Working’!! Episode 1

Alright, time for season 2. This season starts off with the standard stuff. Takanashi calls Taneshima short, and Inami punches him when she sees him. Also, Yamada breaks stuff. Anyways, Takanashi asks Inami to restrain herself from punching him once in order to show that she’s making progress overcoming her androphobia. Meanwhile, Kyoko kills a bug that’s scaring Yachiyo, which causes Takanashi to yell at her (because the bug was tiny and cute). Inami gets onto Takanashi for comparing Taneshima to a bug, but he calls her worse than a bug, which ends up depressing her and getting himself punched. Takanashi notices Yamada’s multiple breakages, and also notices Taneshima trying to take responsibility for one of them. Both of the girls are too short to reach the paper where the breakages are logged, which Taneshima actually uses as motivation. However, she gets riled up about being short and breaks a glass. She ends up asking Soma about getting taller and he tells her to eat dried gecko (man, this guy’s such a good troll). The episode ends with everyone leaving for the day. Sato tells Taneshima that he and Soma were lying about the geckos and Takanashi is unable to find Inami because she is still sulking about the bug thing. More of the same stuff this season…not that I’m complaining. Even the opening theme is basically the same. Anyways…I need to find a way to thin out all of these shows that I’m watching.