Ano Natsu de Matteru Final Episode

Everyone continues to split up until only Ichika and Kaito remain. They’re all running into desperate situations, but are all saved by MIB at the last minute. Kaito and Ichika reach the place, but their efforts turn out to be in vain, as there is no longer any proof of other aliens. Kaito tries desperately to save Ichika, but she is finally taken by a lifepod. Everything calms down after that. Remon leaves as well, leaving the film reels with everyone else.

That was a pretty nice way to end it. Creating the open ending where Ichika is wearing the shirt that Kaito’s sister got for her. It shows that she must have come back to be in the last scene in the film, but it doesn’t tell you whether it was because she was allowed to stay on Earth or whether she came back just for a bit. It was good because they build up the ending like it’s going to be a sad ending, but then at the last second, they make it a happy one. It definitely gives it more impact.

Like I said before, it would have been interesting if Remon was a normal person, but the fact that she was MIB was still pretty awesome. That van was a bit over the top when it went completely mecha to be normal. I’m a little annoyed that Tetsuro still hasn’t decided to date Mio even after everything, but I guess it’s well on the way. In all, a pretty good show. Some parts were a bit disappointing, like the lack of ill side effects from Ichika constantly healing Kaito and the general downplay of the sci-fi aspects, but I enjoyed watching for the most part.

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