Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Final Episode

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Everything’s basically resolved, so the final episode could only be an epilogue. New people showing up and whatnot. I can imagine the girl having an attitude similar to Ryuunosuke’s (she can’t be as epic, though) and the guy acting somewhat similar to Misaki. And you know…Yuuko.

Is there enough for a second season? Certainly…but would it make sense? Probably not. I can only assume everything is over. Ehh…it was an alright show. As I’ve said before, I liked the spotlight on failure…since things don’t always work out. But so freaking mushy, man…jeez…

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 23

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Sorata’s face was basically me the whole time.
Ahh…I was ready. How could I have been so foolish? That much suffering over failure in a romantic comedy? The ending had to be particularly mushy to make up for it. Quite a nice plan, Jin. Take advantage of the students when they’re emotionally vulnerable. Ryuunosuke is right to make Jin look manipulative…he really is.

Sigh…tearing down a building is such a permanent thing…failing at your dream is only temporary. If you really care, you will eventually make it…I’m just glad that they were willing to allow the characters to fail. Because in a normal show, everything would just work out. I may be speaking too soon, though…I’m sure the wrap up next week will involve everyone’s dreams going back on track. Because the world always just works out like that, right?

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 22

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Everyone’s all together again…Nanami let Sorata go…Sorata confessed to Mashiro. Everything is just great and happy? Right? Right…just warms my freaking heart. Not that it surprises me…it’s that kind of show, right? Now what? All the love stuff is resolved, right? So now all that comes is saving Sakurasou and seeing Jin and Misaki off.

For next week, it looks like everyone has a plan. Ryuunosuke has his secret plan of bringing Rita so everyone’s gathered for the ceremony, right? Also, Jin has some master plan with the student council president…likely something to do with Sakurasou since the petition was a bust.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 21

Brought the suffering on hard in this one, huh?
Brought the suffering on hard in this one, huh?

It’s too bad…anime is too nauseating with its constant “you can do anything if you work hard enough” theme. This show’s going heavy into the idea that sometimes you just can’t make it no matter how hard you try, which makes sense in my opinion for a show with a genius character like Mashiro, but the timing suggests that it will likely be overturned at the end.

I wanna take a moment to mention Ryuunosuke again…I really find him to be a depressing character. He’s so perceptive that he must have a clear understanding of what’s going on to everyone in Sakurasou, but he pretty much can do nothing about it.

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If we want to talk about how I’d like to see it end, I think the best way would be to end with some message of treasuring small victories over dwelling on large defeats. But they’ll probably make a grand statement that saving Sakurasou is enough because they always have more chances at their dreams…blah blah blah. I’m also curious how Mashiro and Sorata will end up. My original idea was that Mashiro, who isn’t used to failure because art comes naturally to her, would find failure in the destruction of Sakurasou, thus allowing her finally relate to Nanami and Sorata. But that doesn’t go really fit based on what we’ve seen so far.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 20

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Meh…that’s kinda annoying. I think all of those things that Ryuunosuke said were right, but they may be overshadowed by his choice to help out in the end. I liked that he pointed out the apparent contradictions in their actions. I think we’ve seen too many series where childhood friends break up when something is lost between them…good on Ryuunosuke to point out that the group’s fear of this happening due to the loss of Sakurasou was a lack of confidence in their relationships. Also, his comment about spending their little remaining time making memories…all good stuff. I knew he’d change over, but it needed to be said.

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So getting a petition signed is their big idea? That only gets them a response from the school board…they don’t necessarily have to change their mind. They only have give a statement saying why they’re doing it. It’s just like the White House…if you’ve heard of the Death Star petition, that’s a good example (google it if you haven’t…it’s pretty funny). I guess it works in anime, though…since it will build up to a “the whole school unites to save them” ending, right?

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 19

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What better way to follow up the decision to demolish Sakurasou than an episode to reminisce about the good old days? Not really all that much happens this week…it’s pretty obvious Sorata’s first experience with Sakurasou would be like that. I understand why they chose to show that, but it wasn’t too interesting.

So now everyone goes on a campaign to save Sakurasou. I’m assuming they find some way to get everyone in the school to help them out…between Aoyama and Jin, that could be possible. No chance Misaki and Mashiro will be able to do much. It seems early enough in the show to suggest that they succeed, but we’ll see.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 18

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Well, that handles Jin and Misaki’s stuff pretty easily. Stubborn fools finally figured it out. Anyway…I suppose it’s about time someone beat the crap out of Sorata. Look at what he’s doing to Nanami and Mashiro…you have to try to be that oblivious. Unless he knows and this is all part of his plan…I see now.

So I guess this is what the final encounter will be. Will they be able to save Sakurasou? Since most of them aren’t graduating yet, odds are pretty high that they succeed…then again, they could always go with “Mashiro assimilates with society” ending. It’s very unlikely, though…

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 17

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Well, that Valentine’s Day was kind of a failure…Misaki’s fail was obvious. Mashiro managed to give the chocolate successfully, but Sorata has been thrown off by Nanami. Does he seriously think she’d never confess to him? That’s a whole new level of dense. I’d say Rita technically failed because of the way she left, but she’s definitely making ground with the letter.

This week seems to suggest that Nanami passes her audition…but you never know with these things. Just like this week suggests that Sorata picks Mashiro, but you can still never know. Though to be fair, it makes no sense to have Sorata go through so much trouble to help her just so she can fail. Anyway, preview seems to focus on Misaki…time to make the big plays on Jin?

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 16

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So Sorata finally got one…even if it was almost another fail. Not sure how much the game designing will play into the rest of the show…is the ending of the show actually when his game comes out? Could make sense. I’m a bit curious about the estimate in the game presentation, I guess. I would assume most of the cost of that sort of game would be securing song licenses…wonder how they decided to slash that cost.

Now it’s Nanami’s turn…with Valentine’s Day coming up, I can’t be sure whether she’ll pass, then get shut down by Sorata, or fail and…well, still get shut down by Sorata. Personally, I think it’s better if he went ahead and chose her instead, but all of the stuff with Mashiro trying to change suggests otherwise. Also…looks like some more Rita shenanigans too…

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 15

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And the one to help Misaki recover was Mashiro…guess everyone else was too distracted? Sorata didn’t even do anything despite Jin’s telling him that he didn’t reject Misaki…just wanted to better himself before devoting himself to her. I guess he doesn’t want the distractions? I suppose that makes sense…it’s unusual for a character to believe that their feelings will still be the same later. Feelings don’t necessarily change, but people may want to move on despite that…especially if you’re forced to wait for someone (5 cm per second, anyone?).

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Next up is presentation time for Sorata again? The preview doesn’t really give too much information to go on…pretty sure it’s just Jin babbling on about the person he was staying with over the break. Still seems soon for a presentation, though…unless he fails again. That’d be kinda weird having him fail twice, though…