Magi Episode 8

Well, we finally get Alibaba’s background…it’s very similar to something I’ve heard before about the child allowing the thieves to destroy everything with his trust (Itsuwaribito, maybe? If anyone even knows that story). So why would Alibaba join a group like that? Clearly knowing Kassim’s ruthlessness with even his old friend…well, he must be trying to save Kassim as his friend. Turn him into a good person.

But now that he’s told Aladdin this, will he ask for his help? That sure was an easy way for the two to make up after that initial encounter (Morgiana win). Well, I guess we’ll see next week…maybe they can even get Sinbad to help (if he believes him?). I can’t remember…was Kassim’s sister in the band of thieves? He doesn’t seem like the type to let her after what he said to Alibaba, but where is she?

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