Comet Lucifer Final Episode (12): Let’s just pretend this show never happened

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Well, I can’t exactly say I was expecting too much from this show’s ending, so I wasn’t really let down. To give a dramatic summary of the final episode: So after watching an entire season of Sogo relying on Roman and Moura to fight his battles for him, watch as he spends the final episode…letting Moura and Felia fight the final battle for him…while he’s asleep and not even watching. I’m also going to try not to spend too much time talking about how the final boss was only trying to destroy the planet because she was lonely. I don’t even know where to begin on that. Also, did they ever really explain how Sogo’s mother fit into everything or was she really just a plot device to start his obsession with crystals?

It should come as no surprise that I didn’t find this show fun. It was introduced as a potentially interesting series with decent sound and visuals, an okay premise, and potentially awesome mecha battles, but it felt mostly squandered on a boring slice-of-life focus in the first half and a somewhat strange love story in the second half. Also, I’m still seething about the fact that the majority of the series had to pass before Sogo got in the freaking mecha. So let’s just move on, shall we?

Comet Lucifer Episode 11: I would probably give up if there was more than one episode left

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So let me get this straight. The area shield immediately confirmed their suspicions that the culprit was the Bureau research division, but they had absolutely no idea they would have an area shield? That literally makes no sense. I also enjoyed how the old dude brooding in the background this entire series was only in the series for a total of about five minutes. He was honestly in the series just to explain why the show is called “Comet Lucifer”. I’d be upset about the random appearance of Vee as well if she didn’t deliver the most entertaining scenes of the episode (BREAD WEAPONS).

I feel like the second half of the episode basically scripted itself…especially the old dude’s death and the timing of Mora’s transformation back into a mech. At least this week’s episode redeemed Gus a little bit as a character…even if he’s only doing it to get revenge for Do Mon. Anyway, next week’s episode is finally the end for this series. I guess we’re going Majora’s Mask with the ending or something? Because the moon is totally a comet? I’ve got nothing more to say…let’s just get through already.

Comet Lucifer Episode 10: The flags are too strong

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This week’s episode was really awkward to watch as Felia spontaneously hits puberty and just develops feelings for Sogo. Sure, he’s been dropping hints throughout most of the series, but this week’s episode was like her “heart activated” or something. Anyway, the ending of the episode was somewhat expected given that saying that you plan to tell the main character your feelings later is the worst flag ever. While I’m complaining, can I also mention how ridiculous it was for the guardian to wait until it had stabbed Mora to ask Felia “oh by the way, did you want me to do this?”

Roman still feels like the only interesting character in the series (especially now that Do Mon is dead). I thought his scene with Kaon is great…he actually knows what he’s doing and seems to be exception in the cast. Gus was an interesting character at the start of the series, but my impression of him plummeted when he started obsessing over Do Mon. Anyway, next week’s episode seems to be an introduction of the old guy who keeps saying he’s behind everything. It looks like Mora has also decided to take her humanoid form…maybe it’s because she’s no longer Felia’s guardian.

Comet Lucifer Episode 9: He did it!

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Oh my god…Sogo finally got in the robot. I can finally rest easy. Still, this week’s episode is full of weird things. For example, why is Moura only able to fully use her weapons when Sogo takes control? She literally spends the first half of the episode using only her hands to fight. Also, why did Moura suddenly get faster when Sogo was controlling her? Wouldn’t it be faster if she were responding to her own thoughts rather than Sogo’s instructions?

So is Gus dead? He took a laser beam straight to the face, after all. I said before that he was one of the more interesting characters in the series (more so than the main cast), but I’ve since grown annoyed with his obsession with Do Mon. The preview for next week’s episode doesn’t really give us much. It just shows the main characters finally reaching their destination. I’m guessing we’ll learn more about Felia or something.

Comet Lucifer Episode 8: Sogo is going to get punched again for this

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I think we can agree that the biggest reveal this week is Mora’s a girl?!?? Also, it’s about time someone gave Sogo a good punch in the face, so kudos to Domon this week. He’s absolutely right too…Sogo is literally there just to summon Mora, so he has no business putting himself in dangerous situations. Protect Felia? I don’t even understand why he would suggest that he does that.

Domon’s flashbacks this week don’t really give that much new information…the only thing that surprised me was the fact that he wasn’t actually Sogo’s father. It looks like we’ll get even more flashbacks from Domon next week though. I’m not sure we need to see him becoming Sogo’s guardian…I thought that was implied already. Given the way he’s going about things, I’m mostly expecting Domon to die eventually (he had a pretty self-destructive line this week)…probably after he finds out the big bad’s real master plan.


Comet Lucifer Episode 7: Is this Halo?

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In true anime fashion, it looks like the heroes find what they were looking for the minute they weren’t looking for it. My complaints about Sogo don’t really change this week…I’m surprised that I prefer Roman as a character despite the fact that I don’t typically like his archetype. Also, did anyone else find Felia’s behavior with Moura at the end of this week’s episode weird? She seemed like she was treating him as a comrade who had just died in battle…but it’s pretty clear that he’s still going to be around.

Next week, I guess we’ll be dealing with this halo that Felia just summoned. Is it supposed to be a world-destroying halo or something? It’s been giving off the air of danger so far…maybe it means we’ll finally figure out what Felia is. Sigh…and here I was hoping that coming back to this place would give Felia some sort of memory restoration and fix her personality. Heck…I would have even settled for Felia using her power to make Moura stronger, but reliant on Sogo in some way to fight optimally.

Comet Lucifer Episode 6: Is that supposed to be a beam sword?

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Wow…I have to admit that Roman is actually a pretty solid character in this series that I’m disliking more and more. This week’s episode was actually a bit fun because of his antics in combat. I put him pretty high above Sogo as a character because 1) his intentions are very clear and 2) he actually has the decency to fight (personally) for his love. I think that’s the problem that I’ve been having with Sogo up to now…with the exception of calling out a beam attack to Mora this week, he just summons Mora into combat and seems to let it just run wild. Is there ever going to be a point where it feels like he’s actually contributing to the fight?

This week’s episode interrupted the group while they were trying to go to some place that might give more information on Felia, so I guess next week’s episode will be reaching that place. Presumably, that means that we’ll finally figured out what exactly Felia is. Also, I’m going to point out that this week’s episode didn’t seem to indicate any change in Felia’s personality after her physical change…that’s pretty disappointing.

Comet Lucifer Episode 5: Plot armor is too strong

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So, someone explain to me why it makes sense that a blizzard happens immediately after a typhoon hits? I know this seems trivial, but they took the time to remind us about the typhoon at the start of this week’s episode, so it feels like it should be important. I’m also really surprised that Sogo isn’t dead given his actions this week…I know plot armor is strong, but he seemed to be flaunting that fact to our antagonists. Action-wise, though, the episode seemed pretty solid…the mecha battles were actually fun to watch and I can only really say that we need more of this…

All of my ranting aside, it looks like the big reveal for this week is that Felia’s recent outburst has changed her appearance so that she’s no longer a child. I don’t personally have a preference on her appearance…I’m more hoping that the change brings along a different personality. We don’t have too many clues, but her word choice at the very end of the episode seemed uncharacteristic of the child Felia, so that’s a good sign. That being said, the preview doesn’t really give too much insight on how things will progress next week (though it looks like the change might be somewhat permanent?). I’m guessing things go back to more of the same next week, but we’ll have to see.

Comet Lucifer Episode 4: Well, that was difficult

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So, on this week’s episode of “let’s save the intense scenes for the very end of the episode”, the enemy camp finally makes a move and kidnaps Felia. For the most part, though, I was very bored watching the episode as it felt like a standard slice-of-life up until the very end. Also, Sogo and Kaon’s logic just makes no sense to me. Knowing that a typhoon is hitting the town, they decide to wait for the rain to let up before returning home? And as a side note, did anyone else forget that Roman existed until he showed up this week?

Anyway, it looks like next week’s episode will show Felia interacting with her captors, further introducing the characters and probably going more into her powers. I’m assuming that Sogo will also go on his quest to save her. Can we just have some good old-fashioned mecha battles already?

Comet Lucifer Episode 3: Arrival of the Midboss

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And here I was thinking that this guy was just some random nutjob meant to bring out Felia’s power a bit for display…looks like this week’s episode was actually an introduction for another member of the enemy team. It’s actually starting to feel like the antagonists have a better story going on right now than the main characters…the main characters seem to be enjoying their time with random mech encounters along the way while the antagonists are actually going through the process of building some sort of task force.

From the preview, it looks like next week will be more task force stuff. I guess the tie-in with the main characters will be this storm that they’re mentioning. Shouldn’t there be a point where the main characters have some sort of direction? I’m starting to wonder if this is going to be Shining Hearts all over again…I guess things just feel “too” calm for me.