Tamako Market Final Episode


Well, that’s basically the only way it could end. Dera’s been here since the beginning, so it has to be hard to rip him away from the district. He’s trapped there forever (evil laughter)…sucks to be him. How does he even expect to return home in his current state anyway? He can barely move anywhere.

Anyway, random series where nothing happens. Kind of expected, though. Nothing really stands out to me. Honestly, the main selling point of the show is probably Dera…and if he annoys you like he annoys me, then the show probably doesn’t give you much. Not saying he’s a bad character…he’s just not the kind that I would like.

Tamako Market Episode 11


So he’s finally arrived…the prince. I figured he would show up eventually. As usual, everyone is worried this week and Tamako just doesn’t care…though that might be what they’re worried about. Also, Dera finally gets his communication function fixed…and it’s basically the same as it was before. Seriously…how do they project their image? If they even do that…

So now that the prince is here, the courtship begins? He doesn’t seem like one to make a big deal about the bride thing either based on what we’ve seen so far. I don’t see any way Tamako will be whisked off in the final episode. More than likely, everything stays as normal and everyone’s fears are rather meaningless.

Tamako Market Episode 10


So it was a school festival after all. Midori trying to be the fearless leader and handle all of the work. That performance was kinda sudden…are there seriously time skips going on with every episode? I always feel like I’m missing something when they start up.

Anyway, it looks like Choi has found the mythical birthmark on Tamako that identifies her as the prince’s bride. So they’re going to go after her after all…I guess that’s what the last two episodes will be about? Wonder if the prince will make an appearance…I assume the show will end with nothing changing.

Tamako Market Episode 9


Wait…when did Dera regain his normal appearance? Where was I when this happened? Did I miss an episode? Curse you, time skips! Anyway, Tamako finally finds out what the song was…those sorts of things are usually part of the ending of a series, but I guess the song wasn’t that important. Randomly, some stuff with Anko…she and Mochizou can suffer with their lovesick hearts together. Maybe being Mochizou isn’t so much suffering

Anyway, next week maybe some more Midori as she enjoys the new power of being captain of the baton club? They looked like they were putting up some sort of sign or something…a school festival? I would have expected some more indication, like the next episode being titled “School Festival is Here” or something.

Tamako Market Episode 8


Reflex training for Dera…he did surprisingly well at not getting hit for a giant flying blob. They got him to slim down, it seems…he didn’t immediately revert back upon eating a mochi at the end of the episode, so does that mean this will last a bit? I was honestly expecting him to be back to normal by the end.

I’ve been wondering…how exactly does this bird act as a communication device. If his eyes are the projector, then they can’t also be the camera, right? So how does he transmit? It looks like he’s only meant to be a receiver. But if he’s a robot bird, it makes sense that the camera’s in his eyes…that would be how he normally functions. Anyway, next week looks to be back on Anko again?

Tamako Market Episode 7


Dera is busted…so he is a robot bird after all…why else would he have a “communication function”? Well, it looks like we might have a character that can serve as a check for him…it’s about time. That guy just does whatever he wants too much. Now he will feel the fear!

So if Choi is planning to stay until the communication function is fixed, I would interpret that as meaning she will stay until the end of the show (since it’s coming up pretty soon). I wonder if her apparent affection for the prince will come up in the search for the bride. What did she notice about Tamako at the very end of the episode? Is she really still the target?

Tamako Market Episode 6


Wait…the projector eyes give real time images? And suddenly someone related to the prince is coming to visit Dera? So the logical conclusion…is that the eyes are two-way and they’ve been watching events through Dera this whole time. That explains how this new girl knows the thing about the guardian.

So maybe next week, we’ll finally learn all about Dera…still holding out for robot bird (then he can have 3 forms for the final boss fight!). Well, I’m glad the projector eyes finally played a role…they were definitely suspicious. New character next week…wonder how long she’ll stick around…

Tamako Market Episode 5


The obligatory beach/pool episode. Sigh…I didn’t want to think that Tamako was the one Midori was after…can I convince myself that she just admires her and there’s no love there? Maybe if I repeat it enough times. It looks like she’s willing to give Mochizou his own shot…even if he’s too cowardly to actually do something. Being Mochizou is suffering.

Honestly…getting help from Dera? This guy is desperately in need of assistance. But anyway…I’ve been wondering a bit about Dera. What if he’s actually lost track of time and the prince he keeps referencing is already an adult and married? It’s possible if he’s actually a robot bird. The theory isn’t founded on anything…just a random thought I had. Anyway, next time…ghosts?

Tamako Market Episode 4


Not as much of Dera in this episode (it’s like he was just standing around somewhere all episode)…basically all Anko. I don’t blame her for her attitude towards her family…I don’t understand the fixation with mochi either. Dunno…can’t classify this episode as particularly funny in any way…suppose this would be one of those moe episodes.

I feel kinda bad for Mochizou there…Tamako is way too oblivious. I mean, Anko straight-up ran into the house in her embarrassment and refused to come out. That dude’s got no chance at getting his feelings across. Even if he confesses, she probably won’t notice (future episode, maybe?). Anyway, next week is the obligatory beach episode?

Tamako Market Episode 3


I really want to like this bird…it’s just not happening. The other characters in the show are interesting enough, but the bird just annoys the crap out of me. He’s a good catalyst…I admit the stuff this week with Shiori probably wouldn’t have happened without his help. He’s just not as funny as I think he’s supposed to be. Mochizo needs to investigate the projector-mode incidents more in my opinion.

I thought Shiori’s stuff was alright, though. I’d say I understand how social awkwardness can come across as being a more negative or indifferent attitude. But now she gets to join in on the antics. Based on the preview, the next episode looks to be Anko-focused. We’re almost done introducing all the characters, it seems.