Galilei Donna Episode 4: Well, she turned quickly

[Commie] Galilei Donna - 04 [58647B8E].mkv_snapshot_20.16_[2013.11.04_06.18.32]

Hey…someone other than Hozuki was useful. All it took was a six-story fall…no big deal. I kinda expected something like this to happen. Will Kazuki continue to man the ship in combat situations? Because I think it would be appropriate for the martial artist to handle those. Also, it would give Hozuki the chance to focus as the mechanic she is. She isn’t exactly a great pilot either *cough*.

So they have the next clue and Kazuki got over her issues. Next up, Hazuki becomes useful? We’re getting close to the halfway point in the show. Isn’t it about time for Anna to betray everyone and steal the inheritance? She does have some sort of mysterious benefactor, after all. That company’s CEO, perhaps?

3 thoughts on “Galilei Donna Episode 4: Well, she turned quickly”

  1. Agreed it would be nice to have a three way combo of girls:

    1) Hozuki as mechanic fixing stuff around the ship
    2) Kazuki as pilot during the fights
    3) Hazuki as the “mother” and “legal consultant” of the group.

    We just need to get rid of Anna now as she’s, as you say, evil! *evil smirk*


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