Strike the Blood Episode 12: These familiars are very convenient.

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So it ended up being La Folia who contributed the blood for the new familiar after all. It’s interesting that the new familiar allowed the re-use of Yukina’s blood though. I’m not sure I have a great understanding of how this system works. Seems kinda convenient to me. Anyway, we have a new dimension rend familiar to play with and Kanon is saved.

Well, it sounds like some sort of huge enemy is coming. But it looks like that bit was just a tease based on the preview. We won’t be seeing that enemy for a while, I’m guessing. It looks like the same as usual next week, another girl for the harem or whatever…sigh…

Strike the Blood Episode 11: Fighting angels

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What? Kojou died again? This guy’s horrendously useless in battle. Oh well, at least he’s managed to remove Kanon from the fight. I guess that’s something. I assume that next week, we’ll have some more blood-sucking to get through this whole fight? Then they beat the Magus Craft guys and Kanon turns…the usual.

The real question is which of the two new characters will be contributing the next familiar to Kojou. Either La Folia does it to fend off an enraged Kanon or Kanon does it when either her foster father or the Magus Craft guy unleashes some other weapon. The first option is more likely based on instinct, but I’m not sure how a new familiar would be different enough to hurt Kanon (the other two couldn’t even touch her).

Strike the Blood Episode 10: Randomly trapped on a deserted island

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I guess if the Familiars could be used for practical things like fishing, that would be a bit too much utility? Anyway, it looks like now Kojou knows that Kanase is one of the “angels”. Based on the blank look in her eyes, something seems to have possessed her or at the very least, inhibited her consciousness.

So now we have some sort of legendary princess that we’re going to meet that looks similar to Kanase? Or was that just Kanase? Beats me. If she’s someone else, there’s no way both of them get to survive, right? I say we drop one and keep the other. I’ll even let them choose…makes no difference to me.

Strike the Blood Episode 9: The next enemy appears

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Wait…don’t tell me the next one for the harem…is an angel? Hey Kojou, have some limits, won’t you? At any rate, I would guess that this Kanon character will become a future ally. They kinda danced around the idea that she’s an angel, though. Also, that operating table and those shining lines on her were weird. Maybe she’s an artificial angel? Yaze said the girl he found had some demonic elements put in her or something.

Anyway, next week will be the first fight against the angel, I guess. My advice is just to kill her. I already counted out six girls last week…we don’t need anyone else mucking up the numbers. Sigh…if only it were so easy. Also, is Kojou going to end up telling Asagi about himself? He’s been given the green light, after all.

Strike the Blood Episode 8: Another day, another familiar

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Another battle won and another familiar gained.  Based on current timing, 4 episodes per harem member, it looks like Kojou’s harem will potentially grow to six girls. Let’s see…Yukina, Sayaka, Asagi, Natsuki, Astarte…Nagisa? Sooner or later, he has to run out of girls, right? Either that or Asagi murders him in a fit of jealousy.

It looks like next week, the cat overlords make their appearance. It seems they’re spreading…how can we defeat such a menace? Also, who is this leader in the Lion King Organization that wears the same uniform as Yukina? I assume she will be relevant pretty soon. Have we already met her? I don’t pay enough attention.

Strike the Blood Episode 7: Oh dear…the harem is growing…

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Looks like Nagisa is the one who was possessed, not Asagi. Presumably, this has something to do with the attack that involved her in the past. I assume the demons were actually after her or something. Anyway, Dmitrie proves himself to be quite the schemer. He still seems to be an “ally” for now, but I wonder if he’ll be a future boss.

I guess next week should finish up the battle against Nalakuvera and probably Christoph Gardos as well. It looks like Asagi will use her computer knowledge to gain control of it and probably stop it. Based on the preview, it looks like Kojou will have to drink someone else’s blood to win the fight and unlock a new familiar. Wonder who it could be…

Strike the Blood Episode 6: Ally or enemy?

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So Sayaka was the roommate after all. Well, it looks like she’s going to be an ally…of sorts. It also looks like Asagi is finally getting roped into all of this. I keep forgetting that she doesn’t actually know what’s going on. I expect more knowledge and awareness from a hacking wizard.

Well, it looks like next week will continue this silly little roof fight between Sayaka and Kojou. Looks like Yukina will intervene…I guess she has to be the mediator between the two. It looks like Asagi will be the focus of this arc. Decoding something she thought was a puzzle will probably get her into some trouble. Was she possessed in the preview?

Strike the Blood Episode 5: Next boss appears?

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Party time? Looks like this Dimitrie Vatler will be the next enemy on the list. It also looks like he has help from someone who might be from the Lion King Organization based on the fact that she carries a weapon sorta like Yukina’s and uses a similar guitar bag to hide it. Maybe she’s the roommate that Yukina mentioned before?

Anyway, I’m assuming that Kojou should be crossing paths with Natsuki and Astarte pretty soon. Apparently, Astarte has found herself some work to do. They’re all supposed to team up to fight the enemy, right? Although, I’m not sure if I find that even necessary. Seems like a pretty strong team for that sort of thing…wouldn’t want to be excessive, right?

Strike the Blood Episode 4: Midboss fight complete

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Well, that pretty much went as expected. Kojou drinks Yukina’s blood and unlocks the absurd powers he has to destroy the midboss. Though to be fair, his resurrection wasn’t quite as dramatic as I might have expected. I guess now that means Yukina can stab him excessively without worrying about death, right?

So next week, a new enemy appears? Who will it be this time? Also, maybe Astarte will become an ally now that Kojou took away her familiar. Though now that I think about it, what would she do without that familiar? So far, everything has been part of someone’s elaborate plan.

Strike the Blood Episode 3: His powers are quite astonishing

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Wow…he legit got his head cut off. And after such an impressive display of the powers that he gained too. What a sad way to go. He *sniff* was so brave. But in all seriousness, we have a vampire who just got dismembered. More than likely there is some regeneration magic going on here. Plus, his head may have come off, but his heart looks untouched.

I’d say it’s highly likely that he’ll finally awaken to his power (maybe drink Yukina’s blood to get himself going?). Next week will likely spell the end for this midboss. I’m sure Koujo’s powers will also prove themselves to be even harder to control after this battle.