Tokyo ESP Final Episode (12): All part of the plan

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I’m still grappling with indecision about the shows that are coming out for the new season, so I guess I’ll wrap this show up before I make any choices. I really should have expected this ending given the ongoing manga status. It looks like everything was a plan from the Professor to draw out a specific esper. Presumably, this guy is somehow the root related to the Ark of the Covenant that caused everyone’s deaths in the Professor’s past.

I guess I was disappointed with how this show turned out. I was intrigued by the first episode, but then it ended up getting boring pretty quickly. And now I’m feeling a bit trolled by the ending since it leaves so many questions up in the air. I give this show points for the flying penguin, but I don’t really know how much more I can say.

Tokyo ESP Episode 11: Back to the beginning

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We’ve finally looped around to the first episode’s events. Most of this week’s episode was build-up and gathering in preparation for the final episode next week. I’m not sure how I feel about the show introducing a fairly sentient swan at the very end of the series. I had no idea how to react to that. It doesn’t look like this swan will have much time to do much…

I guess Kyoutarou will be showing up at the very last minute…more than likely in a final showdown against the main antagonist. I’m still curious whether Minami will end up betraying her father in the end, but I guess we’ll see. Everything seems to indicate that this series is heading towards a fairly sound conclusion, though. It seems odd for them to use a mechanic like showing glimpses of the final episodes in the first episode if they were headed towards a cliffhanger. But I guess the manga is still ongoing…

Tokyo ESP Episode 10: Revenge

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Not much more than background information for this week’s episode. We finally get to see what the reason behind the antagonist’s actions really are…although it’s a simple revenge plot against a corrupt government. There really isn’t all that much more to say about this episode because not much more happens.

Is next week going to be the episode that loops back to the first episode? I can’t think of many more things they can do to stall before the final fight begins. The only possibility I can think of is that Rinka finds a reason to fight, but that shouldn’t take too long, right? It basically already started this week. I guess we’ll see.

Tokyo ESP Episode 9: Run away

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Azuma’s escape turns out to be too good to be true…once again, he is locked away. When is this guy going to be useful? Also, apparently humanity’s response to the espers is to put together a task force of people who look like serial killers with their hockey masks…what kind of person would feel safer living in that city with a group like that?

Rinka’s disappearance at the end of this week’s episode explains the fact that she had to “return” in the first episode’s events. She has also lost her powers, which makes the final battle more interesting. Although to be fair, her powers weren’t all that useful in a fight because everyone knew she couldn’t pass through humans.

Tokyo ESP Episode 8: Time to begin the attack

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This week’s episode didn’t seem to have all too much going on. I guess it looked like preparations for the enemy side, recruiting more espers to make their next move. Kyoutarou was finally released…I was starting to think he was going to be captive until the events from the first episode start happening (it would certainly explain his absence). As for Ayumu’s mother…I suppose her reaction could have been worse.

So, next week the attacks start up again? Time for Rinka to put her training into use or something? Given the lack of Kyoutarou in the first episode and the fact that he basically announced his affection for Rinka this episode, I’m starting to wonder whether he is actually killed before the events of the final battle…but maybe that’s too wild of a guess.

Tokyo ESP Episode 7: Busted

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It looks like training is going well. Poor Ayumu is the punching bag for everyone today. But anyway, it looks like he will take on the role of the esper son of the major anti-esper advocate…similar to one of the characters in Hamatora’s first season. Now that he’s been found out by his mother, will they go ahead and hash things out in a dramatic/emotional scene or will that happen too late like in Hamatora?

Honestly…what kind of mother would look so disdainfully at the son who just saved her life? I’ve always been frustrated watching characters like these, but I don’t really question how realistic they are. Either way, I’m guessing next week will likely be when Ayumu leaves his mother behind and joins the main cast more officially.

Tokyo ESP Episode 6: Training with Master Roshi

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It looks like we’re going to get a brief break for some training. This week’s episode introduces Ozora Ayumu into the cast…was he the guy in the first episode? I didn’t expect him to already be somewhat combat effective, having trained with the panda already. I wouldn’t have guessed that from just looking at him. Meanwhile, Azuma is hanging around in the enemy base doing nothing much.

The title of next week’s episode doesn’t really indicate much…it seems to suggest just more training. I’m assuming Rinka is supposed to be discovering some sort of secret technique? Or maybe the episode will just be devoted to introducing Ayumu more as a character. We’ll see, I guess…this part of the story is outside my realm of knowledge.

Tokyo ESP Episode 5: So far, penguin is the strongest ally combatant

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It looks like the Professor has a pretty standard Magneto-style goal of wiping out the humans on Earth to create a new world exclusively for espers. I assume he has some sort of vengeful reason for this revolving around past trauma as they always do. Here’s hoping there’s more to him as a villain.

It’s still got me curious what will end up happening to Kyoutarou before the final battle given that he isn’t shown in the first episode, but seems to be the main focus for the story with his connection to the main antagonists. Also, the focus on Minami in the ending theme makes me wonder if I should be expecting her to betray the Professor in the end despite her assertion this week that she helps him out of her own free will.

Tokyo ESP Episode 4: Miracle!

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It looks like the most of the main characters from the first episode have assembled together. The invisible girl turned out to be easier to turn than expected. The mysterious samurai also turned out to be both the swordsman from the first episode and a person from Azuma’s past. Presumably, Minami is trying to change the world for the better or something after the events of the civil war from her and Azuma’s childhood. Also, it’s possible the second samurai was her missing father, but that’s just a quick speculation.

It looks like the main antagonist from the first episode has appeared, calling himself the Professor. We didn’t get a great sense of his ability in the first episode, but the quick look this week made it look possibly like the ability to manipulate his blood. Whatever it is, let’s see if we find out his grand plans next week.

Tokyo ESP Episode 3: Heroes of justice

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It looks like the beginning of this series will be focusing on team-building. I think the red-haired invisibility girl was shown fighting on Rinka’s side in the first episode, so there will be a process to turn her away from petty crime. There’s also the interesting question of who the samurai is. I’m currently working with two possibilities. For one, it could be the girl from the first episode shown using teleportation and dual swords. Also, there’s a possibility it’s the person shown briefly this week standing next to Azuma in his flashback, explaining the samurai’s knowledge of Azuma’s name.

Anyway, next week should get through this whole kidnapping thing. Although, it looks like Murasaki may be able to save herself now that she’s getting a psychic power of her own.I can’t remember what her power was…hope it’s something interesting, I guess.