Log Horizon 2 Final Episode (25): Raid boss down

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Oh hey…so that’s where Crusty ended up going…slacking off in the Chinese server. A couple of things about Kanami…first off, I’m glad she appears in this final episode because otherwise, what was really the point of introducing her in this season? And secondly, was her getting pregnant really the reason for the disbanding of the Debauchery Tea Party? It seems like such a tame reason…the first season made it seem like there was some sort of trauma associated with it. I guess the argument could be made that Shiroe just wasn’t used to guild things at the time and didn’t take it too well or something. Seems like perfectly normal guild behavior to me.

Well, as far as endings go…I can’t really complain all too much. Two seasons are down and we still don’t really know what’s going on with the world, but at least they tried to tie up as much as they could in this final episode. I give points for that. That being said, I’d probably be apprehensive of a third season just because of how disinterested I was watching this season.

Log Horizon 2 Episode 24: Another raid?

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In my opinion, watching Shiroe so flustered this week was pretty painful, but I dig this final scene look from him. I agree with the general thought from Shiroe. Why is the moth dungeon just now spawning at the Shibuya antennae just as everyone was planning on using it? That can’t just be coincidence. I’m hoping we get a clue next week. I’m also sad that this is how the first fight with everyone together ends up…I would have liked to see everyone in action a bit more.

So are they actually going to finish the raid next week? The preview mentions “the end of the battle”, so I guess so. Given how long the first raid in this season took, I can’t imagine getting more than two tries at killing the raid boss at most…more than likely, they’ll need to defeat it on the first try. At the end of the day, we know that next week’s ending will just open the way up to a new season, but I personally can only hope for as much resolution as possible.

Log Horizon S2 Episode 23: Successor

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Well, this week’s episode focuses mostly on Isaac and his relationship with Iselus, the heir to the Maihama throne. It’s a pretty simple episode that stands alone, but it’s really hard to care about Iselus as a character since he’s being introduced so late in the second season. At this point, he just feels like a throw-away. Not too much more happens this week other than Shiroe investigating his Moon theory.

I guess the final event of this season will be this cloud that is knocking everyone out. I’m assuming that next week, they investigate the cloud and find out what it is with the final episode revolving around dispelling the cloud. Seems simple enough. I guess this series really does expect to get a third season, which I’m guessing would have similar lag time to this season’s appearance.

Log Horizon S2 Episode 22: New mission

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So Roe 2 was Shiroe’s alternate character possessed by a “Navigator”, some sort of being from another world. This would explain why her personality isn’t too much like Shiroe’s despite their similar appearance (it’s basically a different person). I’m also not too surprised that the geniuses that are appearing are related to these Navigators. It’s a good way to resolve as much as possible in this last arc.

It looks like the new mission is to go to the Moon. I’m guessing that’s just the overarching mission because there doesn’t seem to be enough time left in this season for something like that. Plus, next week’s episode seems to focus on the relationship between Lenessia’s brother and Isaac from the Round Table, so there’s no real focus on that yet. I’m sorry, but I’m not sure I can sit through another season of this…

Log Horizon 2 Episode 21: Genius invasion?

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Another slow episode this week. This one seemed mostly like it was wrapping up previous stories and preparing the final arc. It looks like we’ll be dealing with these “geniuses” to finish up the season. Are they adventurers as well? Souji seemed to suggest that the lack of defensive barrier around Akihabara allowed them to enter. Would the barrier even have been enough to stop them? I guess maybe it would have stopped this guy from using his hypnotic skill…

Well, now that the children have returned to Akihabara, I guess the battlefield will once again return to Akihabara as well. Four episodes left to cover this genius thing and the mysterious illnesses in Akihabara? Even if the sick people Naotsugu saw were linked to the geniuses, is there enough time to finish another arc in this season? I guess there’s no hope for finding out what happened to Crusty before the season ends at this rate…

Log Horizon 2 Episode 20: Another episode, I guess

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These episodes really do feel like they’re dragging. I guess this week’s episode was meant to further introduce this Plant Hwayden as an antagonist? Honestly, it looked more to me like taking some time to beat up Nyanta since he never gets to fight. The children had their scenes, but they honestly didn’t seem to give anything more than what was shown last week.

Next week, the children return to Akihabara, it seems. Presumably, the focus will shift back to Shiroe now that the wyvern situation has been handled. Is it finally time for war against the west? We should be theoretically coming up on the last arc for this series. It doesn’t really look to me like we’re coming up on a conclusion…probably a similar ending to the first season.

Log Horizon 2 Episode 19: Children’s stories?

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I’m not sure why it was necessary to have so much standing and talking when wyverns are attacking the town, but I guess the children needed to get some background story. On Touya’s side, I wasn’t too surprised how the Odyssey Knights turned out given their initial appearance. I guess death is their own personal drug…always a fun subject.

I’d say the most interesting part was this business with the train, which looks to be the focus of next week’s episode. It seems the focus will shift off the children to Nyanta as he confronts the people on this train. So they’re using an adventurer to summon creatures to house the minds of People of the Land? Based on the way they reacted when Nyanta attacked, are these Nightshades different from the ones that attacked the cathedral at the town? I have no problem with the concept of power leveling, but what is the gain for anyone that’s not the summoner? Seems like a lot of work.

Log Horizon 2 Episode 18: Wyvern attack

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This week’s episode seems to be the calm before the fight, I see. A lot of the episode is spent with talking and explanations. I have to feel sorry for those poor People of the Land…stuck listening to the BGM that was programmed into the game for eternity. That just sounds like torture. On Touya’s end, he seems to be perceptive enough to realize that Dariella/Nureha is hiding something behind her fake smile. Maybe there’s hope for him…

I guess Nyanta has been tailing the kids group this whole time to make sure they’re alright. If he’s helping, then taking out the wyverns isn’t impossible, especially with Roe 2 to help as another level 90. Still, the preview doesn’t reveal him in the battle, so maybe he’s not helping after all. It looks like next week will also throw the Odyssey Knights into the fight. Theoretically, we’ll find out more about their portable cathedral, right?

Log Horizon 2 Episode 17: Roe 2 seems pretty easy to manipulate

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These episodes are starting to feel like they’re dragging on and on. Am I the only one feeling that? I think the only interesting part of this week’s episode was when one of the people at the Round Table tried to propose a welfare system to help the adventurers that were struggling that was immediately shot down in a fairly “capitalism ho!” manner. As for the scene where Nureha reveals herself as the yellow-clad woman from the very end of the first season, I wasn’t totally expecting it, but I wasn’t really intrigued too much by the revelation.

It looks like next week will be some bonding time for Isuzu and Rudy…other than that, I’m not expecting too much. I assume much of their adventure will have to do with these Odyssey Knights that were introduced this week. As for Roe 2, she seems to have her uses as a summoner…is she supposed to be joining the cast? That just seems confusing if she does.

Log Horizon 2 Episode 16: Shiroe lookalike appears

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Not much really happens this week other than the introduction of the new character, Roe 2. There was a bit of discussion about the location of Crusty and the state of his guild, but not much headway is made. Has Misa still not revealed what happened to him to anyone yet? Surely, people wouldn’t be sitting around asking about him if they really knew what happened when he disappeared, right?

I’m not sure how I feel about bring a level 90 adventurer into the kids’ team. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of their going out on their own if they continue to get bailed out by a level 90? Although, from the preview, it sounds like Roe 2 has some quirks that may be more detrimental than you would expect from a level 90…I guess we’ll see.