Rinne no Lagrange Final Episode

Well well…happy ending it is. I always find it unsettling when everything just works out, but I guess it has to happen sometimes. I dunno…I just found Yurikano’s return to be a bit without warning (maybe unprecedented would be a better word). Definitely didn’t foresee Dizelmine becoming younger like Asteria. Does this also mean he’s immortal? They called it a second chance at life, which suggests that he’s just starting back again, but what’s going to happen with Asteria? Oh well…

Moid’s ending felt weird to me too…he just kinda disappeared without a trace and no one cared. I know he didn’t deserve much, but that kind of a crummy way to go. That aside, the Jersey Club goes universal…sounds about right. I figured the ending would feature Madoka travelling around Polyhedron somehow because that would be the only way she could stay connected with Muginami and Lan.

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 23

Not exactly the most entertaining way for the final battle to go, but I suppose you could call it a more standard approach. I’m fairly disappointed about Moid…he just got a bit of a crazy monologue and then he’s put down. I’m also a bit miffed that Dizelmine will probably be forgiven…I don’t care how crazy Moid gets you. I still think he went way past the crazy threshold. Oh well…I guess this show isn’t so serious to have him become completely irredeemable.

Battle lunch breaks: the new standard procedure
So is there more to the fight? The preview suggests that next week is just epilogue…the first season’s ending suggests so as well (the episode before the last seemed unresolved, but they just skipped past the ending of the conflict and flashed back to it in the last episode if you remember). What a pity…they could have used that Yurikano scene. But I guess it will just be another parting of ways for the three girls. We’ll see how everyone’s got their happy endings and whatnot. The girls will re-make their promise never to fight again and likely keep it this time (unless…season 3?).

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 22

Oh yeah…Dizelmine is totally evil. But I have trouble grasping his character. Don’t tell me the only reason he’s doing everything is because of Villagiulio betraying him years ago. That seems so…petty. Hardly a reason to try and conquer the universe. I also like how they made a big deal about Villagiulio’s Ovid and it wasn’t even useful…they also made a big deal about Dizelmine’s Vox, but it still looks rather ridiculous. I swear…I’ll never get used to these clunky mecha designs.

I wonder how an Ovid gets classified as a Vox. Is it the Core that they mentioned? Is Dizelmine using the Core from Yurikano to power his machine? That makes the most sense. If so, what benefits does it give him? Vox particles amplify his abilities? I just don’t understand how…at least the solar reactors in the Gundams allowed them to use beam weapons. It was all so clear. I guess this show de-emphasizes the specs of a machine…

So next week, the huge battle starts up in the Rinne. Two episodes to wrap up the fight or will there be a final epilogue episode? The more interesting question: will Moid and/or Asteria be joining the battle? Moid seems to me to be a little Ribbons Almark-ish, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he joined in after Dizelmine falls.

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 21

So is Dizelmine still evil? I thought he’d changed! He got punched and everything. But it looks like he still thinks Villagiulio betrayed him (either that or he’s being forced to believe that somehow). Honestly, I want to believe that he’s not a bad person, but he doesn’t ever let me. The only possible way for him to pull out of it now is if he were somehow brainwashed, but that’s starting to seem like a stretch. It could have been good intentions until that line about Villagiulio.

So now the fighting begins again…just as Array and Kirius leave. Will the memoria allow Dizelmine to pilot a Vox-like Ovid? Is there even one available? It has to grant him some sort of power…otherwise he wouldn’t want it. Guess the girls will be breaking their promise next week. I wonder what the reasoning and stuff will end up being. Because most of my theories seem to be stretching it too far. Also, Madoka’s inability to decide her future is starting to become suspiciously similar to a death flag to me (or at least, a trapped in the Rinne flag). But I won’t call it just yet.

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 20

Silly girls and their silly promises to never fight again. Moid’s already at work ruining your perfect plan. So it seems that both he and Asteria are remnants from the tragedy of 20,000 years ago. Asteria also mentions the discrepancy between the number of Vox weapons…the natural conclusion: the Vox was split when the tragedy occurred. If the Vox could be split in three, I wonder if the queen’s soul could also be split into Asteria and Moid. This might be a bit of a stretch because probably a better explanation is that Moid was an experiment, and possibly the product of Asteria’s “sin.”

Now the question: what the heck is Dizelmine doing? Is he going to claim that this is purely scientific curiosity to find a way to harness the Vox weapons to save the two star systems rather than destroy one, thus playing into Moid’s hand? Or is he just evil (which is kinda less likely)? Don’t think we’re going to find out next week…the preview shows more light stuff with Christmas celebrations and whatnot (both Hyouka and Rinne are in December while it’s August…seems legit).

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 19

Poor Madoka…she doesn’t realize that there are still episodes left in the season. Her silly vow to never fight with the Vox again can’t possibly be filled, right? There has to be some new enemy that the girls will have to face together…now with the support of Dizelmine and Villagiulio, who have made up (so they can be called in the final battle if necessary). Too bad she can’t see the episode count…she might be so optimistic if she could. I know I’m not.

So now what? We saw that bit with Asteria…how she caused the original Vox incident thousands of years prior. The question is why did she do it? Was she trying to protect something or accomplish something? Because surely it’s about to happen again (or at least something similar). But I guess we’re not finding out next week…the preview makes it look like we’re having a random school-life episode with a background character. Unless, of course, she’s a spy…hmm…

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 18

Oh man…so many questions. Where to begin? First off, the hangar. Yurikano in Madoka’s body is rejected by Vox Aura and she reacts by saying that Aura is “her” or something to that effect. What was that supposed to mean? Next up, the swap undo. Dizelmine touches Yurikano and she swaps back with Madoka…was this just because of some coincidence or did Dizelmine do something or have some ability that caused this to happen? I surely wouldn’t put it past the guy.

Yurikano’s confession’s pretty straightforward…yeah yeah she loves Dizelmine and wants to protect him so she tries to push him away. Simple stuff. But her disappearance was more interesting…did she go back to blocking the entrance to the Rinne or is it wide open now? She seemed to be suggesting that it wouldn’t be so easy to talk with Madoka again, so it suggests that her situation may have changed and she won’t be sitting there in the Rinne as usual.

And then finally, we have the question that will likely be answered next week. What happens to Dizelmine now? Will he continue to be nuts or was that enough to bring him back to normal? Hopefully, we find out next week…I wonder where the show goes if he’s normal again. Some other threat from space, maybe?

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 17

Well, they explained things faster than I expected. So I guess Yurikano’s soul was indeed trapped in the Rinne to prevent Dizelmine and Villagiulio from reaching it. And it looks like Madoka’s attempt to pull her out half-failed and half-succeeded because they’ve swapped places. I wonder how long this will last…also, who is the one piloting Vox Aura? It just took off, so will Yurikano be the one in control or will it still be Madoka? I assume it would be Yurikano, but you never know.

So does this mean that the Rinne is “open” again with Yurikano out in the world? What does that even mean? Because it seemed like Madoka was doing a pretty good job of opening the door before…so what would be different now? Is it possible for Lan and Muginami to activate the Rinne power now?

I suppose next week will have some more info about all this. Answer my questions and whatnot.  Naturally, I would assume the swap is temporary, but it’s interesting to think about the control and the stuff about the Rinne door. Maybe the three brothers will finally get to contribute next week too.

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 16

Well, I figured Dizelmine wouldn’t take Yurikano to the conference, but I never factored in the possibility that she would go herself. So we get to find out more about her. They confirm that she isn’t a clone, but she isn’t her normal self. Apparently, she has reverted back to a younger form of herself (mentally). She also has no recollection of meeting Madoka, so the spirit idea I had last week is definitely looking good. But I guess we still don’t know why she’s become like this. But I do know this…Muginami is soooooo jealous.

But I guess Muginami, Lan, and Madoka are randomly going to Le Garite? Makes sense. They have to follow Yurikano, after all. I wonder who Madoka is slapping in the preview…the real Yurikano or the ditzy Yurikano? I’m guessing the real one, but you never know. Also, what’s up with this new Ovid that Villagiulio is standing by? It reminded me of a scene from…every Gundam show. What’s so special about this Ovid that makes it important to him?

Rinne no Lagrange Episode 15

Asteria…so devious. In order to draw out Madoka’s power, you have emotionally scarred her for life…though I can’t be certain about what was said, I can only imagine it was some variation of where babies come from. I think the funniest part was watching Lan and Muginami get embarrassed beside her…

But they couldn’t exactly harness the power of Vox in the first try, right? Of course, something has to go wrong. Oddly enough, some sort of vengeful spirit shows up to stop Madoka from activating the power. I’m gonna latch on to something specific that she says…something about her alone being enough. Is her spirit somehow keeping the Vox weapons in check?

Let’s couple this with the fact that a physical version of her appears next to Dizelmine at the end. That form seemed more airhead-like, which could suggest a lack of proper mental function. So, maybe the spirit is her soul or something trapped in the Rinne to contain it while the girl next to Dizelmine is some shell of her body. I’d hope it would be explained next week, but I highly doubt Dizelmine will take her with him for the conference. Oh well…guess I just have to sit here and speculate.