Magi Episode 13

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Invasion successful…I wasn’t expecting every battle to end in an instant. They didn’t even need Aladdin or Sinbad…a lot weaker than I thought. I guess it’s only halfway through the series and all. Anyway, I don’t really understand what Alibaba hopes to accomplish by talking with his brother. What exactly can he do to convince him to change his mind?

New opening and ending songs aren’t really bad…just not stuff I tend to listen to. Some interesting scenes in them though that make me wonder (for example, Morgiana as a dancer). Not sure what’s going to happen next week…it looks like the Kou princess will play a role in this discussion or something. We’ll see.

Magi Episode 12


Alibaba’s doing something stupid again. Finally found the courage to fight and then runs into the battle by himself. Aladdin’s still down, which means he has to wake up just in time for the final battle to save the day. I sure hope we’re done with the low self-esteem Alibaba…that guy’s annoying.

So next week, the fight begins. I guess Abumad feels pretty confident with his animal warriors or something? I still don’t think it’s enough to fight Sinbad, but Alibaba’s gone off to fight himself. I’m sure that’ll work out great for him. It’s not like he’ll need Morgiana and Sinbad to bail him out or anything, right?

Magi Episode 11

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And so Alibaba starts on the journey to become king. So much to learn…he can’t even keep calm like Sinbad. Speaking of Sinbad, was he even chosen by a Magi? Jafar isn’t one, so he doesn’t have one travelling around with him…so how is he so knowledgeable? It’s very suspicious. He knows Judal, but I doubt it was him…

Typical tale of corruption from the king…typical tale of economic flop from paper currency as well. Like I said before, with Sinbad, two Faris, and Alibaba, it shouldn’t be that hard to beat the king, right? Aladdin and Ugo are down for the count, but everyone is still pretty strong. I don’t see why this is trouble…

Magi Episode 10

Well, that fight was just funny…I expected Judal to be super powerful if he thought he could take on Aladdin, Sinbad, Alibaba, and Morgiana together, but he just kept boasting and immediately getting rocked by Aladdin and Ugo. That guy got completely wrecked…it was kinda hilarious.

But what’s going to happen to Ugo? It looks like he’s going to die…that would be quite the motivator for Aladdin to lose his friend like that, but it is sort of a weird thing to happen in this show. Looks like next week will show off the real enemy…Judal was only the distraction. They made him look like such an embodiment of evil, but in reality, he’s really not much at all. Maybe he’s the vanguard for some organization of dark Magi or something.

Magi Episode 9

Well, guys…time to overthrow the king and bring Alibaba to the throne. Standard “stop the corruption” stuff, I see. How can they fail with Aladdin, two Faris warriors, and the overpowered Sinbad on their side? Looks like all the king has to aid him is the dark Magi Judal…surely he can’t be enough to stop all of them.

It looks like we’ll see just how powerful Judal is next episode…is he fighting against Alibaba? Why not fight against Aladdin if he’s a Magi too? And also, why are the things flying around him black? Is he the only dark Magi or are there others? Do all Magi eventually become that way if corrupted?

Magi Episode 8

Well, we finally get Alibaba’s background…it’s very similar to something I’ve heard before about the child allowing the thieves to destroy everything with his trust (Itsuwaribito, maybe? If anyone even knows that story). So why would Alibaba join a group like that? Clearly knowing Kassim’s ruthlessness with even his old friend…well, he must be trying to save Kassim as his friend. Turn him into a good person.

But now that he’s told Aladdin this, will he ask for his help? That sure was an easy way for the two to make up after that initial encounter (Morgiana win). Well, I guess we’ll see next week…maybe they can even get Sinbad to help (if he believes him?). I can’t remember…was Kassim’s sister in the band of thieves? He doesn’t seem like the type to let her after what he said to Alibaba, but where is she?

Magi Episode 7

Of course it’s the real Alibaba…there’s no coincidence in anime. Why could he have chosen to join a group of thieves? I suppose they’re Robin Hood-style thieves, but still…wonder how he got to that point from being a dungeon clearer. Also, Sinbad has been introduced…admittedly not as annoying of a character as I originally expected, but I still have trouble believing he’s a dungeon clearer. I guess he did get those items stolen…were those dungeon artifacts?

So it looks like Alibaba is pretty dead set on opposing Aladdin based on the preview for some reason. Will they end up fighting? Doesn’t seem like Aladdin would be capable of fighting him…what’s going to happen with that? I dunno…I don’t like the idea of the thieves actually being good guys…not sure if I agree with it. But I guess it would fit.

Magi Episode 6

And Morgiana joins up…now just need to find Alibaba. Well, I’m not completely sure I buy it, but I guess I see what was being said about Morgiana’s psychological damage from being a slave. I wasn’t aware that she had been a slave for quite so long…thought she had just been traveling on her own out of her homeland and randomly got caught. Anyway, I assume Aladdin’s presence was the reason she heard the voice of Goltas in the pinch moment…so yeah, they’re together again.

But next week doesn’t look like Alibaba’s return quite yet…instead it’s the introduction of a new character Sinbad. Of course it could still be related to Alibaba, but it doesn’t really look like it. Anyway, clearer of so many dungeons is definitely suspect, so I’d say he’s probably lying. Don’t really know enough yet, so I guess I’ll have to keep my rather damning conclusions as mere theories.

Magi Episode 5

Well, Aladdin’s detour is over, so he can head back to Alibaba. I’m surprised Hakuei isn’t going with him, but I guess she is technically his competition (or rather Alibaba’s). I suppose she’ll be around…I’m curious about that other Magi, though. They seemed to suggest that he chose Hakuei originally as a candidate for King, then later chose her brother. Can they really choose so many people? Hardly seems so special…

The war stuff went pretty much how you would expect…although I wasn’t quite expecting Hakuei to try and solo all of the enemies with her dungeon-clear artifact (seriously, just call it mana…wtf is magoi?). Anyway, next week looks to be a focus on Morgiana…haven’t seen all that much about her, so yeah. Then again, we still know basically nothing about Alibaba too.

Magi Episode 4

Of course the old lady got killed…it’s never as easy as joining an empire. Always gotta have those complications to screw everything up. Well, no excuses now…Aladdin’s been thrown into a war. Will he be an unwilling bystander or will he be the one leading the charge? I imagine he will be pretty angry. Maybe we’ll see his true power.

Meanwhile, Alibaba’s hanging around with Morgiana. So is he going to find out about the war and get thrown in, running into Aladdin? Or will Aladdin return to him changed by what he has experienced? New series…Aladdin is a bloodthirsty mage roaming the world seeking revenge on everyone who has wronged him. Next time! But in all seriousness, is the preview suggesting that next episode will focus on Alibaba?