Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 14

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Do you understand yet, Sorata? Probably not…but whatever. At least he managed to make up with Mashiro (while Aoyama was watching because her life is so much suffering). As for Jin and Misaki, that went basically the way I expected…Jin’s own fears are the reason he’s avoiding Misaki. So Christmas Eve failed for everyone…even Rita (unless…it couldn’t be).

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Sorata got his second chance at a game competition…this is probably the one he manages to get right. I dunno…there’s still time for a last one if that’s the way they want to do it, but they’ve already had him fail once, so it’s probably enough. Either way, next week everyone goes home…the preview makes it look like they all go to Sorata’s house or something. I figure it’s more likely Sorata’s father talking in the preview than Jin or Ryuunosuke’s…though they are possible.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 13

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I guess this second half of this series is drama time. Sorata is doing the same thing Rita is…getting mad at Mashiro for trying to be normal because he believes she is wasting her gift. Of course, he probably assumes she’s just slacking…you know, because he’s dense like that. Not sure what’s going on with Jin and Misaki…if I had to guess, it’s something like Jin being afraid to commit, so he keeps dodging her. Nothing we haven’t seen before as far as I can tell.

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I wonder if Mashiro will get angry or something when she finds out about Sorata’s plans with Aoyama. The feelings are new to her, so she wouldn’t be able to control jealousy, right? Well, next week’s episode is Christmas Eve, so I guess we’ll find out. Also, the new opening and ending themes don’t really do much for me…they’re both kinda boring. Anyone else suspicious about that call from Yuuko? What exactly was it for?

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 12

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Haha…Sorata got trolled so hard by Rita…Ryuunosuke too. I knew it was too weird that Mashiro was the one that willingly went back. Not much else to say about this episode. The showing went basically how I expected it to…Ryuunosuke is still the best character…pretty funny interactions with Rita.

So…are we done? Next week, Mashiro learns what love is and Sorata confesses to her? Then they become a couple and stuff…show’s over? What else is there to do, right? Yup…just gonna convince myself that the show will end next week…I think I’ve had about enough of this.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 11

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Yes, Sorata…continue closer to the dark side. Tell Mashiro she should go back home to England. That’ll go over so well for you. She has a father waiting for her there after all. He’s definitely going to do it. But after the cultural festival, of course. That aside, Ryuunosuke and Rita’s flirty interactions are a bit disturbing…mostly because of the maid outfit.

Next week seems like a “conclusive” sort of episode. I find it hard to believe this show is going for 24 episodes when it looks like we’re reaching an ending point. What’s the next half going to be about? This can’t be good. Prepare for more facepalm…and seriously…a little much on the naked girls?

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 10

Rita has joined everyone else…they sure took care of her stuff quickly. Of course they needed someone to draw on Mashiro’s level. Ryuunosuke’s really funny and awesome in this episode…sometimes you need someone willing to say things bluntly without fear of the consequences. And who better than a shut-in to do that?

So they’re almost done…the cultural festival is coming up. The show seems to be reaching a “conclusion point.” I guess it’s not the 24 episodes that MyAnimeList claims (thankfully). What’s going on in this preview? Is that Ryuunosuke in a skirt? What problems will they face in the cultural festival?

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 9

Rita…you are quite manipulative, aren’t you? Reminds of another foreigner from some other show…with a similar appearance. Kind of a sad scenario. I assume she spent so much time around Mashiro that she found her own talent hopeless, so she’s offended that Mashiro wouldn’t fully use hers. Which is a nuisance because I feel like I know what that’s like…make your life decisions with your own talents…don’t worry about mine. Ryuunosuke finally appears…voice and behavior is boyish, but appearance is fairly girlish…I’m gonna call my initial prediction half-right and still plausible with lower probability.

He’s basically the character I expected him to be and I’m totally fine with that. Was he always in the ending theme, though (sneaky bastard)? Anyway, I assume next week, Sorata may “realize that Rita might be right” and piss off Mashiro again. Then, he’ll realize what he’s really supposed to think or whatever. A normal scenario, but he’s already made her mad and gotten her forgiveness…so surely he wouldn’t do it again, right? Still, seems like something that can be done in one episode, but there are still plenty left.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 8

Sorata finally got his results, but he fails his presentation. Just like I predicted…they chose to give results sooner and he failed, so now he has to try again. But they sure managed to cheer him up quick. I was surprised…thought he might dwell on it for at least another episode.

What the…another new character? Isn’t it a bit late to be introducing new characters? Don’t tell me she’s gonna be linked to Sorata’s game designer path somehow (like she recommends him or something). Maybe the show has just gone back to random silliness for the final episodes. Wonder what comes next…I’m curious if Sorata will have to face that Fujisawa Kazuki guy again…if he’ll be asked the same thing and have an answer this time.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 7

Sigh…while funny, Yuuko’s misinterpretations are nowhere near as good as Aoyama’s…I guess she’s just a kid, though. Now Aoyama’s busted, though…Yuuko figured out her feelings for Sorata. Good thing we have convenient train doors to stop her from fully revealing it…glad we paid extra for those. And oh dear lord…Misaki has a driver’s license. Everyone run!

Sorata’s still waiting on his game design results…are we ever gonna find out what kind of game it was? It’s not gonna be some boring fantasy RPG, right? Are these results supposed to be at the end of the series? What about the actual making of the game…not important? Well, if the results don’t show up next week, I’m just gonna assume that’s how they plan to end the series, which would mean he would pass…if they choose to use it sooner, there’s still the chance he fails and has to try again. It seems like the kind of show to have him succeed, though.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 6

And Mashiro Duty is back to Sorata. Aoyama getting sick was pretty obviously going to happen, but I honestly wasn’t expecting everyone to let her go to the performance anyway. I guess the right way to word is that I wasn’t expecting Mashiro to step in. I understand wanting to make the work you put into it mean something, and I’m probably one who would go out despite being sick, but probably not if I was falling over to reach the door.

To be honest, I guess I’ve never felt that “I want it” feeling that Mashiro and Aoyama have, so I guess I wouldn’t know how desperately they would want to go. I’m probably similar to Aoyama in my inability to rely on others, but I definitely lack the passion that would make it so self-destructive. So it looks like next week, Yuuko is coming…uhh…should I be scared? Sounds serious.

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 5

And of course Aoyama takes over watching over Mashiro. Her misunderstandings of Sorata and Mashiro are still funny to me…not too sure why. You’d think I’d get bored after a while. Also, they could at least tell us what kind of game Sorata is making…yeesh. Well, points to Ryuunosuke for being honest and just telling him he sucks at making concepts (although not necessarily that the idea was bad, which is curious).

Well, next week’s episode title suggests…let’s see, blue after the rain sounds like when the clouds clear up, so something depressing that turns out okay. Seems to be related to Mashiro’s manga if I had to venture a guess. Does that mean they’re off of Aoyama for a bit or is it related to her again?