Code:Breaker Episode 8

Curious…Everyone wants to believe something is forcing Hitomi to act evil. Personally, I was predicting the scenario where Hitomi found out something about the government that he served that made him so disturbed that he decided to fight to erase it. That’s usually how these things go, right? In that case, they may be forced to kill Hitomi…despite their strong desires to save him.

They do ask an interesting question, though…what’s so special about the Prime Minister that Hitomi wants him alive? Is it his status or something else about him specifically? Also, there’s the interesting situation of Toki’s sister’s memory. Wonder if it’s a power that erased it or some government device. It’d be interesting because we haven’t seen any mind-altering powers up to this point, which is my favorite type of psychic power. Man, Heike is so suspicious that I felt he was too obvious of a traitor. Does that mean he’s actually planning to turn on Hitomi? That seems like a plan for someone so calculating.

Code:Breaker Episode 7

Did they talk about Sakura’s house before this point? Oh well, yakuza clan is pretty hilarious…her father’s interesting too. Also, Hitomi finally shows the extent of his powers…I never was a fan of making a villain’s power incredibly powerful…I’ve always preferred giving someone a seemingly weak power, that only works well because that specific person uses it.

But yeah…he’s kidnapped the Prime Minister who I’m still not convinced is good…so honestly, if it were me, I wouldn’t care. But I guess he’s the one giving these Code Breakers jobs, so they don’t have much choice. I also don’t understand why becoming Lost is such a big deal…he wouldn’t be able to do anything if he was close to being Lost either, so in both cases, he’s out of commission. Oh well…story arc: save the Prime Minister…go?

Code:Breaker Episode 6

Haha…Heike makes it sound so dramatic, like Ogami is about to die or something. But nah…being Lost isn’t quite that bad. Just overused his power, that’s all…Toki too. So yeah…those two are out of commission for a bit, but Kanda, Yuki and Heike are there to fill in for them it seems.

Though the preview makes it look like Toki’s recovery is much quicker than Ogami’s…guess he overdid it fighting those zombies. Heike is such a troll to force him to fight so long without stepping in. It looks like next week will be the first fight against Hitomi…looks a lot more serious for this fight than usual. Honestly, the Prime Minister seems more evil than this guy.

Code:Breaker Episode 5

You know…this motif that government researchers are cruel, heartless people is a bit annoying…it’s possible to perform research outside the range of ethics without becoming a raging psychopath. But that’s beside the point. I find the method they came up with to artificially create powers pretty funny…let’s put kids in buckets and hook them up to people.

As far as I can tell and as far as I can remember, this show has been pretty faithful so far to the manga. Still early, I guess. I remember the next part, though…the bit about the Lost Ones…it’s actually kinda funny. Have to make sure that people with psychic powers can’t be too overpowered, right?

Code:Breaker Episode 4

Starting another mission with new character Toki. This time, things get more interesting because their opponents have psychic powers similar to theirs…so theoretically it won’t be a complete slaughter-fest. Earth and wind powers against fire and…magnetism. Darn Toki, why you gotta screw up the four element synergy?

Anyway, we also got that stuff about Toki’s sister not knowing him and his identity being erased…him trying to be a tough guy and Sakura understanding why he does things. Definitely suggests, though, that his sister has some sort of ability too. She’s too airheaded to be normal. Next week, fight between psychic powers! Also, this was hilarious:

Code:Breaker Episode 3

And the kill-steal Toki has arrived to join the cast. I guess this was a simple episode to show Sakura that Ogami isn’t completely without morals…he really stands by his “evil for evil” line and isn’t an indiscriminate killer. I feel like her explaining to him what a hug is was kind of an unnecessary scene, but I guess they’re trying to drive it home that he is absurdly emotionless.

Those poor impressionable eyes.
We’re also introduced to Hitomi, who seems to be the main antagonist and who I’m assuming is the guy who was facing the red-head Code Breaker from the beginning of the episode. It seems he’s organizing the crime around the city to fight against the Code Breakers…probably promising them information about the Code Breakers to protect them. I guess next week goes into the rivalry between Ogami and Toki…I guess Toki has a mission as well, so maybe that’ll happen.

Code:Breaker Episode 2

And thus, the alliance is born. Sakura gets recruited with her crazy goal to try and stop Ogami from killing people…what a silly girl. You know…you’d think she’d be able to figure out that Ogami is unable to burn her based on the information she has. Why else would he want to observe her rather than kill her like the night before? Isn’t she even a little bit curious? I would think the conclusion is that he can’t kill her…but maybe I’m just saying that because I know that’s the case.

We’re also introduced to a couple more Code Breakers who will be fighting next week. One of them seems to be the primary antagonist of the series based on the opening, presumably a Code Breaker that went rogue. Also, it looks like Sakura will be joining Ogami on a mission next week and failing to save anyone. Seriously…what does she think she can do to stop him anyway?

Code:Breaker First Impressions

And the psychic powers continue with this one. I was kinda looking forward to it after reading some of the manga. Basically, it centers around Sakurakouji Sakura (lol that name), who spots a bunch of people being burned to death with blue flames, courtesy of Ogami Rei. Rei has that Hei (Darker than Black) duality going on with the super nice civilian personality and the cold work demeanor. And theoretically, Sakura isn’t totally useless because she knows how to fight.

As for music, the opening isn’t anything great, but I like the ending song. Anyways, now Sakura has been dragged into this world of psychic powers (because it’s not like she’s going to die or anything so soon). It’s been a while since I read the manga, so I can’t remember if she has her own power or if she gets her own power or if she just sits around without powers. Doesn’t really matter to me…I think any of those scenarios can be used just fine. I’m really looking forward to how this show turns out…it could be fun.