Space Brothers Episode 75

[Commie] Space Brothers - 75 [B1BFABCA].mkv_snapshot_09.52_[2013.10.02_06.25.00]

Oh the misunderstood heart…that’s some classic comedy. Come on, Mutta. You should realize by now just how dense Serika is. Unless he tells her straight-up, nothing’s gonna happen…even then, I don’t know if she’ll get it. Anyway, the heart seems to have worked against Butler as he’s being called for lunar training. Or it could be the vertical climb roll…it’s up for interpretation.

Now that we’re done with Mutta’s side, next week will switch back to Hibito. Let’s see how he goes about getting over his problems. Is this going to time lapse backwards a bit so that it happens in concurrence with what we’ve been watching or will Mutta’s lunar training have some role in Hibito’s recovery?

Space Brothers Episode 74

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Really? Doing the vertical climb has that much impact? Oh well, I guess now there’s renewed hope for Mutta’s chance (not like we ever doubted him). So what? I guess Butler will decide to shrug off his past experience with Ronald and give Mutta a shot?

Next week, we switch focus to Sharon’s condition? Looks like she’s dealing with it okay. Whatever happened to Hibito? Did his stuff just drop off? I wonder if they’re really trying to gear Mutta up to be the motivation for his recovery.

Space Brothers Episode 73

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“Send an astronaut that can do auto work”? Very subtle, Mutta. Anyway, more flashbacks! Man, I thought they’d run out of these at some point. I guess there’s still a lot of life stories to be told. Anyway, the flying car design was pretty cool. I would agree that it’s far-fetched, though.

Next week, I guess we’ll see just how successful Mutta’s proposal was. Maybe he’ll finally get his chance to go to the moon. We still have Hibito’s stuff that we have to deal with first, though. We’ll see how that factors into things. Seriously…what is this show building towards?

Space Brothers Episode 72

[Commie] Space Brothers - 72 [46D2D9E4].mkv_snapshot_12.06_[2013.09.13_06.26.11]

Mutta’s got a design proposal already? That was pretty fast…I thought they were gonna cure Hibito this week. Looks like they might make Mutta the motivation for Hibito instead…he can help his little brother out like a good brother.

Looks like the magical solution is some sort of navigation? So…like GPS guidance on the Moon? Or something like a road map for the astronauts to see? He’s pretty proud of the idea, so it should be good, right? We’ll just have to see.

Space Brothers Episode 71

[Commie] Space Brothers - 71 [885FDF49].mkv_snapshot_11.45_[2013.09.05_07.12.30]

Well, at least Mutta has some time, right? Hibito and he are both grounded for the time being. Well, it’s expected that there had to be some sort of side effect of the moon trip. Not even Hibito could shake off a near-death experience like that.

Looks like next week, they’ll go more into Hibito’s problems. Does that mean they’re going to resolve them fairly soon? Because it looked almost like the series was building towards a launch with both brothers.

Space Brothers Episode 70

[Commie] Space Brothers - 70 [0997E3FD].mkv_snapshot_16.30_[2013.08.22_06.46.50]

Yup…that’s a chair. So it looks like Mutta’s been locked up in the dungeon for a while. Guess we have to wait around until he gets his brilliant idea and saves the day as usual. Sigh…these Hibbit shorts are so random…and pretty lame. I guess they’re for the kids? Maybe I should skip them.

Anyway, looks like a detour next week…apparently Mutta is getting some press again…this time with Hibito. It’s only being called a rehearsal…does that mean this detour could last for more than one episode?

Space Brothers Episode 69

This is so weird...
This is so weird…

So after all this time, Mutta finally became an astronaut. And he’s even gotten a chance to go to space already. We’ve come a long way…and now we should probably consider what comes next. Sure there’s this possible mission to space, but will it be the conclusion?

Just how long does this show keep going? What is the final goal? It’s not becoming an astronaut, so maybe it’s just going to space. It couldn’t be going to Mars, right? Anyway, looks like trouble on the horizon…if I had to guess, I’d probably say someone’s going to tell Mutta his chances of being promoted from backup crew are slim. But knowing this show, his chances are actually quite high.

Space Brothers Episode 68

Get him, Apo!
Get him, Apo!

Mwahahaha…Mutta beat you this time, Hibito. It looks like his keyboard showed up first. Anyway, it looks like Hibito is having fun with his celebrity life. He even gets to be in a parade. Hibito got his little aside, I guess. Now it’s back to Mutta next week. He’s gotta join Deneil on his final flight…and now he’s in control. Will something go terribly wrong? Or will it just be smooth sailing?

Space Brothers Episode 67

[Commie] Space Brothers - 67 [F27947AE].mkv_snapshot_03.41_[2013.08.01_06.51.37]

Well, that pretty much went as expected. Despite his initial trouble, Mutta has been Deneil-ized. I guess he finally got his 1.5x speed progress. I dunno what to say…that’s pretty much how the show goes. Now all he really has to do is finish that heart in the sky and he’ll be set, right? But I guess that will have to wait because next week is switching to Hibito for a bit. We’ll see how that goes.

Space Brothers Episode 66

[Commie] Space Brothers - 66 [E84FC636].mkv_snapshot_11.54_[2013.07.25_21.56.02]

Not really much to say about this episode…not much happens. Mutta starts his training with Deneil and has some fun. I’m surprised he hasn’t already succeeded at flying blind between two jets yet. The others seem to be adapting to flying fairly well, I guess. The stuff with Sharon didn’t seem all that meaningful to me…just more motivation, I guess. Next week, more training…will Mutta master everything next time? He’s supposed to progress 1.5 times faster, right? I mean…he’s over the puking stuff, right?