Galilei Donna Episode 9: Well, that happened

[Commie] Galilei Donna - 09 [B31475C6].mkv_snapshot_17.05_[2013.12.09_06.24.00]

Finally they show us the secret of the Galileo Tesoro. The whole time, it’s been opening gates to the past. Although this doesn’t quite explain why the blizzard disappeared in that one scenario. Maybe it was just a coincidence? Either way, it’s good to know the Galileo Tesoro isn’t some crazy wish-granting mechanism. This is Galileo we’re talking about, after all. There has to be some sort of explanation.

So Hozuki’s meddling in the past will probably come to an end next week. Wasn’t Galileo persecuted by the church? Will that come into play next week? Just how much of an impact will Hozuki have on the past? It already looks like she’s the reason Galileo used goldfish for everything. I have a really bad feeling that some infinite loops of time travel will be popping up…

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