Ixion Saga DT First Impressions

So, my reaction to the first episode of this show is actually quite similar to my reaction to the first episode of Oda Nobuna. Main character, Hokaze Kon, gets thrown into another world. He has no real skills other than the fact that he’s a gamer. And you know…he’s a pervert. Of course, this show has the added advantage/disadvantage (depending on your opinion of the matter) of being a game adaptation.

I’m assuming this world that Kon is in has no relation to the video game he was playing…probably just some alternate dimension. He’s a special kind of idiot to fall for the trap that Flora set…really, why would a girl just come onto you like that? Also, Mariandel had to be a trap, didn’t he? I knew something was off with his voice when he was talking >.>

I don’t like the opening song for some reason…might have something to do with them shouting “DT” so many times. Oh well, I’m willing to give this show a shot…we’ll see if I can find the time to cover it. So far we haven’t seen any reason why Kon is special or anything…and I kinda hope it stays that way. No crazy Chosen One business. I also hope that no weird stuff happens between him and the princess…she’s eight, jeez. Anyways, will next week be more adjustment to the new world or will Kon actually find out why he was sent there? Here’s hoping it’s the second one.