Unbreakable Machine Doll Final Episode: Wasn’t there supposed to be a competition going on?

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Sigh…an expected ending that doesn’t resolve anything. In fact, it causes more problems than it solves. It hints that the death of Raishin’s family and home were an accident caused by his brother trying to create a Machine Doll. Also, it hints that Shouko is using Raishin to accomplish a similar goal. I guess every magic-based show has to have that “Holy Grail” that every magician is trying to reach.

Also, the butler runs away just as Yaya powers up and attack him, so it seemed a lot like Yaya was just showing off at that final part. Oh well, I shouldn’t be too disappointed. At least I don’t have to deal with Yaya anymore, right? I feel so bad for Loki…trapped in the next bed having to deal with this stuff all the time.

Unbreakable Machine Doll Episode 11: Apparently Machine Doll and Automaton are different things

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Well, getting Charl to rejoin the party was fairly easy. I guess she’s over her rebellious phase now. Too bad she’s been relatively ineffective in this fight so far. I really hope this fight with the butler isn’t some sort of distraction so someone else can kidnap Henri. That would cause a frustrating hostage scenario for the last battle, which would be upsetting. Here’s hoping there isn’t enough time left in the series for that.

Everyone’s getting beaten by this super butler so far. I suppose Yaya’s being the best automaton doesn’t mean much if what you’re facing isn’t an automaton. Anyway, I wonder how they’ll end up beating him. Maybe more help from Loki and Frey? Or Raishin will show some special moves?

Unbreakable Machine Doll Episode 10: Fight against the butler

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So it was a cave after all. Seems like a bit of a random thing to have lying around. Oh well, the headmaster had to survive somehow. There were also some brief moments with Magnius…will we even have time for Raishin to fight this guy? I thought he was the last boss. It feels like he needs his own arc with flashbacks and the like.

Things are looking good for my “replace Char with Henri” ending for this show. Raishin has told her the secret to his past that he never mentioned to Char or anyone else. Now, all we have to do is get rid of the original and the ending will be complete. I guess that comes after the battle with the butler next week?

Unbreakable Machine Doll Episode 9: Wait…what did Raishin fall into at the end?

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Tales of heartbreak and betrayal. It seems that Felix is back again, or at least his family is, to exact vengeance on Charl and her own family. Naturally, Raishin will jump in and save her. I don’t really understand why Raishin had to have that conversation with Yaya, though. It basically boiled down to “I fight for my friends”, which isn’t exactly surprising. I don’t even understand why it was so surprising to him.

Anyway, Charl has attacked the headmaster, so next week is the aftermath. Based on the final scene of this week’s episode, I’m assuming the headmaster doesn’t die so easily. They wouldn’t condemn Charl so easily, right? Unless…maybe they’re replacing her with Henri! No one would ever notice!

Unbreakable Machine Doll Episode 8: Charl…come to the dark side

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Hmm…I guess they’re doing Charl’s arc after all. This show doesn’t really waste much time, does it? A few minutes of recovery and straight into the next one. Anyway, it looks like Frey’s arc ended easily enough. Loki and Raishin just had to tag team and become best buds. That was a pretty cool battle.

Well, judging by the pacing we’ve seen so far, this should be the last arc for this series. They still seem to be following the manga/light novel, so I suppose that means there won’t be an anime original ending. I wonder if that means there will be no ending at all. If I had to guess, it’s probably a no-resolution ending coming up. But anyway, we have to deal with Charl’s apparent betrayal first.

Unbreakable Machine Doll Episode 7: Storm the base!

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Raishin comes back so quickly after a wound that severe? You really expect me to believe he has diminished healing. Anyway, the big thing this week is that Frey and Loki were artificially enhanced and that Rabbi wasn’t actually the broken one. It’s the classic case where Frey probably has more power, but Loki has control. Unless, of course, Loki was holding back, in which case Frey is as weak as we always thought.

This arc is coming to a close next week. Loki has joined the fight. Presumably, he’s got too much honor to gang up on Raishin, so he’s probably there to help him. He wouldn’t even finish Raishin off when he was down after all. Next week, they kill all the things, right? For vengeance!

Unbreakable Machine Doll Episode 6: The tournament begins

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Raishin’s compassion for automatons can be so annoying at times. So distraught from seeing Yomi die that he allowed himself to literally get stabbed in the back. I swear, he acts like he’s as immortal as a certain other character from this season. Plot armor is such an amazing thing, right? It’s funny too because he actually has diminished healing, rather than accelerated healing like most other characters of similar behavior.

But that mini-rant aside, next week, the battle against Cherubim continues. Surely, our protagonist won’t be eliminated from this tournament so easily, right? I’d say one or two more episodes for the Frey arc should just about do it…which means original ending after that?

Unbreakable Machine Doll Episode 5: Another one for the harem, I presume

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Finally Yaya gets what she deserves mwahaha…I mean, what a terrible sneak attack. I hope she’s okay? What would we do if we lost such a character? Anyway, this week we’re introduced to Frey, possibly the most skilled assassin I’ve ever seen. If you haven’t figured it out yet, she has some daddy issues…and brother issues. I guess she just has issues.

So Raishin’s off on some infiltration mission…the dogs at that orphanage are pretty similar to Rabbi, so it’s pretty obviously to investigate Frey and Loki. Next week, we learn about their background…more about why Frey’s trying to kill Raishin, I suppose. I still think Sigmund’s the best character. The watchful elder or something…

Also, day 5 and I still have trouble standing Yaya.

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Unbreakable Machine Doll Episode 4: Good job, Second Last

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Well, that went well. You gotta agree with Charl about Raishin’s barbaric fighting style. He let his automaton bleed in order to win that fight. Anyway, that battle mechanic didn’t end up showing itself. I don’t know whether to feel relieved or disappointed about that. Anyway, Raishin finally got his invite to the festival. Now he can fight Magnius.

But first up, we have a slight detour with Frey’s story. Not sure how long that will take, but it seems like there will be time for one more arc after that. At the moment, I’m assuming it’s some sort of original ending or something where Raishin fights Magnius. Unless he does that already in the light novel…I wouldn’t know.

Unbreakable Machine Doll Episode 3: Yaya’s power level is rising

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Oh no…it’s Cannibal Candy! Yeah, it was basically Felix framing Charlotte this whole time. Random side note, though…Shouko says something about Raishin’s brother. I must have missed that in the manga. Also, why exactly did she have to “unlock” Yaya’s power? Why is there even a limiter in the first place?

Next week is the first boss, Cannibal Candy. As I said last week, I’m looking forward to another fight because I’m still curious why they repeated that battle scene in the first episode. The battle itself shouldn’t be a problem, though. Shouko went on and on about how her automatons are legendary and it’s 2v1, so it should be a cinch, right?