K First Impressions

Wow, it’s like the season of psychic powers or something. Not that I’m complaining. So yeah, the strange protagonist Isana Yashiro is dragged into a psychic war by Yatogami Kuro, as he is believed to be the seventh psychic king (and the evil one). Based on his response to the accusation, I’m assuming Yashiro has no siblings or such that he is aware of, so that leaves the highest possibility being a second personality of some sort. Or you know…evil twin that he didn’t know about.

While this show seems interesting right now, I’m getting really strong Nabari no Ou vibes (I mean, just look at the two main characters) and they’ll be even stronger if the evil king turns out to be Yashiro’s alternate personality of some sort. And also, what’s up with the girl floating around that I assume is the cat on Yashiro’s shoulder? What’s her role in all of this?

This show has some pretty good music…lots of more classical-style songs, but I wonder about their timing. The music is almost always playing (as far as I noticed) and may be a bit excessive…an example being the opening scene with the two people walking down the street. The music seems dramatic, but the scene seems rather simple. The opening also has the potential to be good later with time, but initially I say it’s nothing special.