Galilei Donna Final Episode: So it was planned all along

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Ehh…I have a few problems with this ending. First off, I still hold that traveling to the past and meeting Galileo was fairly useless as all it did was lead to a seventh sketch that wasn’t really linked to the Tesoro anyway. Also, Roberto killing the CEO at the end was kinda random and probably excessive. And, of course, because of the way they handled the time travel, Hozuki ended up going to the past to give Galileo details about the goldfish mecha that she would eventually use herself to create it in the first place, creating an annoying time paradox.

I was okay with the mother’s use of amnesia to trick the company, though. I was also sort of okay with Cicinho’s actions in the end because they didn’t really change anything. I’m curious about Anna’s final scene, though. I guess she was being arrested for being affiliated with Roberto or something? Whatever…not a bad show, but probably not a show I’ll remember for much.

Galilei Donna Episode 10: Captured!

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Okay, I have a bit of a problem with the random time travel. It happens at a moment of pretty high tension and doesn’t end up affecting the situation at all. It’s not like Hozuki came back and was able to do anything to save her sisters. It just seemed like a random aside that said something like “oh hey…guess what? Galileo’s love letters were actually about Hozuki”. I find that really frustrating.

Anyway, it looks like next week is the last episode. Still a few things that need to be resolved. We still haven’t seen any relevance for the girls’ mother and her amnesia. Also, there better be a point to Hozuki’s trip to the past. Otherwise, I’m probably not going to enjoy the ending…just saying.

Galilei Donna Episode 9: Well, that happened

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Finally they show us the secret of the Galileo Tesoro. The whole time, it’s been opening gates to the past. Although this doesn’t quite explain why the blizzard disappeared in that one scenario. Maybe it was just a coincidence? Either way, it’s good to know the Galileo Tesoro isn’t some crazy wish-granting mechanism. This is Galileo we’re talking about, after all. There has to be some sort of explanation.

So Hozuki’s meddling in the past will probably come to an end next week. Wasn’t Galileo persecuted by the church? Will that come into play next week? Just how much of an impact will Hozuki have on the past? It already looks like she’s the reason Galileo used goldfish for everything. I have a really bad feeling that some infinite loops of time travel will be popping up…

Galilei Donna Episode 8: Anna is turning…

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I almost thought Anna might tell the girls what she has been doing all this time to clear her conscience. It looks like she’s having some emotional troubles. Oh well, it has become obvious that she will betray Roberto in the end, but the question remains of how it will happen. She could theoretically sacrifice her own life to save the girls. Or simply help them and join them in the last second (this show doesn’t have unnecessary bloodshed, right?).

They’ve found the fifth sketch, meaning only one remains. We still haven’t confirmed the link between the sketches and the pendant just yet, but it looks like Roberto is aware that the pendant is useless alone. But how much does he know of its use? Heck, I’m still not completely sure what it does.

Galilei Donna Episode 7: The Tesoro is lost, but the journey continues?

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Well, it looks like Roberto finally got his Tesoro. It seems like Anna has been helping him all this time. I always knew she was suspicious. Apparently she’s in love with him or something. I wonder if this means the girls will be safe for a little bit. Although, it looks like the goldfish got pretty trashed in the last encounter.

Next week, it looks like Hozuki will get her wish to go to Japan granted, since that’s where the next sketch is. Despite losing the pendant, it looks like they’re going to keep searching the sketches. More than likely, the sketches are linked to the pendant’s energy. Hozuki  is always holding it up to the sketches whenever she finds them. Maybe it was charging? If so, then it won’t have very many uses.

Galilei Donna Episode 6: Kill them all, Roberto!

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So, some light background into the two opposing parties aside, am I supposed to conclude that Hozuki’s pendant is the Galileo Tesoro everyone seeks? If it really is the treasure, then is the quest to find all of the moon sketches supposed to be charging it for something? It had a strange black color after its flashy display this week after all.

I’m curious exactly how this pendant of Hozuki’s works. It seems to be triggered by nearby explosions, but it doesn’t just dispel the explosion. In this case, it was able to quell the blizzard outside as well…why did it decide to do that? Is it just trying to fulfill the wish of the owner? If so, I can see why everyone wants it.

Galilei Donna Episode 5: That was kinda dark

Goldfish AI doesn't care what you think.
Goldfish AI doesn’t care what you think.

Wow…they gave Hozuki a friend and immediately killed him. I wonder what effect that will have on her. I mean, it was another episode where she did all the work (why are the other sisters so useless?). Maybe her mind will be compromised for a bit? One can only hope someone else will do something.

Another day, another sketch. I guess the goldfish thing is kinda important. Does that mean the blueprints for the Galileo actually called for a goldfish-shaped mecha? Was Galileo into fish? That’s kinda of a random thing…I guess a moon-shaped mecha would have been kinda boring, right?

Galilei Donna Episode 4: Well, she turned quickly

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Hey…someone other than Hozuki was useful. All it took was a six-story fall…no big deal. I kinda expected something like this to happen. Will Kazuki continue to man the ship in combat situations? Because I think it would be appropriate for the martial artist to handle those. Also, it would give Hozuki the chance to focus as the mechanic she is. She isn’t exactly a great pilot either *cough*.

So they have the next clue and Kazuki got over her issues. Next up, Hazuki becomes useful? We’re getting close to the halfway point in the show. Isn’t it about time for Anna to betray everyone and steal the inheritance? She does have some sort of mysterious benefactor, after all. That company’s CEO, perhaps?

Galilei Donna Episode 3: Quite the outburst…

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So much crying and whining…I thought Hozuki was supposed to be the child. I’m assuming Hazuki is mature enough not to freak out in this situation and Hozuki is too distracted with technical issues, leaving Kazuki to be the one who can’t accept their situation. I was thinking she might get over it and take control of weapon systems or something.

Anyway, they got their first clue about the Galileo Tesoro business. I’m not entirely sure why Hozuki seems to hold all of the keys right now. I would assume that in a show like this, there would be some equal contributions or something. Seems like the show is a bit slow to get moving? As long as they don’t do anything lame like “Kazuki betrays them and then finds out it’s useless and turns around blah blah”.

Galilei Donna Episode 2: Prison break

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There’s a goldfish mecha suit too? Just how bored was Hozuki? Anyway, now that the sisters are broken out of jail, I guess they’re traveling together? Both parents are captured…I doubt the mother is dead. An interesting group…the mechanic, the martial artist, and the lawyer. Still have no idea how useful the lawyer is. Maybe her role is “the adult”.

So yeah…they have to somehow figure out what this inheritance is and find it. I’ll be annoyed if it’s one of those cheesy things where the inheritance is actually something that isn’t inherently valuable or whatever. Also, anyone else wondering what happened to that goldfish? Did it die?