Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Final Episode: Anyone else wondering what’s going on in this show?


Another ending that isn’t really an ending. They seemed to try pretty hard to end this “arc” on a light note. Iwai and Emily are friends now, and Emily has joined the rest of the cast in the “we won’t kill the Hair Queen” camp. Also, a seemingly status quo ending with Kiri cutting Iwai’s hair like he always does.

But the fact of the matter is that Kiri has lost what little control he had…surely that will have ramifications in the future. And were those supposed to be flashes of a second season at the very end? I don’t know if I can handle any more of this. I dunno…the murder game idea was fun, but they seem to have run off with the idea. It’s more like a game of tower defense now.

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 12: Kiri’s powerup

[Anime-Koi] Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge - 12 [h264-720p][3098FF6E].mkv_snapshot_13.51_[2013.06.20_06.25.00]

So Kiri finally unlocked his power. Was Grayland’s power so strong that it took a while for the power to manifest? Is that the reason he’s different? Or is there something else behind it all? Another possibility is that despite Emily’s crazed exclamations, Grayland still doesn’t exist. That possibility might be a lot less likely, though.

Anyway, I guess Iwai has to turn him back next week? I think it should be the last episode next week, so how will this show end? The game doesn’t seem anywhere close to being done, so I’m assuming some sort of inconclusive ending. Kiri didn’t look too crazy in the preview, though…

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 11: Dipping more into the power of the dark side

[Mezashite] Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge - 11 [2FC2B3D7].mkv_snapshot_13.13_[2013.06.13_07.09.52]

This show is so weird…can you not look so aroused while you’re being injected Kiri? Anyway, apparently Kiri has come up with the bright idea that he will embrace more about his Killing Good in order to become stronger. That always ends up being a good idea, right? People never lose control of themselves when that happens…

I guess he succeeds next week…he looks pretty deranged in his second fight against Emily. Was the process really just slow with him becoming an Author or is he a different kind of Author? And what does all of this have to do with the thing his friend forgot to tell him? He’s having so much trouble with Emily…looks like there are also two more Authors he needs to be worried about too. Just how corrupted is he willing to get?

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 10: Kids these days

[Mezashite] Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge - 10 [BEF72746].mkv_snapshot_08.37_[2013.06.06_07.01.35]

And so Kiri was beaten by a little kid. What a weakling. Anyway, our new enemy is apparently made to be an Author…I assume that means she was bred a certain way or something…not that she’s some sort of synthetic human. She seems to have some relationship to Iwai…was I supposed to conclude that the father she refers to is Iwai’s father?

So Iwai’s hair isn’t growing anymore and Kiri is suffering some negative effect from the knife wound. Sounds like next week will be an interesting amount of suffering. It looks like Kiri will get Yamane to help him out…like sucking out poison, right?

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 9: Oh hey…the murder game murdered someone

[Mezashite] Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge - 09 [216DE09D].mkv_snapshot_21.20_[2013.05.30_06.54.16]

What the heck kind of confession was that? Was he licking her hair? That’s just wrong, man. Anyway, looks like Rulebook won’t be an ally…he must be sacrificed to introduced the head honcho for Gossip, the Violet Queen. I’m guessing she’s supposed to be the main antagonist?

Hmm…so who’s this loli in the next episode? Easiest guess is that she’s an Author and the protege that Rulebook was talking about before he died. She certainly seems suspicious enough. So will Kiri be forced into a final fight with her to the death or will she be convinced to betray her benefactor?

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 8: That was like 10 minutes of getting strangled

[Mezashite] Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge - 08 [A5D4C543].mkv_snapshot_09.18_[2013.05.23_13.52.39]

Longest hanging ever (personally, I ‘m not into that sorta thing…but maybe you guys have a different opinion). Anyway, the fight against the Rulebook seems to have gone in his favor, but we all know better than that. Based on the last few seconds of the episode, it looks like someone has stepped in on Kiri’s behalf. The police officer Instead, perhaps? Who else would just shoot a gun off like that?

I guess next week, we deal with some aftermath of this fight. Who is this blonde seemingly in charge of everything? Is she an Author too or does she have some greater purpose? Is this Rulebook guy gonna be an ally or what? Find out next time on…wait, what?

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 7: Why so bashful?

[Asenshi] Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge - 07 [7F817D82].mkv_snapshot_19.24_[2013.05.16_07.28.02]

So it was a side character episode after all. Both Houko and Kashiko get a chance to get all embarrassed for Kiri (and Iwai too a bit in Houko’s case). Man, Iwai’s getting too many allied Authors…thought these guys were all supposed to kill her. What fun will the game be if she just recruits everyone?

Anyway, the Professor seems to be expecting some fun stuff to happen next week…something about Kiri being like him? Does that mean the Professor is also an Author? If so, then maybe he’s learned to fully control his murderous urges. But that doesn’t make sense…if that were the case, why did he sound so somber about Kiri becoming like him? But then what is it?

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 6

[Mezashite] Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge - 06 [609D1BF5].mkv_snapshot_09.56_[2013.05.09_07.19.23]

So…does this mean another ally? This murder game isn’t very murderous…only one Author so far seems to have been truly malicious. Can’t really call it a survival game if everyone becomes an ally and survives. Oh well…maybe they can fight against the noose guy at some point. Though he seems to be kept under control for the most part.

Not sure what I can pick up from that preview. Don’t really have all that many clues about what’s going to happen…Kiri’s going to be doing something…maybe research about Authors? I dunno. What’s he all dressed up for, though?

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 5: Whipped

[Mezashite] Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge - 05v2 [BA3CDE19].mkv_snapshot_07.38_[2013.05.03_07.08.49]

The next enemy is here and it looks like brainwash is the name of the game. *shiver* The master-slave scene was kinda much…guess they can go wild if they already have so much bloodshed in this show. Oh well, it’ll just make it better when he eventually dies…they’re not gonna try to recruit the student council president as an ally, right?

Maybe Iwai will actually be able to do something useful next week since she doesn’t have Kiri to bail her out as usual. Then again, we have the appearance of the noose guy, so maybe she just gets saved again. Only time will tell, right?

Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge Episode 4: Evil or Not?

[Mezashite] Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge - 04 [62492EF4].mkv_snapshot_17.08_[2013.04.25_07.14.43]

Why so bothered by what the police officer said, Kiri? Surely you didn’t think cutting Iwai’s hair would satisfy your Killing Good forever. Surely you must be worrying now that you will eventually want more than to kill just hair…it can never be so simple.

Were the Authors this week just supposed to be allies? Or are will they soon become enemies too? Especially the piano lady…she seems particularly suspicious. She claims not to have a wish…but maybe it’ll be the killing urge that gets her. Well, either way it looks like something’s happening next week…did I see a crowbar in the preview?