Red Data Girl First Impressions: Protect the Chosen One

[Commie] Red Data Girl - 01 [043C47ED].mkv_snapshot_08.23_[2013.04.03_15.19.06]

I’m getting bad feelings from this show…sorry to say. I know many of you might have seen the pre-air already, so I’m starting late. From what I’ve seen in the first episode, I’m being reminded of my experience with Hiiro no Kakera if anyone has watched that. The helpless girl, Izumiko Suzuhara, who actually has some hidden power and the guy who is forced to protect her, Miyuki Sagara. Apparently, Izumiko has magical hair, but I thought that was a different show this season? What’s going on?

[Commie] Red Data Girl - 01 [043C47ED].mkv_snapshot_22.35_[2013.04.03_15.18.40]

So, I wonder what will happen. I mean, I get that there will likely be some love thing going on between Izumiko and Miyuki. Also, that guy Wamiya looks pretty suspicious, but that’s beside the point. But what kind of power does Izumiko have? It looks like we might find out in the next episode based on the preview.

I haven’t fully decided whether or not I’m going to cover this show or not. If it continues along this fantasy route, I might have enough material…we’ll see. Last thing to mention, the opening and ending are both pretty good songs…though they may take some time to catch on. Another thing about the opening: Izumiko seems to be a lot more outgoing in it…interesting.