this, but I do……

Mayo Chiki Episode 6

The school festival has arrived! Jirou is stuck with Usami on a date and they two go around with Usami showcasing a bit of her tsundere attitude. Konoe interrupts them, though, as she has taken it upon herself to watch and make sure Jirou doesn’t do anything inappropriate. They all detour into an animal cafe which turns out to be run by Jirou’s sister’s class. After attacking Usami (not in the way you might expect), Kureha is distracted by Konoe’s presence. Usami gets angry at Jirou and yells at him to go ahead and spend time with Konoe. Jirou is about to leave, but he is attacked by a girl in a sheep costume who introduces herself as Narumi Knuckle, the chairwoman of the Committee. She warns him to escape so that he doesn’t get caught in the war between the Committee (the ones that are pro-Jirou+Konoe) and the S4 (the ones that are anti-Jirou+Konoe). She also warns him not to trust Usami, but Usami interrupts her to reveal that she is actually cat-ear girl. Usami turns to attack Jirou, but Konoe shows up to protect him. Konoe and Jirou escape with Narumi, and the three sneak into a secret meeting. The brains behind the operation reveals herself as Kanade (O.o), and she proposes a quiz event to decide the winner of the war. Konoe and Jirou take the Committee’s side, and when they reach the final deciding question, it turns out to be about Konoe’s first kiss. Although reluctant, she finally answers that it was in fact Jirou. The S4 gets mad and starts to move in on Jirou, but Jirou tries to stop them by confessing to Kanade. Kanade quickly rejects him, but it gives him the opportunity to escape. Jirou asks her about Usami and Kanade tells him that she quit the S4, prompting him to run off to find her. He finds her on the roof. Usami reveals that the real reason that she wanted to be with Jirou is because she saw Konoe as someone similar to her, and she wanted Jirou to change her in a similar way as he did with Konoe. Jirou drags her off and tells her about his gynophobia. Konoe shows up as well to apologize and Usami finally decides to change herself. She then vows to cure Jirou’s gynophobia. Interesting episode…this show…yeah…

Mayo Chiki Episode 5

A new challenger appears! Or…something like that. We’re finally introduced to one of the mystery girls from the opening theme (all that’s left is cat-ear girl). And just for fun, this new girl appears on a motorcycle on a collision course towards Jirou (here comes the pain). In an attempt to get his glasses back, Jirou proceeds to enter the most awkward conversation on the planet (his glasses are sitting in between the girl’s legs). After Jirou finally gets his glasses back on, she realizes who he is and proceeds to kick him in the face (allowing him a glimpse at her panties). She tells him that not only does she dislike his sister Kureha, she also envies him for his relationship with Subaru. Finally, she introduces herself as Usami Masamune (epic last name) before knocking Jirou out…again. Jirou awakens in the nurse’s office to a worried Konoe (how cute). After some amusing scenes involving Jirou’s sleep talking, Konoe notices that Jirou has been avoiding Kanade (I wonder why). However, before Jirou can avoid the subject, Konoe randomly asks him to join her at the school fair (another date!). After agreeing to the date, Jirou reluctantly agrees to talk about what’s troubling him (you idiot!!). However, rather than beating the crap out of him like I expected, Konoe reacts to his “going back and redoing it if he could” line by offering to kiss him herself (O.o). Before she can plant the kiss, Kanade walks in. Jirou tries to escape, but to no avail. Kanade informs the two that the class has decided to do a crossdressing cosplay cafe for the school fair, which means that Konoe must dress as a girl. Kanade also brings up a love letter that she has received from a different student. Jirou acts pretty chill about it, which noticeably pisses her off. As Jirou is stomping through the hall, he is stopped by Usami, who asks him to go out with her (come again?). She reveals that she is just using him to get close to Konoe. She blackmails him with a picture of Jirou and Konoe on their first date. So when Konoe shows up, Jirou is forced to agree with Usami that she is his girlfriend and that they will spend the school fair together. And…what do you suppose happens? Konoe beats the crap out of him. Later, Jirou is forced into a practice date with Usami, going to the mall to buy a swimsuit for her own class’s school fair activity. Jirou trips while Usami is changing and falls into the room while she’s naked…..sigh. The two walk home together and Usami asks Jirou to trust her. So, Usami seems like an interesting new development. It’s clear that her home life isn’t ideal. She probably lives alone, based on her comments about money. Either that or it’s a low income household. I still can’t quite tell who the focus of the harem is yet…So far it looks like Jirou, but the opening suggests that the last girl, cat-ear girl, is interested in Konoe. Guess we just have to wait and find out.

Mayo Chiki Episode 4

OMG! KONOE IN CAT EARS! More complications in this episode. Subaru is kicked out of the mansion due to a fight with her father, so she goes to stay with Jirou. After beating the crap out of him…erm, training, Jirou takes a bath. However, Subaru walks in to join him (O.o). However, Kureha returns home from her camp (after fighting a bear…standard). To add to that, Kanade appears to compete with Subaru in a maid vs. butler show match. Kanade proceeds to do embarrassing things to Jirou, but the competition is called off when Jirou passes out. Turns out that Jirou caught a cold. Subaru proceeds to use a variety of painful remedies to try to cure Jirou. However, Kanade arrives to take Jirou away. The two go to meet with Subaru’s father, who blames Jirou for causing Subaru to become distant (well…it is kinda his fault). However, Subaru arrives to take Jirou away again. Jirou refuses to go, wanting Subaru to make up with her father. However, Subaru breaks down, having worried about Jirou and fearing that he may die. Jirou almost loses consciousness again, but gets back up to try to talk to Subaru again. Kanade tries to stop him and get him to a hospital, but he brushes her off. Jirou then assures Subaru that he won’t die and that she should return to the mansion. He then passes out in Subaru’s arms. The next day, Subaru thanks him for his help. However, because of his actions the day before, Kanade randomly kisses him, making the love triangle into a love trapezoid (because rectangles are lame). Oh…this show…It’s so hilarious, not gonna lie. I thought it might turn into a reverse harem revolving around Subaru, but it looks like it might turn into some sort of double harem (that’s like…twice as much harem).