Ano Natsu de Matteru Episode 6

After another big confession from last week, Tetsuro’s sister ends up giving him her tickets to Okinawa, telling him to take Kanna with her since her own plans fell through. Rather than going alone with Kanna, Tetsuro asks everyone else to go too. After some fun on the beach, they all begin filming again. While filming, they are interrupted by a girl who recognizes Kaito named Kinoshita Kaori.

Her friend Arisawa Chiharu also falls for Tetsuro. Things get more complicated when Remon signs them both up for the film. After filming, Kaori pulls Kaito aside and confesses to him, but he rejects her. Meanwhile, Chiharu ambushes Tetsuro, but Mio stops her in panic. The episode ends with Ichika finding Kaito alone with Kaori.

The love polygon…it’s multiplying!! Run away! Seriously, what is going on? It’s about halfway through the show and it looks like everyone’s feelings are being put on the table already. Strangely enough, Kaito tries to act normal with Kanna, but reject Kaori almost instantly. Things always have to be so complicated. I suppose it’s to be expected with Kaito’s love for Ichika being revealed so early in the show. Anyway, the show seemed to end with something weird happening with Rinon, so I wonder if there will be more stuff with Ichika’s alien background next week. Honestly, I really wonder why they even bother having her be an alien.

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