Ano Natsu de Matteru Final Episode

Everyone continues to split up until only Ichika and Kaito remain. They’re all running into desperate situations, but are all saved by MIB at the last minute. Kaito and Ichika reach the place, but their efforts turn out to be in vain, as there is no longer any proof of other aliens. Kaito tries desperately to save Ichika, but she is finally taken by a lifepod. Everything calms down after that. Remon leaves as well, leaving the film reels with everyone else.

That was a pretty nice way to end it. Creating the open ending where Ichika is wearing the shirt that Kaito’s sister got for her. It shows that she must have come back to be in the last scene in the film, but it doesn’t tell you whether it was because she was allowed to stay on Earth or whether she came back just for a bit. It was good because they build up the ending like it’s going to be a sad ending, but then at the last second, they make it a happy one. It definitely gives it more impact.

Like I said before, it would have been interesting if Remon was a normal person, but the fact that she was MIB was still pretty awesome. That van was a bit over the top when it went completely mecha to be normal. I’m a little annoyed that Tetsuro still hasn’t decided to date Mio even after everything, but I guess it’s well on the way. In all, a pretty good show. Some parts were a bit disappointing, like the lack of ill side effects from Ichika constantly healing Kaito and the general downplay of the sci-fi aspects, but I enjoyed watching for the most part.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 11

So this week’s episode starts off with Ichika’s sister introducing herself as Emika and preparing to take Ichika home to protect her from being arrested for breaking galactic law.  Ichika runs off, but again gets yelled at by Kanna. Later, Ichika tries to leave Kaito behind, but Mio, Tetsuro, and Kanna arrive to stop her.

Remon then arrives to propose a solution, finding the place from Ichika’s memories, as it may give Earth a high enough status of technology to allow Ichika to stay. They manage to find it, but the search party arrives for Ichika. They try to teleport, but are blocked. However, Remon has foreseen this and secured a vehicle.

REMON!!! GREATEST CHARACTER EVER!! That aside…most of the stuff in this was predicted. Tetsuro and Mio end up together. The final arc is an attempt to keep Ichika from being forced to leave. I’m not sure if I understood the thing with Ichika’s memories correctly. I get that it was imprinted on her DNA, but I’m not sure whether they’re going there to hide or going there for the technology that cloaks it. Heck…maybe Remon’s involved with this technology somehow. Personally, I think it’s more interesting if she’s a normal human, but she just seems so suspicious. Anyways, next episode will end it. At the end of the day, I still question the extraterrestrial aspect of this show…how necessary was it, really?

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 10

After what happened last week, Kanna has been in a state of depression. Mio runs into Tetsuro on her way to see Kanna, and the two end up eating together when Tetsuro tells her that Kanna wants to be alone. Mio confronts Tetsuro about his feelings for Kanna, but he’s still too confused to answer her confession. When Kaito tells Tetsuro about him and Ichika, Tetsuro finally tells Kanna how he feels. This actually gives Kanna the courage to finally admit to Kaito that she loves him, despite knowing he will reject her as he does. With that, everyone starts filming again, but the episode ends with Ichika’s sister arriving on Earth.

It looks like all of the relationships are basically resolved (we still need a choice from Tetsuro). I got annoyed when Tetsuro seemed to blame Kaito for picking Ichika, but he righted himself pretty quickly, so it ended up being okay. Tetsuro’s actually a really interesting character. That whole bit about feeling guilty about trying to get Ichika with Kaito to make Kanna available…I thought it was cool. Mio’s character has really developed a lot…probably the most of the series. It’s really nice. The lovey dovey business from Ichika and Kaito may have been a bit much for me, but I guess it was necessary. Remon made it better with her camera, though (hehe). Anyway, just as I predicted, someone has come to take Ichika back…not that it wasn’t obvious. One last obstacle before the end of the series.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 9

After the events of last week, Ichika finally admits to being an alien to everyone. She also tells everyone about the place that she wants to see on Earth that she can’t remember. Ichika realizes that her time on Earth has become limited due to the appearance of the life pod, though. Kaito tries to help her, but she chooses to be alone, pushing him away.

Remon gives Kaito some advice about Ichika, while Kanna admits to Ichika that she loves Kaito. Kanna tries to force Ichika to face her feelings, telling her to admit to Kaito that she loves him. Ichika goes to meet with Kaito and they both admit their feelings for each other (with Remon watching).

This all seems too early. Why is the romance being resolved now? There can only be one reason. Ichika will be taken away, of course. Either way, well played, Kanna. It had to be done. Even if you do end up being the third wheel. Also, after the kiss last week, Mio’s acting less shy. Are she and Tetsuro definitely gonna be a thing? Three episodes left. Honestly, either Ichika gets taken or it’s going to be a really boring ending. We’ll see.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 8

The “almost kiss” from last week has caused some serious awkwardness between Ichika and Kaito. Rinon also tries desperately to fix whatever was messed up in Okinawa without Ichika finding out about it. Everyone gets together to go to a summer festival, where Remon proposes a test of courage. Kanna ends up being paired with Kaito, Mio is paired with Tetsuro, and Remon is paired with Ichika in Remon’s “random drawing.”

Remon and Manami work together to scare everyone, resulting in Mio and Tetsuro kissing as well. Kanna almost confesses to Kaito, but he is drawn away by Ichika’s scream. It turns out to be Rinon, who has accidentally activated the emergency beacon and can’t shut it off. As a result, a lifeboat arrives for Ichika to take her back home. Kaito shows up to save her, once again being fatally injured in the process. Ichika heals him again, and the episode ends.

You know…I called it a love polygon for a while, but Remon’s diagram makes me realize that it’s not a closed figure. Maybe it’s better to call it a chain of love? Anyways, the truth about Ichika is finally out. I was waiting for something like this to happen, and it was timed basically when I figured it would. Next week, I guess we’ll finally get the explanation for why Ichika is here. It also looks like Kanna and Ichika are gonna have some sort of heart-to-heart. Guess it’s time for things to get serious. This episode also gets me thinking that Remon is a normal human that’s just actually observant. I mean…I suspected it before, but it’s looking more likely.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 7

So as is a common theme in this show, this week’s episode starts off with everyone pretending they didn’t see anything from last week. Still, the atmosphere becomes very awkward and everyone notices. However, Kaori ends up telling Ichika about what happened with Kaito and her, then sets up a date between the two. Meanwhile, Mio tries to keep Chiharu away from Tetsuro and ends up confessing to him. Ichika almost allows Kaito to kiss her, but she is interrupted by a drunk Kanna.

The super-shy Mio has more courage than Ichika…how sad. Well played, Mio. And Ichika, give me a break. “Your feelings aren’t a hassle.” Just tell him you like him already. As for Remon, she’s the type of person where it seems like she was trying to trick Kanna into getting drunk by pretending to know about Kaito, but she’s also the type that would actually know that stuff. Scary. Anyway, next week looks to be the obligatory summer festival episode. Kissing under the fireworks? That’s where my money is.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 6

After another big confession from last week, Tetsuro’s sister ends up giving him her tickets to Okinawa, telling him to take Kanna with her since her own plans fell through. Rather than going alone with Kanna, Tetsuro asks everyone else to go too. After some fun on the beach, they all begin filming again. While filming, they are interrupted by a girl who recognizes Kaito named Kinoshita Kaori.

Her friend Arisawa Chiharu also falls for Tetsuro. Things get more complicated when Remon signs them both up for the film. After filming, Kaori pulls Kaito aside and confesses to him, but he rejects her. Meanwhile, Chiharu ambushes Tetsuro, but Mio stops her in panic. The episode ends with Ichika finding Kaito alone with Kaori.

The love polygon…it’s multiplying!! Run away! Seriously, what is going on? It’s about halfway through the show and it looks like everyone’s feelings are being put on the table already. Strangely enough, Kaito tries to act normal with Kanna, but reject Kaori almost instantly. Things always have to be so complicated. I suppose it’s to be expected with Kaito’s love for Ichika being revealed so early in the show. Anyway, the show seemed to end with something weird happening with Rinon, so I wonder if there will be more stuff with Ichika’s alien background next week. Honestly, I really wonder why they even bother having her be an alien.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 5

The summer begins. We start off this week with shooting the first scene of the film. With her infinite script wisdom, Remon has cast Ichika as an alien protagonist. They film a few scenes that are strangely scripted too similarly to Ichika’s true situation. Tetsuro also agrees to help Kanna with Kaito at her request.

The next day, Kanna makes up an excuse to go to Kaito’s house, and the three end up talking. Kanna oversteps a bit, asking how long Ichika plans to stay with Kaito, which gets Kaito thinking about her. However, Tetsuro disrupts this train of thought by revealing to him that Kanna loves him.

Well, it looks like the love polygon is getting serious. I almost wonder if Tetsuro is trying to force the situation between Kaito and Kanna to resolve so he has the chance to be with Kanna. This will certainly be interesting. Also, Remon has got to know something. She just seems like the type and her script is way too close to reality. Still, she’s giving Ichika an excuse to talk with Kaito about hypothetically going out with an alien (hint hint). I’m sure there will be drama next week…let’s see what happens.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 4

So after the big accidental confession last week, Ichika and Kaito try to act as if everything is normal. Kaito tries to ask Tetsuro for advice and Ichika asks Remon. Tetsuro tells Kaito not to think about it too much. Kaito ends up getting advice from Kanna, who tells him to give it a shot with Ichika. On his way home, Kaito runs into Manami, who turns out to be Tetsuro’s sister. She forces him to go shopping with her.

Ichika sees Kaito with Manami and ends up getting jealous. Ichika follows the two around until they reach Manami’s house. She confronts Manami, who tries to get Ichika to admit she likes Kaito. Afterwards, Kaito tries to play it off by asking Ichika to help him wish his studies. However, that ends up unleashing a side of Ichika that works him to into the ground.

Alright, now that the summer has started, next week should be the start of the good stuff (at least, I hope). I’m a bit annoyed that they just played off the love confession…although I kinda expected it to happen. They both like each other…just be together jeez. Although, Ichika looking so jealous was kinda funny to watch. Not too sure what to expect next week, but in theory it should be good. They’re starting their big movie, I’m guessing, and the title does reference the summer after all.

Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 3

So after basically being rejected by Ichika last week, Kaito ditches school the next day. Ichika misreads this, thinking he found out she’s an alien. Kanna ends up thinking Kaito and Ichika are doing things together, so she checks up on Kaito. Afraid Ichika will catch him with another girl, Kaito inadvertently asks Kanna out.

The “date” is interrupted when Kanna and Kaito catch Remon, who has been recording them the whole time. Kanna runs after Remon, and Kaito ends up running into Ichika. Like a man, Kaito flees from Ichika. Anyways, the two finally talk and they both realize they had misread the situation, so they just drop it. Later though, Ichika accidentally stumbles upon the confession Kaito was trying to make the night before.

So let me see if I got this right. Kanna likes Kaito, Kaito likes Ichika, Tetsuro likes Kanna, and Mio likes Tetsuro? Yeesh…that can’t end well. Sigh…poor Kanna. Things aren’t looking so well for her. Looks like Ichika managed to keep her secret and find out Kaito’s…that was pretty pro. This show is still looking like standard slice of life so far…is anything else going to happen? It should happen soon…I’m starting to think this is only going to be slice of life.